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Resto » Baron’s Sino Kitchen & Bar Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Baron’s Sino Kitchen & Bar Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Baron’s Sino Kitchen & Bar

Address: 500 Bellevue Way NE Suite 210, Bellevue, WA 98004

Restaurant Type: Chinese restaurant

Phone: (425) 363-0000

Price: $$$

Rating: 3.9


Baron’s Sino Kitchen & Bar Directions

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What Time Does Baron’s Sino Kitchen & Bar Open?

Tuesday,: 11:30AM to 2:30PM, 4:30 to 9PM

Wednesday,: 11:30AM to 2:30PM, 4:30 to 9PM

Thursday,: 11:30AM to 2:30PM, 4:30 to 9PM

Friday,: 11:30AM to 2:30PM, 4:30 to 10PM

Saturday,: 11:30AM to 3PM, 4:30 to 10PM

Sunday,: 11:30AM to 3PM, 4:30 to 9PM

Monday,: 11:30AM to 2:30PM, 4:30 to 9PM

Baron’s Sino Kitchen & Bar Directions

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Baron’s Sino Kitchen & Bar Reviews

Mackenzie “Maq” W

This place is amazing. I heard about it from my boss and took some friends here previously and last night brought some other friends here for their birthday. The good is incredible. It’s always rich and the servings are big enough that when served family style a group of 3-4 get more than enough and there’s still plenty left over to take home.

Clearly the Peking Duck is the star, but the pork belly, mapo tofu, and black gold buns are up there for me. Also the servers are always incredibly nice!!!

Tomas Cortijo

Well designed and serviced upscale dining. The Chinese fusion has some very interesting choices in the menu. Highlights: there is plenty of room between tables, so the experience is quiet and private. Our server was attentive and funny. We tried about 10 different plates (went in with a work party) and the black gold buns and the duck are definitely the best dishes we tried, together with the giant fortune cookie for dessert!

Vivian K

The food here is absolutely incredible. I came here as part of a large group with a pre-decided dinner course, and it was delicious. The highlights are definitely the passion fruit prawns, the smoked mackerel (absolutely divine), the baron’s fried rice, and the Peking duck. If you get anything here, get the Peking duck (reserve one!). They do it so beautifully. Definitely a Bellevue highlight.

Gabriel Tam

Good food, but not great for Chinese. The environment feels great, and my wife and I had a fun time during Seattle Restaurant Week. This was one of our selections. They don’t seem as authentic, but we didn’t have any complaints.

Hollywood Popup Comedy Club

Great Mothers Day feast! The black buns look like stones but taste like dessert. So good. Loryta was a great server. The Peking duck was great. Make sure to take home the bone. (They charge $18 to have the bone cooked and served on site which is weird. Didn’t you pay for the bone when u ordered the duck?) Anyway good service good atmosphere and will come back.

Ananth Maniam

I was recommended this restaurant by a friend who really loves Peking duck

There’s a half price special on Peking duck on Mondays (49$), one would have to make a reservation online for the duck.

We walked in the restaurant which is in the second level of Lincoln Square. The restaurant is well lit and has a good ambience

We ordered
1. Barons seafood fried rice
2. Bok choy
3. Peking duck

The Peking duck itself comes with
1. Condiments (carrots, sweet melon, sprouts cucumber, sugar and syrup)
2. Thin pancakes (10 of them)

Everything was really amazing. I think what we ordered would be enough for 4 people. The total bill came to around 100$. But we were just two of us.

The waiters boxed the food in a nice box and bag for us!

Will definitely come back for more Monday lunches!

Mitali Bhiwande

We went there with a group of 6 to have a dinner together. They have a good ambiance located right in the Lincoln square mall. Each of us ordered few drinks and those came out to be pretty good but were served after most of the food was already at the table. They served us 2 dishes which we hadn’t ordered and delayed on the ones we actually had ordered. They have good food portions and more than filling for one person. We were looking forward to the smoked mackerel but it was a bit chewy for our liking and seemed fried rather than smoked. We ordered the pan fried seafood noodles, pork belly, kung pao shrimp and chicken, pan fried vegetarian noodles and the fried rice. Barring the drinks, it was an okay experience.

Yang Samsara

This is supposed to be a perfect anniversary dinner and turned out to be completely disappointment. 140 dollars for three dishes and a cocktail. Two dishes are utter failure. The chunk of Wagyu beef was poorly seasoned, very chewy, and reeked taste of blood. For the record I am a hard core rare steak eater. The sweet sour pork is a whole different disaster. The pork is pre fried for god knows how long ago. Super dry and flavorless. 20% of the pork was not not coated with the sweet sour sauce, so it’s like plain pork jerky. Because they are not freshly fried, it didn’t have the heat that boost your appetite. This is not even mediocre Chinese food. Panda Express or any Americanized Chinese restaurant can do better than this. I have been telling people this is the best Chinese restaurant who serves the most authentic Peking Duck. This dinner ruined the good reputation built by the ducks. I feel sorry for the ducks who sacrificed their lives to strive for a belief that Seattle has a good find dining Chinese restaurant.


The salad I was like shocked… it’s not a lot at all and the price are extremely expensive… the taste are average, I don’t recommend it at all.

The ribs and the sunrise drinks are okay, but still feel like it’s acceptable level rather than something good. Even tho so, it cuz me $50 so far, and I didn’t feel like it worth it.

Weimin Song

We came from far away. All the fatigue was cleared away by the delicious Peking duck. The food here is authentic and delicious, beyond our expectations. Loryta has given us an attentive service. Come again when you have a chance!

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