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Top 15 Best Brass Bathtub Drain Stoppers In 2022

A brass bathtub drain stopper is a device that is placed over the drain in a bathtub to prevent water from flowing out of the tub. The stopper is usually made of brass, but can also be made of other materials, such as plastic or stainless steel. With so many products on the market, we’ve picked the top one’s for you.

Best Brass Bathtub Drain Stoppers

Shower Drain Stopper - Silicone Bathtub Drain Strainers,Hair Trap Hair Catcher Bathtub Drain Stopper Protectors Cover Easy to Install and Clean Suit for Bathroom Bathtub and Kitchen 5 Pack
  • Advance Design: 2 in 1 Tub Stopper and Strainers, a hair catcher & a drain stopper.
  • High Quality: Made of Premium food-grade silicone, non-toxic, no leak design . Safer for kids and pets.
  • Convenient and durable: As a drain stopper, strong suction provides excellent seal. Fit for most bathroom bathtub, tub, kitchen and laundry sinks
  • Easy to Clean: Simple overall design, no gaps, more convenient and free to clean the Bathtub Stopper
  • Wide Application: 5 packs with different colors: gray, blue, pink, white and green,also a perfect decoration for your home or a gift!
BathShroom Overflow Drain Cover for Fuller Baths, White
  • Overflow Drain Cover for Fuller and Warmer Baths
  • Easily Increase Your Water Depth during every Bath
  • Works with Virtually All Tubs -- Simply Place it Over your Overflow Drain
  • Safe and Easy to Use -- Made from Ultra Durable Materials
  • BathShroom Matches virtually any Bathroom Decor
Danco, Inc. 89487 Lift and Turn Bath Trim Kit, 1-Pack, Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • EASY BATHROOM FIXTURE UPGRADE: Oil rubbed bronze finish trim kit provides a stylish elegant look to your tub shower with easy DIY installation
  • UNIVERSAL FIT: Designed to fit bath tub drain brands. Designed to fit 1-7/8 inch drains WITH bushing. Threaded adapter bushing fits 1-1/2 inch and 1-3/8 inch drain shoe sizes.
  • KIT INCLUDES: Stopper cartridge, overflow plate, a bath shoe, a plastic adapter bushing. Comes with adapter for use with 1- or 2-hole overflow plate.
  • DURABLE LIFT AND TURN STYLE: Durable brass construction provides strength and durability for lift and turn style drain kit
  • EASY do-it-yourself installation
Eastman Lift-N-Turn Bathtub Drain Assembly Kit with Strainer and Stopper, 1-1/2 Inch x 11.5 Inch Coarse Thread, Chrome Plated, 35233
  • BATH DRAIN STOPPER KIT: Bathtub drain stop kit makes for an excellent addition to any home bathroom
  • DURABLE: This bath tub drain assembly kit features a durable brass construction for long-lasting reliability, and features a sleek, contemporary chrome finish which blends nicely with your faucet decor
  • UNIVERSAL FIT: This silver bath drain protector kit can be adjusted to fit most drains with ease, and features adjusting holes present in the brass clevis for quick installation
  • WHAT IS INCLUDED: Bathtub drain replacement kit features (1) 1-1/2-inch x 11.5 coarse thread, (1) 2-7/8-inch outer diameter body flange, and (1) 5/16-inch tapped washer
  • EASY TO USE: The bath drain cover assembly kit features an intuitive lift and turn mechanism design which is easy to operate
Danco, Chrome, 80811 Touch-Toe Tub Stopper, 2 x 3.5 x 4.5 inches
  • TOUCH-TOE STYLE TUB DRAIN STOPPER: The bathtub stopper is a foot actuated stopper for easy opening and closing of the drain; push tub stopper to close and push again to open
  • PREVENTS CLOG DRAINS: Placing a stopper in your bathtub drain will help keep the drain free from unwanted debris and clogs from foreign objects
  • DIMENSIONS: 2 in. Diameter to accommodate most standard bathtub drains
  • DURABILITY: The plastic construction provides long-lasting drain protection and will not rust
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION: No tools required for easy installation
LASCO 0-3041LP Universal Fit Big Head Lavatory Pop Up Stopper, Polished Brass Finish
  • Polished brass finish
  • Big head pop-up stopper
  • Universal fit pop-up stopper
  • Sink repair
  • Replacement part
DANCO Trip Lever Tub and Bath Drain Trim Kit with Overflow Plate, Oil Rubbed Bronze, 1-Pack (10580)
  • BATHTUB DRAIN TRIM KIT: This tub drain kit with included bushing adapter is designed to fit 1-1/2 in. and 1-7/8 in. tub drain shoe sizes
  • OVERFLOW PLATE REPLACES 2-HOLE OVERVFLOW PLATES: The 2-hole face plate includes pin to attach to the tub drain linkage; simply lift up on the trip lever to close the drain to fill the tub with water and push down on the trip lever to open the drain
  • DRAIN TUB SHOE DIMENSIONS: Tub Shoe Diameter 1-1/2 in & 16 TPI (Threads per inch); Tub Shoe Bushing Adapter Diameter 1-7/8 in. & 11.5 TPI (Threads per inch)
  • OVERFLOW PLATE DIMENSIONS: Trip lever overflow plate holes are 2-inches in on center and 3 inches across in diameter; drain trim cover exterior is slightly under 3 inches
  • TUB DRAIN STOPPER: The bathtub strainer catches hair and debris while allows for water to flow freely down the drain
American Standard 066116-0990A Metal Drain Stopper Assembly, Polished Brass
  • Replacement part
  • Stopper assembly
  • For use with the M953450-002AS metal drain
  • Plastic body with metal cap
  • Polished brass finish
Kingston Brass CC1112 Rubber Stopper Chain and Attachment for CC1002, Polished Brass
  • Fabricated from High Quality Brass
  • 1-3/8" Stopper Diameter
  • Attached with a 20" Long Chain
  • 3/8" IPS Connection
  • for Lavatory Drains
Bathtub Drain Plug Drain Stopper, Tip-Toe Bath Plunger (3/8 Inch, Chrome)
  • Tip-Toe Stopper. Gasket included.
  • Classic and versatile polished chrome finish
  • Chrome plated cap with plastic body and brass adjustable stem
  • Make sure you select the right size thread (3/8" vs. 5/16")
  • Easy and simple use kit
Kingston Brass CC1111 Rubber Stopper Chain and Attachment for CC1001, Polished Chrome
  • Fabricated from High Quality Brass
  • 1-3/8" Stopper Diameter
  • Attached with a 20" Long Chain
  • 3/8" IPS Connection
  • for Lavatory Drains
Lasco 03-4805 1-1/4-Inch Fine Thread Shoe Strainer with Lift And Lock Stopper Bathtub, Chrome Plated
  • Bathtub Lift and Turn Drain Trim Kit
  • Chrome plated
  • Lift and lock strainer
  • Fits most tub drains
  • Lift and turn to open
Watco Manufacturing, Chrome Plated 48400-CP NuFit Lift and Turn Trim Kit
  • Does Not Require Existing Cross Bars In Old Drain
  • Chrome Plated Trim
  • The product is manufactured in United States
  • Requires a minimum I.D. opening size of 1.39-Inch and at least 0.39-Inch of depth clearance
  • Maximum O.D. coverage of flange is 2-7/8-Inch
Tub Stopper Silicone Floor Drain Anti-Odor Mat, Silica Gel Drain Plugs, Anti-Odor Deodorizing Cover, Kitchen Seal, Sewer Deodorization 2Pieces Suitable for Kitchen, Bathroom and Laundry
  • ✦The Silicone Deodorant Pad Is A Universal Type, With 3 Sizes To Choose From, And The Size Can Be Cut;
  • ✦Easy To Clean Household Necessary Kitchen, Laundry Room, Bathtub Accessories;
  • ✦Silicone Material, Reusable, Perfect Sealing. Won'T Get Moldy;
  • ✦Suitable For Places Such As Kitchens, Bathtubs And Laundry Rooms;
  • ✦2 Pieces, Washbasin Drain Plug. Please Note That It Is Only Suitable For Flat And Smooth Surfaces;
  • Drain stopper (plastic stem)
  • 1.55" top diameter
  • Compatible with various KOHLER lavatory drains

Best Brass Bathtub Drain Stoppers Buying Guides

What are brass bathtub drain stoppers?

used for

Brass bathtub drain stoppers are used to keep water from draining out of the bathtub.

How do brass bathtub drain stoppers work?

When you want to take a bath, you need to fill up the tub with water. The first thing you need to do is to close the drain so that water will not come out. There are different ways to close the drain, but the most common one is to use a brass bathtub drain stopper.

The way a brass bathtub drain stopper works is very simple. There is a hole in the center of the stopper. When you place the stopper in the drain, the hole is aligned with the drain. This allows water to flow into the tub, but not out.

There is a small knob on the top of the stopper. This is used to open and close the drain. To close the drain, simply turn the knob so that the hole is covered. To open the drain, turn the knob the other way so that the hole is uncovered.

Brass bathtub drain stoppers are very easy to use and are very effective at keeping water in the tub.

What are the benefits of using brass bathtub drain stoppers?

1. Brass is a durable material that will last for many years.

2. Brass is a materials that is resistant to corrosion.

3. Brass is a material that is easy to clean.

4. Brass is a material that is non-toxic.

5. Brass is a material that is Hypoallergenic.

How to choose the right brass bathtub drain stopper?

When shopping for a brass bathtub drain stopper, it is important to consider the size and shape of your drain. You will also need to decide if you want a push-button, lift-and-turn, or toe-touch stopper. Once you have determined the type of stopper you need, you can narrow down your choices by finish and price.

How to install a brass bathtub drain stopper?

1. Unscrew the old stopper from the drain.

2. Clean off the threads on the drain with a cloth.

3. Apply a thin layer of plumbers’ putty around the perimeter of the drain hole.

4. Screw the new stopper into the drain.

5. Tighten the stopper until it is snug. Do not overtighten.

6. Wait 24 hours for the plumbers’ putty to set before using the tub.

How to remove a brass bathtub drain stopper?

Unscrew the cap at the top of the stopper. Unscrew the knob at the top of the vertical rod. This will expose the horizontal rod. Unscrew the horizontal rod from the flange. The stopper should now be free.

How to clean a brass bathtub drain stopper?

Cleaning a brass bathtub drain stopper is easy. All you need is a mild soap and water. Just make sure to rinse the stopper well so that no soap residue is left behind. You can also use a soft cloth to buff the stopper to a shine.

Troubleshooting tips for brass bathtub drain stoppers

If your brass bathtub drain stopper is not working properly, there are a few troubleshooting tips you can try. First, make sure that the drain stopper is properly installed and that there is no debris blocking the drain. If the drain is clear, try operating the stopper to see if it is stuck. If the stopper is stuck, you may need to use a plunger to dislodge it. If the stopper is still not working properly, you may need to replace it.

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