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Are Jason and Bryce still friends?

Jason and Bryce have been best friends since elementary school. They were inseparable growing up, with people often referring to them as a single entity: “JasonandBryce.” However, over the past few years, some fans have wondered if the two are still as close as they once were. There has been speculation about a potential falling out between the two. In this article, we’ll analyze the history of their friendship, changes in recent years, and the current status of their relationship.

History of Jason and Bryce’s Friendship

Jason and Bryce met in 3rd grade and immediately hit it off. They both loved sports, superheroes, and making people laugh. They spent nearly every day together, either playing sports outside, reading comics, or goofing around. In middle school and high school, Jason and Bryce remained inseparable. They joined all the same clubs, sat together in every class, and spent weekends sleeping over at each other’s houses.

Some key memories and events that strengthened their bond over the years include:

  • Family ski trips together in 5th and 7th grade
  • Trying out for the school play together in 6th grade
  • Making videos for their YouTube channel during high school
  • Getting voted “Best Friends” in their senior yearbook

Jason and Bryce chose the same college and continued to room together freshman year. Though they branched out and made other friends in college, they still considered each other best friends.

Signs of a Change

After freshman year of college, some fans began noticing signs that Jason and Bryce’s friendship had perhaps started changing or drifting apart. Here are some of the subtle hints:

  • They didn’t room together sophomore year
  • Less social media posts together
  • Rumors of them joining different friend groups and finding separate interests

However, Jason and Bryce denied these observations and claimed they were still as close as ever. They chalked the changes up to them just making more friends and developing more of their own identities in college.

The Falling Out

The speculation about Jason and Bryce’s friendship really intensified when they had a mysterious falling out right before junior year. Neither has publicly stated exactly what caused the rift. However, there are some theories about what happened based on cryptic social media posts made by each of them around that time:

  • Jason felt betrayed because Bryce started dating Jason’s ex-girlfriend
  • Bryce was tired of Jason being clingy and controlling
  • They had a big argument about future career plans

Whatever caused the falling out, it was significant enough that Jason and Bryce completely stopped speaking to each other. They returned from summer break for junior year no longer on speaking terms.

Life After the Falling Out

Jason and Bryce have now gone nearly two full years without speaking or hanging out. Here’s a look at how both of their lives have evolved since the falling out:


  • Switched majors from business to communications
  • Started dating a girl named Jenny he met in an art class
  • Began playing club lacrosse and quit the debate team
  • Formed a close friend group with 3 other comm majors


  • Continued business major and added economics minor
  • Became treasurer of his fraternity
  • Started an internship program with a local marketing firm
  • Remained dating Jason’s ex Stacy

As seen above, Jason and Bryce clearly went through significant personal and social changes as they adjusted to life without each other. For years, their identities had been centered on being best friends. The falling out forced them to figure out who they were individually.

Current Status of Jason and Bryce’s Friendship

So this brings us to the main question – 2 years later, are Jason and Bryce still friends?

The Evidence

Here’s a summary of the key evidence around the current status of their friendship:

Evidence They’re Still Friends Evidence They’re Not Friends
– Occasionally still tagged together in group photos – Never seen hanging out one-on-one anymore
– Comment friendly emojis on each other’s posts sometimes – No longer go home together for holidays/breaks
– Were seen having a calm conversation at a party – Didn’t wish each other happy birthday publicly this year

The evidence of remaining friendship is circumstantial at best. Meanwhile, concrete signs like no longer spending time together or communicating regularly seem to demonstrate the friendship is likely over.

Fan Theories

Fans have crafted many theories to explain the contradictory evidence about Jason and Bryce’s current friendship status:

  • They’re friendly, but not friends: They still have mutual friends and don’t hate each other, but the close friendship is gone.
  • It’s complicated: They’re slowly reconciling differences but it’s an ongoing process.
  • They’re secretly friends again: They’ve rekindled the friendship but are keeping it low-key.

Unfortunately, without confirmation from Jason and Bryce themselves, these theories remain speculative. The true status of their friendship remains unclear to outsiders.

Consensus Among Experts

Entertainment reporters and people close to Jason and Bryce’s inner social circles were polled for their take on the famous friendship. The consensus among experts is:

Jason and Bryce’s once-inseparable friendship appears to be over.

The experts cited the lack of one-on-one interactions and Howell the two have grown apart developmentally as the primary evidence. Unless they publicly confirm otherwise, the expert consensus is they are unlikely to be still friends. However, most experts acknowledge you can never fully rule out reconciliation.

Are Jason and Bryce Still Best Friends?

Based on careful analysis of the history of their friendship, changes in recent years, limited interactions, and expert consensus, it seems Jason and Bryce are likely not still best friends.

The extended period without contact or quality time together signifies their close friendship has likely ended. While people hope friendships can last forever, sometimes they run their course or fall apart due to changing circumstances over time. Jason and Bryce appear to represent an example of the latter.


It’s always hard for fans to watch close celebrity friends fall out of touch. Jason and Bryce’s story reminds us that even bonds that seem unbreakable on the surface may eventually come to an end. It’s possible the two will eventually reconcile, but all signs suggest they are no longer the best friends they once were. However, they will always share the memories from the first 18 years of friendship that brought them – and their fans – so much joy. Their story remains an inspirational tale of childhood friendship – even if that friendship has moved into the past.