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Can a man have 2 soulmates?

The idea that a person can have more than one soulmate is a concept that more people seem to be considering lately. While traditionally, society has promoted the idea that there is only one perfect match or soulmate for each person, our thinking about relationships is evolving.

What is a soulmate?

A “soulmate” is generally defined as someone you have a very deep, emotional and spiritual connection with. It’s a relationship that transcends the physical and feels larger than life. Some signs you’ve met your soulmate include:

  • An intense feeling of comfort, intimacy and understanding
  • Indescribable happiness and bliss when you’re together
  • A sense that this person “gets you” like no one else
  • You’re completely open, honest and vulnerable with each other
  • Your self-worth blossoms in this relationship
  • Your lives feel intertwined like you’re going through life together

Historically, the idea has been that we’re lucky if we find this kind of connection once in our lifetime. But perspectives on this are expanding.

Why some believe you can have more than one soulmate

Here are some reasons why many now believe it’s possible to have more than one soulmate in a lifetime:

  • We change over time – As we grow and evolve, it’s possible to develop an intense soulmate-like connection with someone new. What we need in a partner at 30 or 40 can be very different than at 20.
  • Different needs in a partner – For some, their emotional soulmate is a different person than their sexual soulmate. Some couples decide to have open relationships for this reason.
  • Losing a soulmate – If you meet and lose a soulmate due to timing issues, death or other reasons, some believe you can find that connection again with someone new.
  • Multiple compatible partners – Mathematically, with billions of people on the planet, it seems unlikely only one person would be a potential soulmate match for someone.

Potential issues with having multiple soulmates

While the idea of having more than one soulmate is growing, there are still challenges to consider:

  • Could raise jealousy and insecurity in relationships
  • High potential for hurt feelings and heartbreak
  • Can be seen as an excuse to pursue new relationships while committed
  • Soulmate connections take effort – having multiple could divide energy

The concept requires a lot of open communication, emotional maturity and honesty from all parties involved. It’s not easy, but some believe it’s possible.


The traditional idea is that we have one soulmate meant for us in life. But as our thinking about relationships evolves, more believe it’s possible to have multiple soulmate-level connections in a lifetime. While there are challenges, some feel exploring these bonds can lead to greater understanding of life, love and oneself.

Ultimately, there’s no right or wrong answer here. The concept of soulmates is highly individualized. You have to listen to your own heart and intuition. Be open to different perspectives on this complex issue.