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Resto » Boston’s Restaurant & Sports Bar Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Boston’s Restaurant & Sports Bar Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Boston’s Restaurant & Sports Bar

Address: 16927 Sierra Lakes Pkwy, Fontana, CA 92336

Restaurant Type: Restaurant

Phone: (909) 823-2300

Price: $$

Rating: 4.1


Boston’s Restaurant & Sports Bar Directions

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What Time Does Boston’s Restaurant & Sports Bar Open?

Tuesday,: 11AM to 11PM

Wednesday,: 11AM to 11PM

Thursday,: 11AM to 1AM

Friday,: 11AM to 1AM

Saturday,: 11AM to 1AM

Sunday,: 10AM to 1AM

Monday,: 11AM to 11PM

Boston’s Restaurant & Sports Bar Directions

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Boston’s Restaurant & Sports Bar Reviews

Ashley Pico

My sister and I came for lunch almost $100. A bit pricey so not a date night thing if your cheap but if you’ll spend it with the boys then you’d better spend it on your girl. Food is good. Hawaiian BBQ pizza with Koren BBQ sauce because yes pineapple goes on pizza too. In Bostons case so do green onions . It was so good. Perfect meat to cheese ratio. Spinach artichoke had me glued to my bathroom if you know what I mean . But hey not everyone has the stomach. It was delicious minus the thick piece of burnt cheese on top. After 1 1/2 hrs I ended up having to call off work and have a happy hour and that’s when it hit me. The customer service at Boston’s is just to damn good I looked down and seen how I lost 2 hrs there by the time I left. I may have had more than one drink which are strong by the way and tastey but I like sweet drinks here and there if I’m not taking straight shots. Our waitress Hooked it up with some warm bread for our dip smackedddd. Thank you lovely waitress/bartender bad b .

christina espinoza

Great food and great service! I had a sneezing fit in here and realized it was the dust. Great restaurant but they just need to dust/clean regularly.

Juan Pablo Henriquez

Loved the atmosphere and service but cauliflower way too salty and Buffalo sauce way too much vinegar

Tk “Pup” Coyote

Nice big beer. Typical sports bar, nothing stood out more than other sports bars. Decent beer selection, decent food. It’s a sports bar not a brew house.

Trinity Collins

Friendly staff. Great food. Large portions. Excellent service and quick in the kitchen!

Kellee Morgan

The cauliflower wings were great, but everything else was disappointing. The bar tender upcharged us on the beer and the food, then took over 10 minutes to see us flagging her down for the check. Definitely no sense of urgency or service even though the place was empty. Don’t think I’ll be coming back.

ada yung

Busy but not. Our food was quick and honestly their menu online didn’t do them justice. I think they need better pictures. I was apprehensive about ordering food since I’ve only ever been there for drinking . But surprisingly I liked their food. Only 4/5 because the shots I ordered took forever and chilled became warm.

Alice Marquez

Ordered the Team Platter and every one of the items on there was delicious. Really enjoyed the Asian wings and pepperoni twists. Definitely made for 3-4 people.

kingbaby the 4th

The food at Boston’s was good, a bit pricey but it was still good. I was a little confused about the happy hour, apparently the food isn’t discounted, they just have happy hour sizes, which are smaller. The best thing there to me was the spinach artichoke dip, I couldn’t finish it but I had to take the rest home. The service was ok, our waiter did tell us what to stay away from, which was cool but a little concerning.

Christina A.

The music was so loud you could not have a conversation. Yes it’s a bar but it’s as place to eat and the music was up to a club volume. The dish I got was decent. Our waiter was not particularly attentive and eventually told the person I was with that we should move outside because of a shift change. I’ve never seen anything like it. Disappointed.

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