Things you need to know about Belgian cuisine

First thought when mentioning Belgian food is obviously chocolate, waffles, fries, and beer; but Belgian cuisine is a little more complexed than that. Belgian cuisine reflects the strong impact of neighboring cuisines of France, Germany, and the Netherlands. There is a popular saying that Belgian cuisine is French quality cuisine served with traditional German quantity. Typical ingredients that are used are potatoes, leeks, grey shrimp, white asparagus, Belgian endives, and of course meat, cheese, and butter. If you find yourself in Belgium you will typically have three meals a day starting off with a light breakfast, medium lunch, and a large rich dinner.

Belgium is probably most known for its beer, and there are more distinct types of beer per capita than anywhere in the world. History of brewing beer in Belgium is vast and goes back to the Middle Ages when Trappist Monasteries produced beer, and the best thing is that they are still doing it. Variety of beer makes them matchable with any course of a meal, so you have a wheat beer that goes perfectly with the seafood or fish, blonde or triple that matches the chicken or any white meat, Dubbel or other dark beer goes perfectly with dark meat, and finally, fruit lambics is a perfect match for a dessert.

There are many surprising facts about Belgian cuisine and Belgian food, and you probably didn’t know most of them. We all love chocolate, and we all know that there is some of the finest chocolate in the world produced in Belgium, but did you know that pralines were invented in a pharmacy? French fries are amazing, we’ll all agree on that, but it is believed that they were actually invented in Belgium! There are many disputes about this subject but one thing is for sure if you ever visit Belgium try some local fries and you will all agree that they are out of this world. Besides beer, chocolate, and fries you must try Belgian waffles, seafood creamy soupish stew called Waterzooi, mussels mariniere, blood sausage, Belgian beef stew, eel in the green, chicons au gratin, or just visit Resto and have it all in the Midtown Manhattan.