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Resto » 80/20 @ Kaelin’s Restaurant Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

80/20 @ Kaelin’s Restaurant Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

80/20 @ Kaelin’s Restaurant

Address: 1801 Newburg Rd, Louisville, KY 40205

Restaurant Type: Restaurant

Phone: (502) 200-8020

Price: $$

Rating: 4.3


80/20 @ Kaelin’s Restaurant Directions

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What Time Does 80/20 @ Kaelin’s Restaurant Open?

Tuesday,: 11AM to 9PM

Wednesday,: 11AM to 9PM

Thursday,: 11AM to 9PM

Friday,: 11AM to 10PM

Saturday,: 11AM to 10PM

Sunday,: 11AM to 9PM

Monday,: Closed

80/20 @ Kaelin’s Restaurant Directions

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80/20 @ Kaelin’s Restaurant Reviews

Jazzy Biskis

One of our favorite restaurants! Have been here many times and always leave loving the food and having a great overall experience. Our first visit here, all the staff wore flannels, and that pretty much sealed the deal for me!

We love how they serve a variety of foods, desserts, and drinks. We were recently seated in the diner & malt shop space and it was so cute! With the weather being warmer out, they have plenty of seating options both indoor and outdoor. They have a beautiful outdoor patio and balcony seating.

All the food we’ve had has been amazing! (Not all are included in the photos)

Definitely be sure to check out the specials on the back of the menu as they’re always changing. We’ve ordered almost everything on the menu over time and would recommend any of it. Their burgers are probably the most popular with us, but their sandwiches are also pretty amazing!

Dan Tracy

Met some friends here for dinner last Saturday night. What a gem! The only drawback was parking, although the neighborhood had plenty of open space nearby. Staff were very friendly. Quite an extensive selection of beers, great appetizers, dinner entrees and awesome burgers. We ordered the beer cheese appetizer, and various burgers for dinner, along with a meatloaf entree. The burgers were cooked to order and delicious, and the accompanying fries were hot, crispy and had just enough seasoning! The meatloaf looked and tasted awesome. My son ordered a chocolate shake from the adjacent malt shoppe with his dinner and it was the perfect thickness and chocolatey! I had the Kalamazoo Stout which was dark, rich, and creamy, with hints of coffee and chocolate. My wife really enjoyed the Fretboard Strawberry Blonde Ale. If you’re in the area do not pass this place up!

Lloyd Mershon

The home of the cheeseburger!! This place was packed, and they kept coming in. The dining room was quite noisy due to the large groups of people!! We each tried a different item! We started with the bacon jam Brussel Sprouts they were good, not the best I’ve had but good. I choose the 80/20 burger with fries which was very good even the grilled pickled red onions it came on a pretzel bun. The Mrs. tried the classic cheeseburger on a potato bun which was so soft with onion rings, the only problem I saw was the cheese wasn’t melted! (who doesn’t melt cheese on their hamburgers)!! Our friends tried the Patty melt on Texas toast with mushrooms and her husband got the meatloaf with brown gravy with mashed potatoes and green beans. We chose to dine inside but they have a fabulous deck which looked great.

Alex Mann

Have been here twice now. First time it was very good. Nothing mind blowing, but the burgers were tasty, and while a bit on the higher price range, they weren’t too terribly expensive. Biggest disapointment was the fried pickles. They were very good, but for the price you pay you get like 10 pickle chips. Almost laughed and asked the waiter where the rest of them are.

This time we skipped on appetizers and everyone got a meal and shakes. Burgers were great. Cooked a bit well done for my liking, but they’re thinner patties so not sure if getting them cooked medium is even a possibility. Their Duesseldorf mustard is an excellent accompaniment to their burgers. My wife got the chicken tenders and they came out extremely hot and she ate all of them. Shakes were great too. My wife and MIL got chocolate malts that they loved. I despise malt powder so i didn’t like them. My FIL got the bourbon apple butter shake, which was amazing. It didn’t have a strong bourbon taste according to him, which is probably why I liked it so much because I’m not a drinker. You do have to be 21 or older to order it. I got the strawberry which is made with fresh strawberries and incredible. My favorite was the one my BIL got. He got the smores shake and it was the best one I tasted.

All-in-all it’s a very good restaurant that has good burgers and shakes. Main gripe is to up the portions of the appetizers because it’s pathetic how little you get of them for the price you pay.

Rachel P

Went here for the first time with my family and we all really enjoyed it. The burgers were fantastic and that’s exactly what we had been hoping for. They give you big slices of pickles and I personally really enjoyed that! The brussel sprouts were awesome and the fries were good. The little holder they serve them in kept them warm longer, which was also a plus. The service was very good as well. Everything was accurate and the server was very welcoming! It also looked very clean in there and they even had a Thanksgiving menu for people to look at and sign up for if you were interested! I would highly suggest this place, especially during lunch when parking is ample! I haven’t tried nearly enough of the items here so I’ll definitely be back!

Mikah Rayne

Great food. Says where first cheeseburger made and it was delicious. Great customer service and very welcoming. Would go back if head that way again.

Fat Man Reviews

While watching this past weekends NCAA basketball tournament, Fat Man Reviews ventured out to 80/20 @Kaelin’s in Louisville, KY. Kaelin’s claims to be the birthplace of the cheeseburger, and they were the first place in Louisville to serve the Colonels Harlan Sanders chicken recipe.

I tried an order of the Fried Pickles with Comeback sauce. The pickles are really thin but the breading is mainly crispy, however it was a little oily and flimsy. The pickles have a good salty brine flavor. The star of the show is the comeback sauce. It’s creamy, sweet and has a little heat at the end. They should bottle this stuff.

For my meal, I tried the Kaelin’s Original Cheeseburger, double, with fries. This is made with Düsseldorf mustard, American cheese, onions, pickles, and two 4 oz. patty on a potato bun. The bun was toasted and had grill marks plus the bun to burger ratio was great. The mustard is creamy like Dijon but with a slight spice to it. The cheese is melted well, and the pickles added some saltiness and texture to the burger. The onions are very thin and pretty much disappear. The patties are smashed and seasoned well, but the hard sear on mine went a little over, and they tasted a bit burnt. However, there was still some juiciness to the patties towards the center of the burger. The fries were out of a bag, but they were fried and seasoned well.

Kaelin’s offers several burgers, sandwiches, entrée’s, and fried chicken. They have a full bar and offer beer on draft. Service was great and they are very friendly. The Fat Man says that 80/20 @Kaelin’s is Fat Man Approved with 1 chin.

Liz Roberts

First time at this restaurant, and it was a great experience all around! The atmosphere was comfortable, well-lit, and I just loved the decor! They have a great cocktail menu and draft beer menu, with lots of delicious options . And their burgers are thick, juicy, and perfectly crafted with savory toppings. Pictured is their signature 80/20 burger paired with their Brussels sprouts (which are cooked with onion jam ). And for dessert you must try some of their homemade hand-cranked ice cream, which is the perfect end to a delectable meal .

Business AsUsual

This was a good brunch break, went in for the $7 burger week special but l fell for the bait and got the prime rib burger and im glad l did. It was simply a really good sloppy, juicy, tasty burger . Service was very good and attentive as they tag teamed us. The barlike atmosphere was fun with plenty of televisions for sports. I will be back, thank you.

Ashley Brown

We had reservations at 6:15 on mother’s day and we’re seated promptly. Our waiter immediately brought us water which was nice. We asked him questions about our dietary needs and he tried but I don’t think he was very knowledgeable on the topic. So we ordered our food and waited.. and waited.. and waited.. and an hour and a half later we were served. We were pretty hangry by almost 8:00. Our food was correct and delicious.. but all of our bellies hurt afterwards

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