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Resto » Big Ed’s City Market Restaurant Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Big Ed’s City Market Restaurant Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Big Ed’s City Market Restaurant

Address: 220 Wolfe St, Raleigh, NC 27601, United States

Restaurant Type: Southern restaurant (US)

Phone: +1 919-836-9909

Price: $

Rating: 4.6


Big Ed’s City Market Restaurant Directions

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What Time Does Big Ed’s City Market Restaurant Open?

Tuesday,: 8a.m. to 2p.m.

Wednesday,: 8a.m. to 2p.m.

Thursday,: 8a.m. to 2p.m.

Friday,: 8a.m. to 2p.m.

Saturday,: 8a.m. to 2p.m.

Sunday,: 8a.m. to 2p.m.

Monday,: Closed

Big Ed’s City Market Restaurant Directions

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Big Ed’s City Market Restaurant Reviews

brenda wall

The staff was extremely friendly and helpful being our first time here. If you are in the mood for a pancake eating contest its 3 lbs of pancakes which is only 3 pancakes they are hanging over the dinner plate large you pay for them but if you finish the plate in 45 minutes you win a shirt The food is great for down home southern cooking. Pictures are of beef tips and rice Turkey and dressing butter beans collards and more. Is is definitely a place to try we will go back and try other dishes.

Jack Werner

Big Ed’s City Market is an absolute treasure of North Carolina. Big Eds has served the best Southern brunch food in the state for decades, and it continues to have long lines of loyal customers every day. Our server Liz was exceptionally friendly and helpful, and recommended an absolutely mouthwatering dish to us: the Chicken Fried Chicken. She told us its so good she eats it for her free meal every shift, and it often sells out before the brunch rush even ends. This is a MUST HAVE dish! Big Ed’s is one place I can’t get enough of.

Tarek Ghaly

This place is unique..they serve typical American food, the interiors of the place are very nice and the location in the old city market is wonderful.
Portions are huge and the pan cakes are very big. Omelette with bacon is very tasty with house potatoes on the side and buttery biscuits was an experience.
Pancakes are fluffy and tasty, coffe is also refill free.
If you are looking for a real local restaurant in Raleigh then Big Ed’s is the place.

Chelsea Fountain

Come hungry. Leave happy. We came at a busy time on a Saturday morning and received great service and tasty food. This is a must if you’re in the downtown Raleigh area. So yummy!

Risa Dee (Aria)

Discovered this raleigh gem today (thank you fellow Google reviewers!). It’s exactly what the others said. Food is southern and of course, huge portions. The ambiance and the hanging antiques will take you to times long past. It’s a good thing as there can be a wait to sit and while waiting for your food. Much to see and observe!

I ordered the fried chicken steak with white pepper gravy, egg over medium, spiced apples and sliced tomatoes. The chicken was tender and moist; well seasoned. The spiced apples is not overly sweet and cinnamony. The way I like it.
Hubby ordered the French toast with grits, eggs and sausage patties (which is spicy so beware). Molaases and syrup are in the table for the french toasts. We chose the biscuits; flaky and sits at least 2 inches high. Dripped some molasses on them which was on the table along with the syrup.

Our server was great. Line goes pass the door and across the street so either come in early or wait till the brunch crowd dies down. Oh, it’s located on this quaint side of Eastern Raleigh; part of the road is cobblestones.

Enjoy and let me know how the trout or catfish taste if you order it.


The wait staff was an absolute delight and accommodating as I didn’t quite understand the “local items” on the menu. It’s got a cozy “very southern” diner menu with a restaurant feel.
The location is quaint, historic and adorable. It’s definitely a place something you’d want on a visit to North Carolina.

Rick Hadsall

What can you say about a local staple that is itself a destination? Fabulous home cooked southern choices, monster pancakes, and delicious breakfast and lunch options abound in this delightfully throwback interior. A must visit for locals and visitors alike

gem grant

i enjoyed the food, but the decor kind of freaked me out. there were a much of farming tools hanging from the ceiling, and the general vibe in there made me feel like it wasn’t the cleanest, best vibe. however, the staff were sweet and the portion sizes were big and cheap. there was a large line outside, but it went surprisingly quickly.

Arelys Delgado

We used to frequent big Ed back in 2004-2009 and our little girl loved talking to Mr. Ed as she called him. We LOVED IT!!
Had not come back since we moved. The Service was EXCELLENT just like we remembered and so was the food!!
The NC Mountain Trout was cooked perfection and the breading was amazing.
Husband had the western omelette and it was very good, bacon was crispy just like we asked.
Daughter had the country breakfast and everything was delicious.
We shared a hot cake and it was delicious on it’s own no need to add anything to it. It was huge.
If you like sweet tea this is one of the best with amazing ice that makes it even better.

Anthony Mc

I like supporting local businesses when I’m in town for work and I thoroughly enjoyed my breakfast. The flounder was seasoned well and fresh. The only thing I regretted was not getting another biscuit. Yummy

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