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Resto » Anchorage Restaurant Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Anchorage Restaurant Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Anchorage Restaurant

Address: 4700 N Port Washington Rd, Milwaukee, WI 53212

Restaurant Type: American restaurant

Phone: (414) 962-4710

Price: $$

Rating: 3.8


Anchorage Restaurant Directions

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What Time Does Anchorage Restaurant Open?

Tuesday,: 5 to 8PM

Wednesday,: 5 to 8PM

Thursday,: 5 to 8PM

Friday,: 5 to 8PM

Saturday,: 5 to 8PM

Sunday,: 5 to 8PM

Monday,: 5 to 8PM

Anchorage Restaurant Directions

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Anchorage Restaurant Reviews

Michael Mosesson

Nothing more than a snack bar for Holiday Inn. No resemblance to the Anchorage restaurant which it replaced. That the food is edible is the best I could say. Not even coffee for desert.

Tasha Smith

We were there for our Grandparents Anniversary. The place was beautiful, the set up was very nice. The food was great except for the fried chicken. The roast beef and baked chicken was cooked very well. The sides were excellent. Just wished we could have taken some of the food home. Only thing was off was the sound system. Other than that, this was a very nice place and we will use them again.

Michelle B.

They didn’t bill our breakfast correctly! And it was just my husband and I. (Food was yummy.)

Jonathan Seuell

1st time visiting this restaurant since before my wedding. The head chef at the time cooked our reception meal since my wife & I held our reception here (Hilton Milwaukee Rivercenter at the time). Not sure if the same cooking staff is here, but our appetizers & dinner were so good. My wife & I will definitely be back. Our waitress was polite & also let me customize my meal to something that wasn’t on the menu, but similar to an item that was. I highly recommend The Anchorage.

Jane Jenkins

Stopped in for fish fry Friday night. The place was packed but that’s usually a good sign. The staff didn’t disappoint. They said there would be a 45-60 min wait and they were spot on. The staff worked hard to make sure the capacity crowd was served and fed. I enjoyed the cod plate and look forward to stopping by for an afternoon drink.

Dan Voorhis

Not good. When we checked into the hotel, the person at the desk told us we could have dinner until 9 p.m. We arrived at the restaurant at 8 p.m. We were informed that we could not have dinner in the restaurant because it was closed and that we could eat in the bar area only. The menu was extremely limited. The food was so bad that the flies buzzing around our table wouldn’t even land on it. It had obviously been sitting under a heat lamp. We asked for bread. We got no bread and no rolls because according to our server, they were still frozen. No salt and pepper on the table. And no we could not turn up the volume of the television next to our table because bar management had determined that only the gigantic television with one of the sporting games on it would have sound. I’m writing this review right after the dinner and only hope I don’t get sick.

Tony Yera

Had my reception here. Was originally told we could have sky lamps but then after we purchased the lamps was told we could no longer have them. Our original coordinator got a new job and we switched to someone else. There was little communication with us from their end. Purchased a package with open bar for certain hours, as the wedding finishes up my wife and I get in line for a drink during cocktail hour and was told we would need to pay. Lucky that it was us and not a guest who went up first. We later found the coordinator after finding our paper work and had him rectify the situation. During the reception the steaks came out bleeding, so bloody you could see the mashed potatoes turning red. Overall horrible experience and I would look somewhere else for your special day. Nick the bartender was amazing though.

Mack Family

We went for Easter Brunch. The service was decent. The food was not! For the amount of money charged, they could’ve sprung for a real ham (not the processed kind that was served). The Prime Rib was way over done. Desert table was bleak. Salad bar was decent. Won’t be going back, unfortunately.

Jennifer Larson

This use to be a very nice upscale place. Lots of selection for food too. Visited recently for that reason and found they redid it so it’s now basically a nicer Denny’s. Hardly any food choices. Can sit out in their bar area which is not even a nice bar. It’s a bunch of chairs watching TV. Or in the incredibly uncomfortable chairs in the old restaurant area. We didn’t even stay to eat. Really big let down that they changed it.

Emmanuel Valenzuela

My wife and I have eaten here many times and it has been great every time we come. As foodies we really enjoy the tasting menu. Its always unique and has great variety. Enjoying the wine tasting with the food tasting has also been very enjoyable for us both.

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