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Bakersfield Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)


Address: 334 Massachusetts Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46204, United States

Restaurant Type: Taco restaurant

Phone: +1 317-635-6962

Price: $$

Rating: 4.5


Bakersfield Directions

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What Time Does Bakersfield Open?

Tuesday,: 4 to 11PM

Wednesday,: 4 to 11PM

Thursday,: 4 to 11PM

Friday,: 11AM to 12AM

Saturday,: 11AM to 12AM

Sunday,: 11AM to 10PM

Monday,: 4 to 11PM

Bakersfield Directions

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Bakersfield Reviews

Mitali Bonde

This is my boyfriends fav restaurant serving authentic Mexican street fare and a unique selection of over tequilas and bourbons. The food is simple, the service is warm, and the atmosphere is alive. However, I do think the tacos are overpriced and not that great. They are flavorful, but small and something you will not fill up on unless you eat 3-4. You can start with fresh guacamole and chips. I would recommend this place for good drinks and good vibe.

Emily E

The food was very good, and the atmosphere is exactly what you would expect at Mass Ave. went on my lunch break and had very quick service. The tacos are delicious, but are fairly small. A bit smaller than typical street tacos. Highly recommend at least three.

Hugh McLaughlin

Went to this restaurant tonight after the Colts win over the Chiefs (Hurray) – anyway back to this nice restaurant on Mass Avenue.

It wasn’t to crowded tonight. Nice place good food (not a wide variety but that is ok). Our server was very nice and knowledgeable. We ordered a couple of margarita’s. I had their special Mai Tai Margarita (good but on the sweeter side) and my wife had their Pineapple Margarita. They were both tasty.

My son ordered their Carnitas Taquitos that had an enchilada sauce over them (he said they were good). My wife ordered 2 tacos (Chorizo and potato and also a fish taco). We shared their 1/2 Willie Salad (Good Salad with plenty of flavor) and I also has a Short Rib Taco (pretty good). Nice place good food.

Ashlyn Moore

We had an amazing anniversary lunch at Bakersfield! We came here after we got engaged & now it’s our tradition to revisit each year to celebrate. Always great service & food! Our waitress, Naomy, was super sweet & amazing! Cannot recommend this restaurant enough! The season margaritas, cucumber, was very good & refreshing!

Drew G.

This was one of our FAVORITE places that we visited during Gencon. The food was amazing, we were seated immediately, and dined like kings the entire time.

Shoutout to Sunshine, who was not only a fantastic waitress but also made a ton of great recommendations for us. Would highly recommend any of the tacos, the Bakersfield Sour, and the pineapple margarita.

Jennifer Seeber

Chelsea P is the greatest. Best bartender I’ve ever had. She’s been there a few years and I swear never changes never seems stressed just does it all and with a smile. 10/10 sit at the bar to get the best service with Chelsea

Nich Gray

Delicious tacos what more can you say. I enjoy the Al pastor. They are quick with food and have a selection of fresh margaritas.

Brittany Forkus

Used to go here a lot but quality has rapidly declined. This was the amount of fish on my “fish taco” that cost 5.63 before delivery. Can’t justify it anymore.


Bakersfield is a new take on tacos. I was underwhelmed with the food, but my server was kind and extremely attentive. Now that pineapple drink with tajin was a winner-winner. Absolutely delish

Nataly Luja

Ordered a mezcla margarita that was amazing, and tried a variety of their tacos. Had been reading about huitlacohe and was surprised they had a taco! Their al pastor taco was definitely my favorite. Their elote was served cold and felt a little undercooked, but that could just be my preference. Would definitely go again.

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