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Resto » Boucherie Union Square Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Boucherie Union Square Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Boucherie Union Square

Address: 225 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003

Restaurant Type: French restaurant

Phone: (212) 353-0200

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.6


Boucherie Union Square Directions

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What Time Does Boucherie Union Square Open?

Tuesday,: 11AM to 12AM

Wednesday,: 11AM to 12AM

Thursday,: 11AM to 12AM

Friday,: 11AM to 12AM

Saturday,: 10AM to 12AM

Sunday,: 10AM to 12AM

Monday,: 11AM to 12AM

Boucherie Union Square Directions

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Boucherie Union Square Reviews


This is the second location of this restaurant that I visited. Everything is very tasty, the onion soup melts in the mouth, the French fries are fresh and crispy, the bass fish is tender, and the steaks were perfectly cooked. I would highly recommend this restaurant for delicious French cuisine when you are in NYC.

zi nyc

I had a late lunch with my friend after visiting Fotografiska. Great choice! Loved everything about the place. I will definitely come back.
It’s a nice place for a date night, dinner or lunch with friends. Classy nice place.
P.S. They have good cocktails

I ordered: steak tartare, onion soup, escargots, French fries.
Favorite: escargots
Least favorite: –

Ambience: 5 (romantic, stylish French restaurant)
Price: 4 (reasonable for the food quality)
Quality of food: 5 (fresh and tasty)
Service: 5 (kind and professional
Overall: 5


I was so glad we ordered the foie gras. It was absolutely creamy and delicious! The buttered toast it came with was perfect. Only thing I didn’t like about the at dish were the pickledonions. It was bit too sweet. Oysters were fresh. French onion soup was very flavorful and cheesy. Steak frites was great. The steak was cooked to perfection, medium rare. I smothered it with that herb butter. It was delicious. The frites though, we’re standard string fries. I expected thicker cuts. The only thing I wasn’t crazy about was the salmon dish. It was seasoned well, but the cooking method wasn’t great. They said it had to be served medium, even though I asked for it to be medium rare, but it actually came to me a little undercooked. It didn’t fork easily. The endive underneath it also wasn’t very enjoyable either. It was too “melty” and bland. My fault for going to a French steak house and ordering salmon. Aside from the salmon dish, I’d definitely return for everything else. It would have to be once in a blue though. Quite expensive here!

Esra Gumrukculer

We walked in without any expectations. Once we arrived we were amazed by the atmosphere of the restaurant. Super cute! Both for groups and for dates. Our server Efe was also absolutely amazing. He was really kind, and he gave us amazing recommendations. The food was great too. Overall an amazing experience.

JiShun Zhou

Great food! This place has a very nice rustic and French vibe. The servers were super friendly and attentive.

First time trying les escargots (French snails) and it was very nice – surprisingly! Also, the best dish around was the steak tartare – mind blowing! Tender, fresh and perfectly seasoned! The bread was amazing too and they give you an infinite amount of it.

The duck confit was very nice too – French flavours are very peculiar as they like to sauce things up with a little concentrate – often with wine, and a bit sour and sweet. Very pleasant. However, the foie gras was a big flop – it was very earthy and not smooth and fat as it should. I wouldn’t recommend ordering it as I can see how it may ruin the night for some people. Go for a more traditional lamb chop or steak. The burgers look good too, so I might order it next time!

Lastly, the drinks were nice but a little expensive – almost $20 each. They do have a great selection of cocktails and wine, and you’d expect to pay such prices for this type of place. However, in my opinion, it is a bit expensive – they could perhaps rethink of the ambience and sound system to make it more luxurious.

Nevertheless, super recommended for a good dinner with close friends, family or a date. The waiters were super nice, especially ours, cute and friendly too!

Tori Douglas

Boucherie is one of my favorite spots in the city. My husband and I are definitely regulars to all location.

With true French cuisine, attentive & kind staff and immaculate Art Nouveau decor, they transport you into feeling like you are in the heart of France.

Go for the food, stay for the ambiance. A special shout out to our server tonight, Efe – he kept our drinks and bellies full while delivering all star service with a smile.

Richard Park

My family and I had a brunch on Sunday at Boucherie. It was a bit crowded to have a relaxing brunch, and I had to raise my hands several times and yell literally to get a waiter’s attention. The food was excellent, and it was quite soothing to seep on a bowl of onion soup while the cold draft was coming thru the window doors facing the street. Perhaps a better insulation or heating would have been nice.

Moh Aln

The restaurant was very Crowded
and the service was great ☺️

The brunch I got was an omelette with potatoes and mushrooms. It was Good, but not an outstanding meal.

Generally Good but considering the price
It should be better.

Nyanka Kizzy

Had dinner here. The steak was not the greatest sadly but the oysters were exceptional. The east coast oysters in particular were great. I also really enjoyed their crème brûlée. Worth trying if you’re in the area in a pinch but certainly not my favorite in the area.

Sonia Heerah

Amazing food! Amazing staff! Amazing atmosphere! It was the utmost pleasure to have spent my birthday here! Ending the night at Boucherie Union Square made my birthday feel extra special!

When you walk into the restaurant, it’s elegance demands attention and you can’t help but pause in admiration. Our Sever, Matthew, was kind, patient, and very helpful with suggestions. The food was PHENOMENAL!!!! The duck and lamb dishes were to die for! And the deserts were so unique and decadently delicious All of the staff was very attentive and really showed that they wanted us to have the best possible experience. At the end of the night, I received a book as a birthday present! Can’t wait to start reading it! And to top it all off, we were treated with Espresso martinis as an extra thank you!

Thank you to Boucherie Union Square for giving me such a wonderful experience! Definitely one of my all time favorite restaurants and will continue to visit! ❤️

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