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Top 15 Best High Temperature Tape under $20 In 2022

High Temperature Tape is a type of tape that is designed to withstand high temperatures. It is typically made from a heat-resistant material, such as silicone, and can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. High Temperature Tape is used in a variety of applications, including protecting electrical wiring and components from heat damage, sealing ductwork and pipes, and creating temporary repairs. It is also used in many industries, such as automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing. High Temperature Tape is available in a variety of widths and lengths, and can be purchased from many online and retail stores. With so many products on the market, we’ve picked the top one’s for you.

Best High Temperature Tape under $20

TME Open Reel Adhesive Sensing Foil Real Aluminum for 1/4" Audio Tape 26 Ft Roll with Backing Paper on 3" ID Core ACFOIL-26
  • Real Aluminum, not inferior *metalized plastic*
  • 26 Foot Roll on Metal Hub Support
  • Self adhesive with backing paper for easy use in splicing block
  • Will add sensing to one end of over 300 tapes (with 1" foil cut one end)
  • Made in Europe
High Temp Tape, FORTSPANG PTFE Coated Fiberglass Teflon Tape, High Temperature Adhesive Tape, Drying Conveyor Belt; Welding Sealing Tape Heat Resistant Up to 300℃ (50mmx10m)
  • 【Material】Teflon tape / PTFE roll with self-adhesive back. Width: 50 mm; optional length: 10 m.
  • 【High quality】Our Teflon tape is pressure-resistant, corrosion-resistant, abrasion-resistant, high-temperature resistant, smooth surface, low-friction. High temperature resistance from -196 ° C to 300° C.
  • 【Widely used】Ideal for a variety of home and commercial projects such as high speed sealing machine, food packaging, hot melt machine, 3D printing, high temperature powder coating, etching etc.
  • 【Easy to use】Simply pull the tape off the roll and place it in the right place. Self-adhesive Teflon tape is easy to apply and remove without leaving any residue.
  • 【Make sure the equipment runs smoothly】Pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive tapes offer excellent drainage properties and non-stick coated surfaces, replace deteriorated or burned-out Teflon tape / PTFE tape so that machines and equipment can run smoothly and efficiently.
A-Team Performance - Heat Shield Tape - with PSA Ultra-Lightweight Self-Adhesive Heat Resistant Heat Reflective Thermal Tape 1.5" x 15' - Roll Adhesive Backed Heat Barrier
  • Lightweight Insulating Tape — Uses woven glass fiber heat resistant matting and one mil aluminized materials making it an ultra-weightless cool tape
  • Reflective Solution — A thermal insulating roll tape convenient for application on cables, hoses, wires, fuel lines, and other surfaces. It can also be used to wrap wirings, seal air boxes, cover seams, and secure panels.
  • Withstand Radiant Heat — It can sustain and screen off direct heat of 400 degrees Fahrenheit and radiant heat of up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Efficient Application — The strong adhesive back composite makes application quick and easy with a guaranteed long-lasting seal
  • Package Inclusion — 1 x A-Team Performance Lightweight Aluminized Heat Shield Barrier Reflective Cool Insulating Tape Strong Self-Adhesive Seal 1.5" x 15' Roll
3M 3361 Silver High-Temperature Stainless Steel Tape - 1 in. x 9 ft. Non-Magnetic Acrylic Adhesive Foil Tape. Safety Tapes
  • Permanent Bonding Tape: crafted with precision, this stainless steel tape with non-magnetic properties is ideal for marine, food processing, and nuclear applications
  • Heavy-Duty Tape: due to its aggressive acrylic adhesive system, this safety tape creates a permanent bond on metals and other high surface energy materials. Acrylic adhesive tape performs well over a wide temperature range
  • Foil Tape: resistant to corrosion, this foil tape can be used for sealing and protecting stainless steel surfaces. With its ability to resist chemicals, this acrylic tape can also be used in electroplating or to increase the thickness of surfaces
  • Usability: this silver tape adheres well with reinforced fiberglass and mineral-wood thermal insulation. Suitable for low temperatures and high humidity, it is ideal for sealing hot and cold air ducts
  • Specifications: the tape roll measures 1 in. in width, 9 ft. in length, and is 0.038 in. thick
CGS, Blue Polyester Hi-Temp Masking Tape, PET Tape with Silicone Adhesive, Ideal for Painting, Powder Coating, Anodizing, Splicing (2" x 72Yds)
  • 【Flexible Backing】- 1 Mil polyester backing, conforms to many surfaces.
  • 【HIGH ADHESION】- Extra silicone adhesive provides 20% more adhesion. Great for splicing and masking.
  • 【HIGH TEMPERATURE】- Our high temperature tape can withstand up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit (for twenty minutes) and good viscosity, excellent electrical properties.
  • 【NO SHRINKING, CURLING, OR LIFTED EDGES】- Our tape resists curling, shrinking, and lifted edges for a sharp paint line every time.
  • 【 MULTI-PURPOSE APPLICATIONS】-Used for spraying, gold plating, electroplating, aluminum anodizing, circuit boards, etc.
Gasoila Green PTFE High Density Thread Tape for Oxygen, -450 to 550 Degree F Performance Temp, 3.7 mil Thick, 260" Length, 1/2" Width, 3-Pack (GT90-3)
  • Meets MIL Spec MIL - AA-58092. 3-Pack Set of Thread Tape.
  • Thickness is 3. 7 milli-inches
  • Density is 1. 25 - 1. 55 gram per cubic centimeter
  • Use on all types of pipe
  • Tensile minimum PSI - 1600
MWRF Source Green High Temp Powder Coating Tape (1, 2" x 72 Yards)
  • Heat resistant tape, made from PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) film with high temperature resistant silicone adhesive.
  • The highest temperature up to 500 ℉(260℃), Long-term temperature: 428 ℉(220℃)& Short-term temperature: 500 ℉(260℃)
  • Excellent heat & solvent resistance, minimal shrinkage after baking, and clean removal.
  • Excellent for masking parts during powder coating, painting, anodizing, plating ect.
  • MWRF Source High Temperature Powder Coating Masking PET Tape
Bertech - KPT2-1/4 Kapton Tape, 2 Mil Thick, 1/4 Inches Wide x 36 Yards Long, Kapton Film with Silicone Adhesive, 3 Inch Core, RoHS and REACH Compliant Amber
  • HIGH TEMPERATURE ENDURANCE: Reliable with a unique combination of electrical, thermal, chemical, and mechanical properties that withstand extreme temperatures of -269°C (-452°F) to 260°C (500°F)
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: RoHS- and REACH-compliant tape is made using a soft coating of polyimide film with a silicone adhesive that leaves no residue
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Used in 3D printing, aerospace assembly, automotive facilities, electronic assembly, fiber optics manufacturing, and solar panels
  • DIMENSIONS: 0.25-inch-wide and 36-yard-long tape has a 2-mil-thick film and 1.5-mil-thick adhesive
  • SAFETY COMES FIRST: Bertech is a leading source of Electrostatic Discharge Products (ESD), Kapton Tapes, and Finger Cots; we also produce customized kits to meet our customers' specific requirements
6 Pieces 108 ft Heat Tape for Sublimation Heat Press Transfer Tape Heat Resistant Temperature Tape for Sublimation on T-Shirt Fabrics DIY Crafts (20 mm)
  • Leaves no residues: the heat resistant tape for heat press has nice resistance, with no residue after peeling off; Even uneven surfaces can be easily wrapped with heat resistant craft tape
  • Package include: you will receive 6 pieces clear heat tape, which is made of polyester film tape, with a high temperature resistant adhesive, ample quantity will satisfy your different needs
  • Features: each heat tape measures approx. 20 mm/ 0.79 inch in width, 33 m/108 ft in length, and the thickness is about 0.06 mm, suitable size for you to use
  • High temperature resistant: the heat resistance of heat transfer tape is up to 230°C, which can work well in protecting electronic products, electric motor, solder, as well as painting, packing fixing, printing board
  • Wide use: the heat tape for heat press is not only suitable for sublimation on coffee cups, but also suitable for heat transfer vinyl on T-shirts, pillows, clothing, fabrics, and also can be applied for most kinds of DIY projects
ProTapes Pro 950 Polyimide Film Tape, 7500V Dielectric Strength, 36 yds Length x 1" Width (Pack of 1)
  • Good tensile strength
  • Low temperature application
  • Short term and high temperature resistance
  • Good chemical and solvent resistance
  • Good abrasion and moisture resistance
3M 3380 1" x 60yd Silver Aluminum Foil Tape, -30 to 260 Degrees F, 0.0033" Thickness, 60 yd Length, 1" Width
  • Used for general purpose foil tape applications
  • Low flammability, UL 723 approved
  • Reflects light
  • Conducts heat
  • Low water vapor transmission
MYJOR Brand High Temperature Tissue Paper Tape, Used to Protect CPU and 3D Printer Work Surface, PCB Circuit Board Professionals (2" x 108ft x 2)
  • MYJOR heat transfer tape is made from polyimide film, High tensile strength
  • High temp tape that is fit for SMT high temperature protection, good stability
  • Heat tape for heat press tape work well in protecting electronic products, for 3D Printing, Soldering, Masking, etc
  • Temperature range of heat resistant tape from Long-term temperature 500 ℉(260℃) to Short-term temperature 536 ℉(280℃)
  • Capton tape size 2 in x 108 ft 2 roll. Any issues please find your order and click 'Contact Seller' send us Email.
TapeCase - 1-5-403-5BNC 403-5BNC UHMW Tape 1" x 5yds (1 Roll)
  • Low friction surface
  • Non-stick
  • Non-conductive
  • Abrasion resistant
PTFE Coated Fabric Tape Teflon Adhesive Tape High Temperature Vacuum, Hand and Impulse Sealers Machine Sealing Tape 0.18mm Thick (50mm-10M)
  • Tape Specification: thickness 0.18mm, width 50mm (2 in), length 10 meters (32.8 ft).
  • Tape Material: teflon (PTFE) resin and silicone adhesive.
  • Temperature: Can be used to -130°C to 300°C.
  • Features: smooth surface, anti-stick surface, bright, low friction, Excellent electrical insulation, resistance to various chemical corrosion, non-toxic, anti-static, uniform lines.
  • Widely Application: vacuum sealers, wire insulation, as well as most models of hand / impulse heat sealers. blister formation and form-fill-seal equipment as well as lining of guide rails, chutes and slides.
Ideal Tape Ideal Seal 2000 Aluminum Foil Tape UL 181A-P/B-FX Certified 2.5 in x 60 yds
  • Aluminum foil HVAC tape
  • Made in the USA
  • 181A-P for use with rigid fiberglass ductboard
  • 181B-FX for use with flexible duct systems and connections
  • Service temperature range -20 F to 350 F

Best High Temperature Tape under $20 Buying Guides


High temperature tape is a type of tape that can withstand high temperatures. It is often used in applications where high temperatures are a factor, such as in automotive and aerospace applications. High temperature tape is typically made from materials such as silicone, acrylic, or PTFE.

What is high temperature tape?

High temperature tape is a type of tape that can withstand high temperatures. It is typically made of a heat-resistant material, such as silicone, and can be used to seal or repair items that are exposed to high temperatures. High temperature tape is often used in industrial or commercial settings, as it can resist temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

How does high temperature tape work?

High temperature tape is a type of tape that is designed to withstand high temperatures. It is typically made from a heat-resistant material, such as fiberglass or ceramic, and is used to seal or repair items that are exposed to high temperatures. High temperature tape can be used in a variety of applications, such as sealing furnaces, ovens, and boilers, or repairing electrical wiring.

What are the benefits of high temperature tape?

Some benefits of high temperature tape are that it can resist high temperatures, it can adhere to surfaces well, and it can be used in a variety of applications. High temperature tape can be used in applications such as heat sealing, electrical insulation, and thermal insulation.

How to choose the right high temperature tape?

When it comes to choosing the right high temperature tape, there are a few things you need to take into account. The first is the temperature range that you need the tape to withstand. The second is the adhesive strength, or how well the tape will stick to surfaces. The third is the thickness of the tape, which will determine how much insulation it can provide.

To narrow down your options, start by considering what temperature range you need the tape to withstand. If you need it to withstand high temperatures, then you’ll want to look for tapes that are rated for at least 200 degrees Fahrenheit. If you need it to withstand extremely high temperatures, then you’ll want to look for tapes that are rated for at least 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Next, consider the adhesive strength. If you need the tape to stick to surfaces well, then you’ll want to look for tapes that have a high adhesive strength. If you need the tape to stick to surfaces very well, then you’ll want to look for tapes that have an extremely high adhesive strength.

Finally, consider the thickness of the tape. If you need the tape to provide a lot of insulation, then you’ll want to look for tapes that are at least 10 millimeters thick. If you need the tape to provide a lot of protection from heat, then you’ll want to look for tapes that are at least 20 millimeters thick.

Once you’ve considered all of these factors, you should have a good idea of what type of high temperature tape you need. From there, you can start looking at specific tapes and comparing their prices.

Top 8 high temperature tapes under $20

The top 8 high temperature tapes under $20 are:

1. 3M High Temperature Flue Tape

2. Nashua Tape 1-89

3. IPG tape

4. 3M High Temperature Aluminum Foil Tape

5. Tapesmiths High Temperature Tape

6. Pro Tapes & Specialties High Temperature Tape

7. Shurtape High Temperature Tape

8. Intertape Polymer Group High Temperature Tape


The high temperature tape under $20 is a great investment for your car. It will keep your car’s engine cool and protect your investment.


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