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Air Fryer Crab Cake Egg Rolls With Fire Sauce

Savory fusion at its finest, these air-fried crab cake egg rolls with fire sauce are an effortless delight to prepare and serve as a tantalizing appetizer. The generous blend of Old Bay, lemon, sriracha, and other flavors in the crab meat harmonizes beautifully with the crispy cabbage wraps, cooked to perfection in the air fryer for a satisfyingly short time. When you take a bite, the golden-brown exterior gives way to juicy, flavorful fillings that meld sweet, savory, and spicy notes together in perfect harmony. And if you’re craving more snacking goodness, be sure to check out our heart-shaped pork potsticker recipe or indulge in some scrumptious baked donuts or peanut butter treats.

How to Make Seafood Egg Rolls

To begin making air-fried egg rolls, start by combining the lump crab meat with the remaining crab cake ingredients. Shape the mixture into balls, pressing them gently in your palms to help them hold together. Cook these crab cakes in an air fryer for approximately 10 minutes.Next, whisk together the fire sauce ingredients and set aside most of it as a dipping sauce. Reserve the remainder to toss with shredded cabbage. Lay out the egg roll wrappers on the countertop and divide the cabbage mixture evenly between them. Cut the cooked crab cakes in half and add these pieces to the wrapper as well.Roll up the seafood egg rolls, applying a thin layer of egg wash to seal the edges. Finally, cook the air-fried crab cake egg rolls in the air fryer until they’re golden brown, crispy, and piping hot. Serve them with the fire sauce for dipping.

How to Fold Crab Egg Rolls

Mastering the technique for air fryer crab cake egg rolls requires a slightly different approach than rolling traditional burritos or enchiladas. Since these delicate treats are often deep-fried, it’s crucial to ensure a secure seal to prevent filling leakage. Fortunately, using an air fryer eliminates this concern. To successfully fold your crab cake egg rolls, start by bringing one corner of the wrapper across the filling and then repeat with the opposite corner. Next, fold in the remaining two opposite corners, completely encasing the seafood filling. This is the perfect moment to apply a brush stroke of egg wash to the exterior, not only holding the filling inside but also contributing to a satisfying crunch when cooked.

Air Fryer Crab Cake Egg Rolls FAQs

Storing and reheating leftover crab air fryer egg rolls requires some consideration, especially since the preparation time is slightly longer compared to other appetizers. When you decide to make a double batch, you can expect the leftovers to remain fresh for 3 or 4 days when stored in the refrigerator. To reheat them, simply place them in the air fryer at 350 degrees F for about 2 minutes, flipping halfway through. Once reheated, serve immediately.Regarding freezer-friendliness, the answer is yes – these egg rolls can be frozen. For this, it’s essential to freeze them individually on a baking sheet without touching each other before transferring them into a Ziploc freezer bag. When you’re ready to enjoy them again, simply thaw them overnight in the refrigerator and then reheat them in the air fryer as needed. If you plan to cook frozen egg rolls, keep in mind that they will require deep fat frying, which can lead to an overcooked exterior while the center remains frozen. Instead, use a deep fat fryer for optimal results.

Air Fryer Crab Cake Egg Rolls with Fire Sauce Recipe

Air Fryer Crab Cake Egg Rolls with Fire Sauce

Indulge in these mouthwatering air fryer crab cake egg rolls, a straightforward and satisfying appetizer. Generously packed with lump crab meat, the flavor profile is expertly balanced by the spicy kick of fire sauce – perfect for dipping. By cooking them in the air fryer, you’ll enjoy a remarkably short preparation time, allowing you to focus on other culinary endeavors. With a prep time of 10 minutes, cook time of 20 minutes, and total time of 30 minutes, these seafood egg rolls yield 12 delightful servings.



To create these mouthwatering crab cake egg rolls, start by preheating your air fryer to 400°F for five minutes. Next, combine all the ingredients for the crab cakes in a medium-sized bowl and mix until well combined. Use a cookie scoop or spoon to form the mixture into balls, then press each ball between your palms to shape them tightly. Place the crab cake mixture into the air fryer basket and cook for 10 minutes.While the crab cakes are cooking, prepare the fire sauce by whisking together all the ingredients in a small bowl. Set aside about half of this sauce to use as a dip, then toss the remaining sauce with some shredded cabbage.Once the crab cakes are done, remove them from the air fryer and cut each one in half. To make the egg rolls, lay an egg roll wrapper flat on your work surface and spread a small amount of the cabbage mixture down the center in a diagonal line. Place three crab cake halves on top of this, cut side down.To create the egg wash, whisk together the egg and water in a small bowl. Then, position the egg roll wrapper in front of you like a diamond and brush the edges with some of the egg wash. Fold the corner closest to you over the filling, then fold the right and left corners towards the center before rolling it tightly towards the last corner.Place each finished egg roll onto a parchment-lined baking sheet as you work. Brush the tops of each egg roll with more egg wash on all sides.Preheat your air fryer again to 400°F for five minutes. Lightly spray the basket with some non-stick cooking spray before placing the egg rolls inside. Cook the egg rolls for eight to ten minutes, flipping them halfway through to ensure even cooking. Check that they’re golden brown before removing them from the air fryer and serving with the fire sauce.