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Resto » Top 15 Best Biology Science Classroom Specimens In 2022

Top 15 Best Biology Science Classroom Specimens In 2022

Biology science classroom specimens are a type of scientific equipment used to teach students about biology. Specimens can include anything from plants and animals to microorganisms. They are typically preserved in some way, such as by being preserved in a jar or by being mounted on a slide. Classroom specimens are an important tool for teaching students about the natural world and how it works. With so many products on the market, we’ve picked the top one’s for you.

Best Biology Science Classroom Specimens

Lifecycle of a Frog Development Paperweight Specimens Animal Specimens in Clear Resin in Science Classroom for Science Education, Gift for Science Lovers by RupXinSplend
  • ※ Feature : The frog development paperweight specimen is a 100% natural insect incased in clear resin block, you can observe its development all life stages very clearly from any angle.
  • ※ Application : The real frog lifecycle specimen in clear resin could be used as a paperweight, science education, learning aids, desk decoration.
  • ※ Craft : The frog development specimen craft is a great gift for friends, teachers, students, science lovers.
  • ※ Process : This is a handmade real insect specimen craft. Each one will be a little different (specimen size, shape, posture, etc.) even in the same production batch.
  • ※ After-sales Service : Any questions, please contact us anytime, we'll quickly respond to service for you. We offer FREE EXCHANGE for dissatisfaction.
Bat Specimens Encased in Resin Paperweight Biology Anatomy Preschool Lab Educational Teaching Toy
  • SIZE: 75*75*24 mm or 3*3*0.9 inches
  • HIGH REALITY---The specimens are made of real bat with their best and vivid postures. The bat look like alive. Users can observe them from different angles. This is an easy way to examine unusual insects up close, and helps keep kids motivated in science activities
  • MULTIPLE FUNCTION---This is not only a useful, unique science education toy, but also suitable for desktop paperweight decoration. It is good gift for kids, students, teachers and adults.
  • WIDE USE GIFT--- With real bat encased in an acrylic resin block. It is clear and durable and can be kept for long time. Its waterproof. The edge and corners of the blocks are polished for safe. Due to the good transparency and hardness of resin, this is usually as a paperweight, desktop décor, home décor in school, office, library, bookstore and home.
  • FINE CRAFTSMANSHIP---The bat is encased carefully to keep every detail natural and real. Even a tiny hair on the leg is untrimmed. Due to the good quality, the resin block paperweight has very high transparency. Players can observe the encased bat clearly.
REALBUG Bat Specimen
  • Bat Specimen
  • Detailed Educational Card
  • Own Green Display Box
  • With Resin Material
  • Easy to Learn
12PK Raw Sulfur, Mineral Specimens - Approx. 1" - Geologist Selected & Hand Processed - Great for Science Classrooms - Class Pack - Eisco Labs
  • SULFUR | Sulfur is a popular mineral that forms as a soft precipitate near volcanic vents and springs. This bright yellow mineral has a distinct smell and unusual streak color
  • GREAT FOR GEOLOGY CLASSROOMS | Ideal for identification & classification exercises. Great for students learning about streak tests - sulfur leaves an unexpected white streak. This set of six samples is excellent for group study and examination
  • GEOLOGIST SELECTED | Each specimen is selected and hand processed by an actual geologist, ensuring each sample exhibits defining features
  • LOCALLY PROCESSED | Our rock and mineral samples are sourced from a variety of locations around the world and are processed in Victor, NY
  • LABELED PACKAGING | Set is packaged in a transparent bag, and is labeled & barcoded for easy identification
12 Pcs Insect in Resin Specimen Bugs Collection Paperweights Arachnid Resin Specimen Different Insect Specimen Bug Preserved in Resin for Kids Scientific Educational Toy, 12 Styles (Butterfly)
  • Package Information: you will get 12 pieces of insect in resin specimens, 12 styles, including many bugs; Sufficient quantity will meet your using needs, and you can share them with your families
  • Reliable Resin Material: these arachnid resin specimens are made of reliable resin material, safe and sturdy, not easy to break or fade; Reliable material will serve you for a long time
  • Function of Education: our animal specimens are designed in animal appearance, including different animals, which can get the kids' attention, help children to realize these animals and increase their interest in learning
  • Considerate Presents: our animal specimen sets can be considerate presents to your families, friends, relatives, neighbors, and you can give them to your kids as rewards; They will like these gifts
  • Suitable for Decorations: you can use our animal specimen collections to decorate your home, you can use whichever animal you like, and their realistic appearance will make your home look attractive
TAXIBUGS Real Exotic Poisonous Scorpion – Preserved Taxidermy Insect Bug Collection Framed in a 3D Wooden Frame as Pictured Taxidermy (Transparent Background Black Wooden Frame)
  • All of our specimens are from substainable sources and had been legally imported. None of the butterflies and insects we sell are within CITES agreement on endangered species.
  • MUSEUM QUALITY REAL SCORPION. Your treasure Palamnaersus is an exceptional natural specimen. Professionally preserved in it's natural form, the insect taxidermy scorpion is guaranteed to bring out excitement and wonder.
  • AWESOME COLLECTIBLE ITEM. This highly sought after species is the ultimate showpiece for your collection. It's a thoroughly impressive natural wonder that will elevate the quality of your assortment.
  • PERFECT FOR EDUCATION. The Scorpion stuffed animal is professionally preserved and all the intricate details of its anatomy are finely visible. This can help anyone understand the impressive wonders of biology and anatomy.
  • UNIQUE DECORATION- This 3D Box wooden frame covered animal is the perfect size to put on your desk as an unconventional and incredibly unique wall decoration!
Bean Germination in Acrylic Block Lifecyle of Bean Biology Science Classroom Specimens (Bean Germination)
  • Material:Resin.Durable,you can keep it for a long time.
  • Subject:Bean Germination(include:Manual)
  • An ideal way for students to display the bean germination process.
  • You will find it's amazing under a mircroscope.It can be used as a paperweight and also a wonderful gift for friends,families and biological enthusiasts.
  • Each specimen is unique.
Lifecycle of a Frog Development Paperweight Specimens Paperweight Science Classroom Animal Specimen for Science Education
  • Features: The specimen is a 100% natural insect, which is incased in clear lucite block. You can see the details of the insect very clearly from any angle. It is the unique and wonderful gifts for collectors, family and friends. It is an ideal learning aid for students and kids.
  • The frog lifecycle specimen encased, these specimens ta ke you through every stage of the insect lifecycle from egg to adult. The lucite block is crystal clear allowing you to clearly view the specimen inside. It is also practically unbreakable. The specimen you will get is real and one of a kind. No two are exactly the same.
  • This specimen are ideal for observing and imaging with any Celestron digital microscope. Crystal clear lucite lets you observe the insects from all angles.
  • This is a handmade real insect specimen craft. Each one will be a bit different (specimen size, color and posture) even in the same production batch.
  • Frog animal specimen biology model 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED for your Money Back - No Questions Asked!
Large Taxidermy Real Bat Specimens Animal Specimen in Resin for Science Classroom Science Education Large (5.5x2.5x0.7 Inch)
  • A real bat which encased in high quality resin; can be view the intricate details on the body, face, teeth and feet of this tiny real bat specimen; Great specimen for use in a science classroom and a wonderful gift for friends,families and scientist.
  • SCIENTIFIC EXPLORATION- For the young scientist, this resin encased animal specimen will allow them to see and digest the various details of this small bat specimen; It can provide ongoing learning opportunities while also providing a unique decoration or paperweight
  • UNIQUE PAPERWEIGHT- This small, resin covered animal is the perfect size to put on your desk as an unconventional and incredibly unique paperweight!
  • MICROSCOPIC DETAIL- The detailed body can be examined closely under a microscope; The ultra clear resin allows for viewing from any angle, or even under the magnified lens of microscope, for further learning opportunities
  • 100% SATISFACTION AND MONEY BACK GUARANTE: Just try our products and if you don't absolutely love them let us know and we will refund your purchase price NO QUESTIONS ASKED!
Squid Cuttlefish Specimen in Acrylic Block Paperweights Science Classroom Specimens for Science Education(2.9x1.6x1 inch)
  • Material:high quality resin,durable,you can keep it for a long time.
  • An ideal way for students to get up close and personal with Cuttlefish.
  • Inside is the real Squid.You will find it's amazing under a mircroscope.
  • It can be used as a paperweight and also a wonderful gift for friends,families and biological enthusiasts.
  • Each specimen is unique.
Geosciences Industries 13357 Introductory Earth Science Classroom Rocks and Minerals Collection
  • Collection includes 75 mineral and rock samples
  • Each sample is numbered and identified on the collection index sheet
  • Samples measure approximately 1"-2" in size
  • Rock samples include igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic
  • Collection contains the index sheet, an introductory study guide, a streak plate, and a magnifier
Bbiamsleep 6 Pcs Real Bugs Insect Specimen Set, Insect Resin Specimen Animal Resin Set, Constructive Educational Collection Science Tools
  • Each block measures: 1.74 x 1.14 x 0.69 inch
  • Set of 6: Cicada, Spider, Scorpion, Locust, Large spotted coriander, Antler beetle
  • High quatily clear resin block, real insect insided. Durable, can be save in very long time
  • Provide most intuitive way for people to get closed and personal with the common insects
  • It can be used as paperweight and also a wonderful gift for friends, families and biological enthusiasts
4 PCS Butterfly Specimen Set, Danaus Genutia, Graphium Sarpedon, Asian Swallowtail, Delias Pasithoe Butterfly Resin Collection Science Toys
  • HIGH QUALITY: Common Butterfly Encased in A Clear Lucite Resin Block. Durable,You Can Keep It for A Long Time.
  • SCIENCE EDUCATION: Inside Is Common Butterflies (Include Danaus Genutia, Graphium Sarpedon, Asian Swallowtail, Delias Pasithoe). Provide The Most Intuitive Way for Students to Get Up Close and Personal with The Common Butterflies.
  • RICH CONTENT: Set Include 4 Different Butterflies, A Magnifier, and Butterfly Introduction. Kids Will Find It's Amazing Under The Magnifier.
  • GREAT GIFT: It Can Be Used as A Paperweight and Also A Wonderful Gift for Friends,Families and Biological Enthusiasts.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: If You're Not Satisfied with Our Products, We Will Return Money Back to You for Any Reason.
20 Slides Of Biology And Pathology Prepared Microbiological Bacterial Specimens Microscope Slide Set with Plastic Box
  • The Results Are Clear And Uniform: Dyeing treatment, the structure is clear and easy to see. The structure, parts and organs shown are obviously colored, clear and uniform
  • Guaranteed Quality: Each slice is rigorously tested by a professional to ensure the quality of the slice
  • Good Material: Made of high quality optical glass, clean, clear and translucent
  • Ensure Operator Safety: The edge of the slide is polished, no damage to the hand, safe to use
  • Good Quality Slider: Use high-strength plastic box with thick edges and built-in shockproof sponge to ensure the quality of the slide
Tyld Locust Specimen - Resin Insect Paperweight Specimen - for Biology Science Teacher Kids Education Toy Specimen Collection
  • [Product Specs]- 110*41*20mm/3.9 x 1.6 x 0.7 inch(L x W x H). Inside is a real Locust. Amazing item for science education. Each Locust is hand-picked. Easy to maintain-Dust with clean cloth.
  • [Application]- Perfect for teaching specimens of the school, display specimens in the natural museum, decorative ornaments of the family, book towns of the study, paperweights, etc., and can also be used as gifts for gift giving.
  • [Warm Gift]- This natural Locust specimen is one of the best gifts you can give for you family and friends on Christmas ,Thanksgiving, Birthdays and Housewarming etc.
  • [Natural Looking]- Make a stylish, fun addition to your Insect World with Real Locust Specimen, real specimen are embedded in the transpatent resin which are visible from any angle.
  • [Superb Craftsmanship ]- Old-fashioned craftsmanship, give that touch of spirituality, and let it highlight the simple, vigorous texture, traditional handicraft production, which verifies the infinite art of humanity.

Best Biology Science Classroom Specimens Buying Guides

How can these specimens be used to teach biology concepts?

Biology specimens can be used to teach concepts in a science classroom by allowing students to observe and study the specimens up close. This can help students learn about the anatomy and physiology of different organisms, as well as the function of different body parts. Additionally, specimens can be used to demonstrate the process of evolution, as well as the diversity of life on Earth.

What are some tips for storing and caring for classroom specimens?

When it comes to storing and caring for specimens of biology for a science classroom, there are a few key tips to keep in mind. First, it is important to make sure that the specimens are stored in a cool, dry place. This will help to preserve them and prevent them from deteriorating. Additionally, it is important to label the specimens clearly and in a way that will be easy for students to understand. Finally, it is important to regularly check on the specimens to make sure that they are still in good condition.

How can I create my own biology specimens for classroom use?

As the best way to create your own biology classroom specimens will vary depending on what resources and materials you have available. However, some tips on how to create your own biology specimens for use in the classroom include:

1. Collect and preserve specimens from your local area. This can be done by collecting plant specimens and pressing them, or by collecting and preserving animal specimens.

2. Purchase preserved specimens from a biological supply company.

3. Create your own specimens using plaster of Paris or other materials.

4. Use real-life specimens whenever possible. This could involve bringing in live animals or plants for students to observe, or taking students on field trips to collect specimens.

What are some common safety concerns with handling biology specimens?

There are a few common safety concerns that come with handling specimens in a biology science classroom. The first concern is that some specimens may be sharp, so it is important to handle them with care to avoid getting cut. The second concern is that some specimens may be poisonous, so it is important to wear gloves and avoid getting any on your skin. The third concern is that some specimens may be fragile, so it is important to handle them gently.

How can I dispose of biology specimens properly?

The best way to dispose of biology classroom specimens is to contact your local waste management company to see if they have any specific instructions. If not, you can usually just place the specimens in a plastic bag and put them in the garbage.

What are some alternative ways to teach with biology specimens?

Some alternative ways to teach with specimens of biology science classroom specimens are to have students label the specimens, create a key to identify the specimens, or create a chart showing the different specimens.

Are there any special considerations for teaching with living specimens?

Yes, there are special considerations for teaching with living specimens of biology science classroom specimens. These considerations include ensuring that the specimens are properly cared for, ensuring that the specimens are not harmful to students, and ensuring that the specimens are not too difficult for students to understand.

What are some common problems that can occur when using biology specimens in the classroom?

Some common problems that can occur when using specimens in the biology science classroom are that the specimens may be too small to be seen clearly, they may be too delicate to handle, and they may be too difficult to identify.

Best Biology Science Classroom Specimens Resources