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Top 15 Best Surface Mount Pushbutton Switches In 2022

A surface mount pushbutton switch is a type of pushbutton switch that is mounted directly onto the surface of a circuit board. Surface mount pushbutton switches are typically smaller and thinner than through-hole pushbutton switches, and are therefore well-suited for use in compact electronic devices. With so many products on the market, we’ve picked the top one’s for you.

Best Surface Mount Pushbutton Switches

Cylewet 12Pcs 1A 250V AC 2 Pins SPST Momentary Mini Push Button Switch Normal Open (Pack of 12) CYT1078
  • Action Type: Momentary
  • Poles: SPST
  • Rating Voltage: AC 250V/ 1A
  • Terminals: 2 Pins
  • Diameter of Thread: 6.9mm/ 0.27in; Diameter of Cap: 6mm/ 0.24in; Pin Pitch: 3mm/ 0.11in
12v Push Button Switch 19mm led Latching pushbutton switches Waterproof with Power Symbol 1NO1NC 1PCS Pack with Harness (Green)
  • ✨push button starter switch: with 12V led illuminated power symbol, you can choose blue, green, red color.
  • ✨push button toggle switch: Black buttons Material Aluminium
  • ✨latching push button switch: Means you press, the button will stay up, When you press again, The push button will recover.
  • ✨mini push button switch: installation size is 19mm, with a 5 wire harness.
  • ✨waterproof on off switch:IP65/K10, You will get one piece 19mm push button switch and one harness.
Hilitchi 250-Pcs 6 x 6mm 12 x 12mm Tactile Push Button Switch Micro Momentary Tact Assortment Kit - 20 Value / 4 Pins
  • ☛ High Quality Momentary Contact Tact Switch Assortment Kit.
  • ☛ Contact Type: Momentary Contact; Current Rating: 50mA; Voltage Rating: DC 12V; Contact Resistance: 100M Ohm.
  • ☛ Switch Size: 6 x 6mm, 12 x 12mm; Button Size: 4.3mm / 5mm / 6mm / 7mm / 8mm / 9mm / 10mm / 11mm / 12mm / 13mm
  • ☛ Package Include: 250pcs, The Package Contains 20 Values, Packed in A Rugged Convenient Re-sealable Plastic Storage Case.
  • ☛ Feature momentary contact, 4 pins, round black push button, through hole mounting, Used in the fields of electronic products, household appliances and more.
ABS Weatherproof Push Button Switch Station Box One Button Control for Gate Opener
  • 【Momentary Switch】Suit automatic gate openers, exit buttons,etc.large outdoor push button
  • 【One Button】One push button to control, press one for button exterior opener
  • 【Waterproof】Protective level of the product is IP54, good for indoor and outdoor use.
  • 【High Quality】Weatherproof Push Button Switch is made of ABS material, exquisite appearance design, durable in use.
  • 【Widely Use】Weatherproof Push Button Switch can be used to control AC contactor, electromagnetic starter or relay at distance.
Starelo 5pcs 12mm Latching led Push Button Switch Black Shell with pre-Wiring, IP65 Waterproof Push Button Switch,1NO 1 Normally,Self-Locking with LED(Blue).
  • Specifications: 12mm with LED self-locking button switch (5PCS).
  • How to use: press to turn on; press again to turn off. Contact configuration: 1NO.
  • Mounting hole size: 0.5"/12mm, please check the size carefully before purchasing.
  • This switch can be used for: cars, ships, vehicles, automobiles, trucks, homes, coffee machines, industrial equipment, medical equipment.
  • Waterproof: As the product has IP65 Waterproof, it is very suitable for use in marine applications such as ships.
FARBIN Horn Push Button,Momentary Switch with 3 Meters Wire,Round Red Cap On Off Switch,SPST Tactile On Off, DIY Electronics Accessories (Flat Button)
  • Momentary Type: Push and Hold - ON, Release – OFF.
  • Used widely: For Horn Button Switch, PC Power Switch, Kill Switch or any circuit.
  • Easy to install: The button has compact shape, glue on the back, easy to install and fix.
  • Easy to connect:Equipped with 3 meters long wire, easy to connect the required equipment.
  • Customer first, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, until you are satisfied with the service!
mxuteuk 50pcs Black Latching Mini ON/Off Switch Self-Lock Micro Push Button Switch DC 30V 1A for Light Lamp Wall Outlet DIY SMD Flashlight Type BK-1208
  • Type: Latching Micro ON/OFF Switch,widely used in appliance, electric torch, flashlight, or electronic DIY projects;
  • Dimension: 12 x 8 x 8mm/0.47 x 0.31 x 0.31"(L*W*H)(pin not included);
  • Terminal: 2 Pins;Model: 1208, Rated Voltage: DC 30V, Rated Current: 1A, Contact Resistance: 200M ohm max, Insulation Resistance: 100M ohm min;
  • Usage: In the electric automatic control circuit, it is used to send the control signal manually to control contactor, relay, electromagnetic starter, etc.
  • Package Content : 50pcs x Mini Push Button Switch(Black)
weideer 5pcs 16mm Momentary Push Button Switch SPST AC250V/3A AC125V/6A ON Off 2 Pin Mini Self-Reset Round Plastic Switch(5 Colors) with Pre-soldered Wires R13-507-5-X
  • Rated voltage & current: AC250V/3A AC125V/6A.Model:R13-507,Colors:Red、Black、Blue、Green、Yellow.
  • Pin Quantity:2, Action:Momentary Lockless. Contact Type:SPST. Contact:1 NO(Normally Open).
  • Switch height:24mm/0.95″.Mounting Thread Diameter:15.5mm / 0.61".Pre-soldered Wires length:12cm/4.7"
  • Material:Plastic, Metal.The brass terminal has good conductivity and the plastic shell is environment-friendly and durable.
  • Package Content:1pcs Red +1pcs Black +1pcs Blue +1pcs Green +1pcs Yellow.If there is any problem with the switch you received, please contact me by email in time and I will reply you within 24 hours.
uxcell 6x6x3.1mm Panel Mini/Micro/Small PCB Surface Mounted Devices SMT Momentary Tactile Tact Push Button Switch 100PCS
  • Features momentary push button, Surface Mounted Devices mounting, membrane switches.
  • Used in the fields of electronic products, household or office appliances, sound equipments, digital products, and more.
  • Product Name: Push Button Switch
  • Pin Number: 4
  • Dimension: 6x6x3.1mm/0.24*0.24*0.12inch(L*W*H)
uxcell 30PCS 5x5x1.5mm Momentary PCB Surface Mounted Devices SMT Mount 4 Pins Push Button SPST Tactile Tact Switch
  • Country of Manufacture: CHINA; Material: Plastic,Metal
  • Net Weight: 4g; Package Content: 30pcs x Micro Tact Switches
  • Dimension: 5x5x1.5mm; Action Type: Momentary
  • Terminal Number: 4
  • Type: SPST
uxcell 6x6x5mm Momentary Panel PCB Surface Mounted Devices SMT Mount 4 Pins Push Button SPST Tactile Tact Switch 50PCS
  • Country of Manufacture: CHINA; Material: Plastic,Metal
  • Net Weight: 14g; Package Content: 50(+/-2%)pcs x Micro Tact Switches
  • Dimension: 6 x 6 x 5mm / 0.24" x 0.24" x 0.2" (L*W*H); Action Type: Momentary
  • Terminal Number: 4
  • Type: SPST
DAOKI 250PCS 10 Value Micro Momentary Tactile Push Button Switch SMD DIP Assortment Kit for PCB,Car Remote Control with Tweezer
  • 10 Values Switch:3x4x2.5(bind feet); 3x4x2.5; 3x6x4.3; 3x6x5; 3x4x2; 3x4x2; 4x4x1.5; 4x4x0.8; 3x6x2.5; 6x6x3.1 Each kind of Switch for 25PCS
  • High precision mechanism design offers perfect operation and long service life.
  • Great for electronics hobbies & fixing anything that requires a tactile switch
  • Widely use for car remote control, LCD panel key switch, Electronic toys, massage chair, running machine, camera, voice recorder, etc
  • Package Content:250 x Tactile Push Button Switch(Each Value for 25PCS), 1 x Tweezer
KIMISS 1pcs Push Button Switch, 12V Push Button On Off Switch with Red/Green LED Indicator Lights Momentary Water Drop Shape
  • 【Main function】The water drop switch is inserted into the relay harness wiring kit, which can turn on/off the fog light, daytime running lights, LED light strips, etc., in line with the needs of the masses.
  • 【With LED】Push Button Switch is equipped with a 12V push button switch with red/green LED indicator. The push button switch is also equipped with red/green LED indicators for closing and opening. It can be clearly seen when opening or closing, which is more convenient. concise.
  • 【With a 3-prong pigtail】The drop-shaped push button switch is equipped with a 2.5-pound 3-pronged pigtail for easy connection to your headlights without fear of length.
  • 【Excellent quality】12V Push Button On Off Switch made from high-quality ABS material, the Push Button Switch is rugged, durable, and quality-assured. Please refer to the description for detailed product parameters.
  • 【Compact and Exquisite】 Push Button Switch With LED Lights is compact and exquisite shape, comfortable touch feeling, meet or exceed original standard, paste on/off switch is perfect match to your original car.
120 Pcs QTEATAK 6 x 6mm x 5mm Momentary Tactile Tact Push Button Switch for PCB 4 Pin DIP Black
  • Product Name : Tact Switch Size:6×6×5 Type : Momentary Contact
  • Package included: 120pcs Tact Switch DIP-4
  • Range of application: Electronic toys, massage chair, running machine, camera, voice recorder, etc., monitor, intercom, MP3, MP4, DVD, audio, digital cameras, digital cameras, such as thermometer, blood pressure, hospital call system, vehicle, ava, family anti-theft door remote control, mobile, telephone, car phones, building equipment, PDA, TV, microwave oven, electric cooker, electric wind, fat electronic body scale, electronic scale, electronic kitchen scale, etc.
  • 1. Operating temperature range: -25~85℃ 2. Rated load: DC 12V 50mA 3. The contact resistance: 50 m Ω MAX 4. The insulation resistance: 100 m Ω MIN 5. Voltage resistance: AC 250V(50Hz) /min 6. Mechanical life: 100,000 times
12V 24V Momentary Switch [1-Pack], Momentary Push Button Switch 11.5’’ Pre-Wired Mini ON Off Switch, Surface Mount Button Switch DIY Installation
  • [Momentary Switch Type]: Push and Hold - ON, Release - OFF
  • [Operating Voltage]: 12V-24V DC
  • [What's Included]: 1*Momentary Switch, 1*3M Taple, 2*Quick Connectors
  • [Easy Installation]: Strong Double-Sided Tape for Surface Mount with Sticker.
  • [What You Get]: Momentary on off button switch comes with pre-wired 11.5 Inch wiring on one end and 3M sticker for DIY installation.

Best Surface Mount Pushbutton Switches Buying Guides


Surface mount pushbutton switches are used in a variety of applications, including computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices. These switches are typically small and flat, making them ideal for use in compact spaces. Surface mount pushbutton switches are available in a variety of designs, including those with momentary or latching action. Some models also include built-in LED lights that illuminate when the switch is activated.

Types of Surface Mount Pushbutton Switches

There are many types of surface mount pushbutton switches, including momentary, latching, and bi-stable switches. Momentary switches are used to provide a temporary input, such as a button press, while latching switches stay in the ON or OFF position until they are actuated again. Bi-stable switches have two stable states and can be used as a latching or momentary switch.

Advantages of Surface Mount Pushbutton Switches

Some advantages of surface mount pushbutton switches over traditional through-hole switches are that they are usually less expensive, take up less PCB real estate, and are easier to automate during the manufacturing process. Additionally, surface mount switches can often handle higher currents and voltages than through-hole switches.

Disadvantages of Surface Mount Pushbutton Switches

There are several disadvantages of surface mount pushbutton switches. One disadvantage is that they are not as durable as traditional switches. This is because the switch is not mounted to a solid surface, which can make it more susceptible to damage. Additionally, surface mount pushbutton switches are more difficult to install than traditional switches. This is because you must be very precise when mounting the switch to the surface, as even a small mistake can cause the switch to not work correctly. Finally, surface mount pushbutton switches are more expensive than traditional switches. This is because they are more difficult to manufacture, and they require special equipment to install them.

How to Select a Surface Mount Pushbutton Switch

There are a few factors to consider when choosing a switch for your project:

1. The switch must be able to handle the current and voltage of your circuit.

2. The switch must be able to physically fit in the space you have available.

3. The switch must be compatible with the PCB (printed circuit board) material you are using.

4. The switch must be rated for the environmental conditions it will be exposed to (temperature, humidity, etc.).

5. The switch must have the correct number of poles and throws for your application.

6. The switch must have the correct actuator type for your application.

7. The switch must have the correct terminal type for your application.

Surface Mount Pushbutton Switch Installation

Surface-mount pushbutton switches are most commonly installed by soldering the leads of the switch to pads on a circuit board. The switch can also be mounted to a panel using screws, standoffs, or other hardware, depending on the design of the switch.

Surface Mount Pushbutton Switch Maintenance

To maintain your surface mount pushbutton switch, you will need to regularly clean the switch and its surroundings. You can do this by wiping the switch with a damp cloth, and then drying it off. You should also check the switch for any signs of wear and tear, and if you see any, you should replace the switch.


Surface mount pushbutton switches are typically used in applications where space is limited, such as on cell phones or computers. These types of switches are also used in applications where reliability is critical, such as in medical devices. Surface mount pushbutton switches are typically more expensive than their through-hole counterparts, but they offer several advantages, such as a smaller footprint and improved reliability.

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