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Top 15 Best Light Weight Utility Carts In 2022

A Light Weight Utility Cart is a type of cart that is designed to be lightweight and easy to maneuver. These carts are often used in healthcare settings, as they can be easily pushed and pulled by staff members. They are also commonly used in office settings, as they can be used to transport documents and other materials around the workplace. With so many products on the market, we’ve picked the top one’s for you.

Best Light Weight Utility Carts

Original Tubstr – Flat Top Utility Cart/Service Cart – Compact, 24 x 18 Inches – Heavy Duty, Supports up to 300 lbs - Lipped Shelf Cart – Great for Warehouse, Garage, Cleaning and More
  • FLAT SHELVES WITH LIPPED EDGE: The Stand Steady Utility cart is made of HDPE (high-density polyethylene) shelves and PVC legs. It features 2 flat top shelves with .25 inch lipped edges to keep your items safe from falling.
  • EASY MANEUVER with LOCKING BRAKES: With 4” full swivel casters and an ergonomic handle – your new cart can move wherever you move! Use the locking wheels to ensure your tool cart stays safe and secure without moving.
  • COMPACT SIZE: Your new Stand Steady storage cart has a slimmer, more compact size. This makes it perfect to navigate through narrow areas and aisles to make your job easier!
  • HIGH QUALITY: Our Tubstr utility carts are highly acclaimed and made to last!
Goplus Shopping Carts for Groceries, Heavy Duty Folding Shopping Cart with Wheels, Portable Collapsible Grocery Cart, Light Weight Foldable Utility Cart for Laundry
  • Upgraded Steel Frame & Larger Capacity — Made of heave-duty steel material, this folding shopping cart is carefully crafted to ensure rust resistance and long-term use. Thanks to sturdy structure, it has a strong load-bearing capacity of 100 lbs.
  • Large Storage Space — This grocery cart is designed with a large basket of 15.5''(L) x 16.5''(W) x 20.5''(H), which provides sufficient space to stuff almost anything you want. The dimensions are 22.5"x23"x36"(LxWxH) when it fully extended. You can use the utility cart to transport snacks, office files, bottled water and kitchen supplies.
  • Easy-to-Install Wheels & Comfortable Handle — With 4 large wheels, this portable shopping cart is easy to maneuver on bumpy sidewalks and streets. Each wheel is easy to assemble, just press the button and push up to make sure it snaps on. Besides, the humanized handle is covered with soft foam for comfortable grip.
  • Convenient Foldable Design — The lightweight yet sturdy utility cart can be easily folded flat, which is very convenient for you to store and carry anywhere. You can store the collapsible grocery cart in the trunk of your car, under the bed or in the garage without taking up too much space.
  • Multifunctional Use — Perfectly sized utility cart is widely used as a shopping cart, camping gear or gardening tool. It is a good helper for day to day grocery runs, laundry pickup and everyday hauling. It can save much time and energy to facilitate your daily life.
Pipishell Shopping Cart with Dual Swivel Wheels for Groceries - Compact Folding Portable Cart Saves Space - with Adjustable Handle Height - Lightweight Easy to Move Holds up to 70L/Max 66Ibs -PITUC1
  • Specific Dimensions & Capacity: This utility shopping cart’s open dimensions are 20in(L) x 19in(W) x 38.5~41.5in(H), the basket dimensions are up to 15in(L) x13in(W)x20in(H). The folded size is 37in(L) x 18in(W) x 3.5in(H). The strong and durable iron tube material securely holding up to 66 Ibs/70L.
  • Three-Height Adjustable Handle: According to the height of the human body, we designed a three-height adjustable handle from 38.5in to 41.5in, covered with a thicker sponge handle for more comfortable grip.
  • Optimal Maneuverability Smooth Wheels: Thanks to the two front 360-degree swivel wheels and the two 7in diameter back wheels, you can change directions smoothly for quick & easy use. Simply snap the back wheels on or off to effortlessly move in all directions.
  • Room Saving Grocery Cart: Our engineers designed this foldable shopping cart especially for the elderly, people whom have back troubles, women that are pregnant and so on. This cart can fold up to be compact, perfect for storing in your trunk, pantry or garage.
  • Make Your Shopping Trip Easier: Have you ever struggled with heavy goods? Our lightweight but super study shopping cart will bring a convenient shopping trip for you. Notice: Disclaimer for elderly assembly - Some small parts may be hard to assemble.
Folding Shopping Cart,Grocery Utility Shopping Cart with Swivel Wheels,Compact Folding Portable Cart Saves Space for Convenient Storage,Lightweight Easy to Move Holds up to Max 90Ibs,Black
  • COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT , this foldable shopping cart is the perfect size for any household. Lightweight yet sturdy, the shopping cart can fit oodles of items, up to 90 lbs. Better yet, this cart is engineered to fold flat so it won’t take up valuable room your house or apartment. Functional and efficient design are two of our main priorities !
  • DURABLY BUILT - We are committed to engineering a cart that can sustain long-term, frequent use. Climbing the stairs? No problem. Trekking over a bumpy sidewalk? Have no fear. Using premium metal materials, this cart has been carefully crafted to withstand even the toughest wear and tear. This is your go-to shopping cart, wherever your destination may be.
  • OPTIMAL MANEUVERABILITY - Our newest model yet, this shopping cart can truly go wherever you go. Uniquely designed for easy maneuverability,3” swivel wheels in the front and 7” snap on wheels in the back. Simply snap the back wheels on or off for quick use and storage, and voila! Say goodbye to your cumbersome, clunky shopping carts.
  • VERSATILE USES - The shopping cart can carry just about anything. Our customers love using it to transport anything from laundry and groceries, to camping gear and gardening tools! The possibilities are endless. With a large basket volume, this cart can accommodate an assortment of objects in varying shapes and sizes. Other notable uses include storage for sports equipment, beach gear and kitchen supplies.
  • FOR ALL YOU NEEDS: This lightweight and sturdy folding utility cart isn’t just for shopping in groceries stores. Our heavy duty shopping cart makes for a more practical and efficient alternative to laundry baskets, grocery carts, tool storage and so much more to save you time, effect and energy for a more convenient life.
Whitmor Deluxe Utility Cart, Extra Large, Black
  • It's never been easier to transport jumbo loads and heavy items like laundry, groceries, and sports supplies with this extra large, deluxe utility cart
  • With heavy-duty easy glide wheels, this cart is great for city dwellers, students, and elderly
  • Collapsible design for easy storage; ideal for small spaces
  • Assembled Dimensions: 21 x 24.5 x 40.12 inches
  • Easy assembly; only pliers are needed to assemble this deluxe rolling utility shopping cart
Folding Shopping Cart, Lightweight Stair Climbing Cart 150lbs Capacity Portable Grocery Utility Cart with Flexible Rolling Wheels & Removable Waterproof Canvas Bag
  • HEAVY DUTY SHOPPING CART - Strong rust-resistant aluminum frame construction for strength and durability. It can be used for years without bending or bowing. Come with detachable waterproof oxford cloth bag for use in rainy day.
  • EASY STAIR CLIMBING DESIGN - Three Swivel wheel designed specifically for stair climbing ability. Cart glides up and down steps easily. Wheels are good on terrains such as mud, grass, stairs, cobblestones, concrete, and gravel.
  • UPGRADED HANDLE - This cart’s handle is reinforced and lengthening. When a tall person uses it, he doesn't have to bend to pull the cart, and a slightly shorter person can choose to pull the attached handle or pull the original handle directly. It will be a very pleasant gift for the elderly, people with back problems and pregnant women with their weekly shopping.
  • COLLAPSIBLE & PORTABLE- It is simple to put away & simple to assemble. You can install it in minutes without any tools. It can be easily folded down for compact storage when not in use and you can store it in your trunk, under the bed, in the pantry, or garage.
  • MULTI FUNCTION - Not just for transport laundry, groceries, camping gear or gardening tools. It is variously used for office files, suitcases, bottles of water, sports equipment, beach gear and kitchen supplies with its premium tri-wheel design and spacious space.
DMI Utility Cart with Wheels to be used as a Shopping Cart, Grocery Cart, Laundry Cart and Stair Climber Cart, Weighs 7.5 Pounds but holds up to 90 Pounds, Compact and Foldable, Black
  • FOLDING SHOPPING CART is compact enough to easily fit into the back of a car, or on public transportation. It hooks on to most retail shopping carts and easily rolls across most surfaces with a extra tight grip handle that will allow it to be effortlessly carried up steps
  • SHOPPING TROLLEY CART WITH WHEELS is durable and lightweight weighing only 7.5 pounds but able to hold up to 90 pounds. Perfect to use as a grocery cart, laundry cart, art supply organizer or cleaning supplies organizer making it functional and efficient
  • CART WITH WHEELS is easy to assemble. It's compact and folds flat for easy storage and includes a convenient carrying case
  • UTILITY CART IS durable and maneuvers easily with 6 inch wheels in rear and 3 inch wheels in front. The textured hand grip allows for a no slip surface making it both ergonomic and easy to carry while climbing stairs or going over curbs
  • ROLLING UTILITY CART PRODUCT SPECS: Overall rolling cart size is 15 x 17 X 36 inches. Actual storage basket area is 12 x 10 x 20 inches

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Lightweight utility carts are designed to make transporting materials and supplies easier and more efficient. These carts are typically made from lightweight materials such as aluminum or plastic, and feature a variety of shelves, drawers, and compartments to accommodate different items. Many lightweight utility carts also come equipped with wheels, making them easy to move around.

Types of Light Weight Utility Carts

There are many types of lightweight utility carts available on the market. Some common types include:

1. Folding carts: These carts are designed to be easily collapsible for easy storage. They are often made from lightweight materials such as aluminum or plastic, and have wheels for easy transport.

2. Platform carts: These carts have a flat surface with sides, and are used to transport larger items or multiple items at once. They are often made from sturdy materials such as wood or metal, and have wheels for easy transport.

3. Hand trucks: These carts are designed to be pushed or pulled by hand, and are often used to transport heavy items such as appliances or furniture. They are usually made from metal, and have either two or four wheels.

4. Garden carts: These carts are designed to transport gardening supplies, tools, or plants. They are often made from durable materials such as metal or plastic, and have either two or four wheels.

Benefits of Light Weight Utility Carts

Some benefits of lightweight utility carts are that they are easy to maneuver and transport, and they can be used in a variety of settings. They are also often less expensive than heavier duty carts.

How to Select the Right Light Weight Utility Cart

As the right choice of utility cart will depend on a variety of factors, including the specific needs of the user, the weight and size of the load, the terrain, and the available space. Some tips on how to select the right utility cart for your needs include:

– Firstly, consider what you will be using the cart for and what type of load you will be carrying. This will help you to narrow down the range of options and choose a cart that is suited to your specific needs.

– Secondly, take into account the weight and size of the load you will be carrying. This will determine the size and weight capacity of the cart you need.

– Thirdly, consider the terrain you will be using the cart on. If you will be using it on rough or uneven ground, you will need a cart with larger wheels and a higher weight capacity.

– Finally, consider the available space. If you have limited space, you may need to choose a compact or folding utility cart.

Features of Light Weight Utility Carts

Some features of light weight utility carts include:

-They are easy to maneuver and transport

-They have a small footprint and are easy to store

-They are typically made from lightweight materials such as plastic or aluminum

-They often have wheels for easy transportation

-They may have multiple shelves or compartments for storing various items

-Some models may fold up for even easier storage

Light Weight Utility Cart Accessories

Some popular light cart accessories include:

-Baskets or bins for extra storage

-Hooks or hangers for hanging items

-A cover or tarp for protecting items from the elements

-Wheels or casters for easier transport

Care and Maintenance of Light Weight Utility Carts

To ensure your light weight utility cart remains in good condition, follow these simple care and maintenance tips:

-Wipe down the cart with a damp cloth and mild soap on a regular basis, paying special attention to the wheels and handles.

-If the cart becomes excessively dirty, you can wash it with a mild detergent and water.

-Be sure to dry the cart completely after washing it.

-To protect the cart from rust and corrosion, apply a light coat of oil or WD-40 to the metal parts.

-If any parts of the cart become damaged, be sure to repair or replace them as soon as possible.

-Store the cart in a dry, sheltered area when not in use.


A light weight utility cart is a great way to transport items around your home or office. They are typically made of plastic or metal and have four wheels for easy maneuverability. Most light weight utility carts have a handle for pushing or pulling, and many also have a shelf or basket for carrying items. These carts are perfect for carrying laundry, groceries, or even cleaning supplies.

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