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Top 15 Best Screw Industrial Basic Switches In 2022

Screw Industrial Basic Switches are designed to offer a variety of easy-to-use, cost-effective solutions for switching applications in industrial environments. These switches feature a rugged design that can withstand the rigors of industrial use, and they are available in a variety of configurations to suit the specific needs of your application. With so many products on the market, we’ve picked the top one’s for you.

Best Screw Industrial Basic Switches

Calterm 41790 Switch, Push-Pull, Off-On
  • 75 amp at 6 to 28-volts dc
  • Thread and fits all standard toggle switches
  • Die-Cast construction with copper set screw terminals for industrial, farm and motorsport vehicles
  • Carded
Gardner Bender GSW-20 Electrical Toggle Switch Covers, EDPM Rubber Cover, Moisture, Dust and Dirt Resistant, Pack of 2, Black
  • Tough EDPM rubber covers to protect switches from moisture, dust and dirt
  • Built-in hex nut base screws onto all GB toggle switches
  • Fits most toggle switches
Uxcell a13082200ux0379 10A Ith 600V Ui Lug Control 4 Terminal 3 Position DPST 2NO Rotary Switch (Pack of 5)
  • Product Name : Rotary Switch; Contact Type : 3 Position DPST 2NO;Ith : 10A
  • Ui : AC 600V;Uimp : 6KW;AC15 : 240V 3A
  • Mount Hole Diameter : 22mm / 0.87";Fit Panel Thickness(Adjustable) : 8mm / 0.315";Overall Size : 6.9 x 4 x 3cm/2.7" x 1.6" x 1.2"(L*W*T)
  • Main Material : Plastic, Metal; Main Color : Black, Silver Tone
  • Net Weight : 375g;Package Content : 5 Pcs x Rotary Switch
Enclosure, Nema Type 12
  • TeSys enclosed starters, empty enclosure, for thermal magnetic circuit breakers
  • Surface mounting enclosure with screw fixing, 2 knock-outs for cable glands on top and bottom, sealable cover
  • Polycarbonate enclosure, double insulated with protective conductor, IP55 protection
  • To be equipped with a motor circuit breaker
Square D by Schneider Electric 9013FHG32J52M1X Air-Compressor Pressure Switch, 125 Psi Set Off, 30 Psi Fixed Differential, 1/4" Npsf Internal, 2-Way Release Valve, Auto/Off Cut-Out Lever
  • Pressure Switch - Water or Air
  • Pressure Switch used to control electrically driven motors
  • Diaphragm Actuated
  • Includes a 2-way pressure release valve
Enbrighten Zigbee Smart Light Switch with QuickFit and SimpleWire, Pairs Directly with Echo 4th Gen/Echo Show 10 (All)/Echo Studio/Echo Plus (All)/Eero Pro 6, White & Light Almond, 43078
  • Revolutionary, patent-pending design – QuickFit and SimpleWire technologies offer groundbreaking home automation features. Unique advancements make the smart controls easier to install and more reliable than ever.
  • QuickFit – Improved components reduced the housing depth by up to 20% compared to previous Zigbee models and eliminated the need for break-off tabs. QuickFit enhancements are the ideal smart solution for older-style switch boxes, multi-gang configurations or any other application with limited space.
  • SimpleWire – Auto-detecting line/load terminals support fast installation by identifying line and load wires and configuring the switch accordingly. Dual ground ports, which are offset to avoid switch box mounting screws, support daisy-chaining in multi-switch setups.
  • Voice control – Pair directly with 1st and 2nd generation Echo Plus, Echo Show 10, or Echo Studio immediately out of the package for easy voice command of connected devices. No additional equipment is required for use with these Echo models. Other Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant products can also be used for voice control when connected through a compatible Zigbee hub.
  • Energy monitoring – Stay informed of energy use when paired with a compatible hub. Energy-monitoring readings and functions vary based on hub capabilities.
Baomain 2PCS Z-15GS-B3 General Purpose Basic Switch, Slim Spring Plunger, Screw Terminal, 0.5mm Contact Gap, 15A Rated Current
  • Product Name : Micro Switch;Actuator Type : Plug Column Button Type;Actuator Action : Momentary
  • Contact Type : SPDT 1NO 1NC 1 Com;Terminal Type : 3 Screw Terminals;Ui / Ith : AC 250V 15A;Rated : 15A 125/250/480VAC,1/4HP 250VAC / 1/4A 250VDC
  • AC-15 : 2A/15A 250V;DC-13 : 0.25A 250V;Button Diameter : 4mm / 0.16";Hole Dia : 4.5mm / 0.2"
  • Hole Center Distance : 25mm/1";Body Size : 49 x 18 x 24cm / 1.9" x 0.7" x 0.9"(L*W*H)
  • UL & CUL CE listed;Net Weight : 32g*2
Switch Reed (N.O.-N.C.) 0.0375 Amp 120 Volt AC 80 Volt
  • Switch Configuration : N.O./N.C.
  • Maximum Current Rating : 0.0375A@80VDC
  • Terminal Type : Screw
  • Mounting : Flange Mount
  • Packaging : Bulk
  • EAO 704.910.4 E-Stop Emergency Stop Switch Twist Maintained 2 Contacts NC
ASI GAX62 Red Yellow Handle for Disconnect Switch, Door Mount, Selector, Screw Fixing
  • Red Yellow Handle, Selector, Screw Fixing, (Pack of 1)
  • When used to convert the DIN rail mount disconnect switch, pair this handle with one of these Shaft Extensions - GAX7055, GAX7070, GAX7090, GAX7150, GAX7200, GAX7300 (sold separately)
  • Fits GA Series Disconnect Switches - door mount and DIN rail mount (sold separately)
  • IP65 and UL Type 4x
Baomain Z-15GQ-B General Purpose Basic Switch, Panel Mount Plunger, Medium OP, Screw Terminal, 0.5mm Contact Gap, 15A Rated Current Pack of 2
  • Product Name : Micro Switch;Actuator Type : Panel Mount Plunger;Action Type : Momentary
  • Contact Type : SPDT 1NO 1NC 1 Com;Terminal Type : 3 Screw Terminals;Ui / Ith : AC 250V 15A;Rated : 15A 125/250/480VAC,1/4HP 250VAC / 1/4A 250VDC
  • AC-15 : 2A/15A 250V;DC-13 : 0.25A 250V;ActuatorDiameter : 8mm/ 0.31";Fix Hole Diameter : 0.4cm/ 0.15";Fix Hole Distance : 25mm/ 0.98"(Center to Center)
  • Mount Thread Diameter : 12mm/ 0.47";Suitable Board(Max) : 5mm/ 0.197"(Adjustable);Main Body Size : 5 x 1.8 x 2.4cm/ 2" x 0.7" x 0.9"(L*W*H);Overall Height : 5.1cm/ 2"
  • CE listed;Net Weight : 47g*2
POWERTEC 71007 110 V to 220V Paddle Switch for Power Tools fits Table Saw, Router Table, Drill Press, Bench Saw, Band Saw
  • INCLUDES: (1) Power Tool Paddle Switch (GANG BOX NOT INCLUDED)
  • FUNCTION: Performs as an emergency power off safety switch box designed to safeguard your metal and woodworking machines
  • FEATURES: Large color coded emergency STOP paddle for visibility, labeled and easy-to-install wiring, PLUS a convenient design that fits deep gang boxes or standard boxes with an extension ring (6-32 hardware not included)
  • VERSATILE: Works with a wide assortment of popular name brand table saws, router tables, bandsaws and other power tools
  • RATED: Single phase, Dual voltage 110/220 volt smart switch, 2 HP/35 amps at 120 volts; 3 HP/20 amps at 230 volts | Approved according to UL508 E195428 (Please Note: The switch is built with heavy duty electrical components and a force range of 40-60 Newtons or 9 to 13.5 pounds-force is required to activate)
Morris 70451 Cord Switch, White, 6A/125V, 3A/250VAC Rating, Screw Termination
  • 6 Amp 125 VAC, 3 Amp 250 VAC
  • Feed Through Cord Switch Features Miniature Single Pole
  • Captive Screw
  • UL Recognized/CSA Listed
  • (1 Piece)
Automatic Emergency Power Switch, AC 85-240V 110V 220V 230V 10A Automatic Switch Module Dual Power Supply Automatic Switching Controller Module AC Power Supply Switch
  • 【CHARGING MODULE】When the battery voltage reaches the set value, the module will automatically disconnect the load to prevent battery over-discharge and extend battery life. Lithium battery charging board with overcharge, overdischarge and overcurrent protection
  • 【CIRCUIT PRINCIPLE】The controller is used for emergency battery switching; when the power adapter is powered on, connect the adapter as a power source (green light is on); otherwise, it will automatically switch to battery power (red light is on)
  • 【EMERGENCY BATTERY SWITCHING】When there is power on main power source terminal, it will connect to main power as power supply; otherwise, it will automatically switch to backup power source. It can automatically switch back to main power source when the power is back
  • 【FEATURES OF POWER CONTROLLER】The power switch module has advanced manufacturing technology, high reliability and stable performance. screw terminals design is convenient for wiring and can be used for a long time
  • 【WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS】Output voltage is the same as input voltage normally, it continuously charges the battery when the mains power is supplied. It is widely used in incubation cabinets, computers, networks and other occasions
RUNJRX 36 Switches Acrylic Lube Station for Keyboard Switch,0.53oz/15g Lube Grease for Switches Lubing,Cherry Gateron Kailh Switch Opener
  • 【LUBE STATION】Transparent acrylic material custom-made, it is built from two pieces of acrylic with advertising nails, the front and back of the acrylic have a protective film, please tear off before use, while 36 switches can be lubricated.( The set does not include switches)
  • 【SWITCH GREASE】RUNJRX Grease is a synthetic grease that we have personally tested and researched for high temperature stability, good compatibility, Used for keyboard switches, keyboard stabilizers and precision instruments, Enough for 350 switches.
  • 【ALUMINUM SWITCH OPENER】This is a two-in-one switch opener, used for Cherry MX, Kailh, Gateron, TTC, Tealios, Zealios, Holy Pandas, not for Outemu.
  • 【ALUMINUM PRECISION PARTS GRIPPER】4-Claw grabber can hold the stem, keep your hands clean while lubing.
  • 【PACKAGE INCLUDES】Lube station x 1 , switch opener x 1 , lubricat brush x 2 , 4-Claw Grabber x 1 , RUNJRX Grease-15g/0.53oz x 1.

Best Screw Industrial Basic Switches Buying Guides


Screw industrial basic switches are used to provide a physical connection between two devices. These switches are usually located at the back of a device or on the side of a device. The screw industrial basic switch is turned on by turning the knob or screw to the right. The switch is turned off by turning the knob or screw to the left.

Types of Screw Industrial Basic Switches

The two main types of screw industrial basic switches are single pole and double pole. Single pole switches have one set of contacts that can be opened or closed, while double pole switches have two sets of contacts that can be opened or closed.

Features of Screw Industrial Basic Switches

Some industrial basic switches feature a screw terminal, which allows the switch to be connected to a device with a screw-type connection. Other features may include a dust cover, which helps to keep the switch clean and free of debris, and a seal that helps to prevent moisture and other contaminants from entering the switch.

Advantages of Screw Industrial Basic Switches

There are many advantages of using screw industrial basic switches, including:

1. They are very easy to install and require no special tools or equipment.

2. They provide a very secure connection and are not susceptible to vibration or shock.

3. They are very durable and have a long lifespan.

4. They are very easy to operate and can be used in a variety of applications.

5. They are very cost-effective and provide a great value for the money.

Disadvantages of Screw Industrial Basic Switches

There are several disadvantages of using screw industrial basic switches. One disadvantage is that they are not as precise as other types of switches. This can lead to errors in measurements or incorrect readings. Another disadvantage is that they are not as durable as other types of switches. This means they may need to be replaced more often, which can be costly.

Applications of Screw Industrial Basic Switches

Some common applications for screw-type industrial basic switches include controlling motors, pumps, and compressors; as well as in conveyor systems, cranes, and machine tools. In terms of specific industries, they are often used in automotive manufacturing, food and beverage processing, and in the textile and woodworking industries.

How to Select a Screw Industrial Basic Switch

Some tips on how to select a screw industrial basic switch for an application include considering the type of loads that will be switched, the environmental conditions the switch will be installed in, the required voltage and current ratings, and the size and shape of the switch.


The conclusion of screw industrial basic switches is that they are very versatile and can be used in a variety of applications. They are easy to install and can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications.