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Can honey be added to milk coffee?

Quick Answer

Yes, honey can be added to milk coffee. Honey is a sweetener that can be used in place of sugar to sweeten coffee. Adding a small amount of honey to coffee that already has milk will slightly sweeten the coffee and can enhance the flavor. Some tips for adding honey to milk coffee:

– Use about 1 teaspoon of honey per 8 oz cup of coffee. Adjust to taste.
– Stir the honey first in a small amount of hot coffee to help it dissolve, before adding it to the full cup.
– Raw, unpasteurized honey is recommended, as it retains more of the natural enzymes and nutrients that processed honey lacks.
– Pair lighter honeys like wildflower or clover with lighter roasts and darker honeys like buckwheat with darker roasts.
– Add the milk before adding honey, as milk’s proteins can interfere with honey dissolving fully.

So feel free to add a drizzle of honey to your morning latte or coffee with milk! The honey can complement the milky flavor and add a hint of sweetness.

Exploring Why Honey Works Well in Milk Coffee

There are a few reasons why honey makes a nice addition to coffee that already has milk added:

Honey sweetens without overpowering

The lactose in milk provides some natural sweetness to coffee. Adding sugar on top can sometimes make the drink too cloying or overpowering. Honey contains fructose and glucose which gives it a sweetness, but it is not as intensely sweet as plain white sugar. So a touch of honey can gently enhance the coffee’s flavor without becoming too sweet.

Honey’s flavor profile

Honey has a more nuanced and complex flavor than plain white sugar. It contains trace amounts of nutrients like amino acids along with aromatic compounds that give honey its distinct floral, earthy, or fruity notes. These flavors can complement and bring out the tasting notes in the coffee, like enhancing chocolate or nutty notes.

Honey helps smooth out bitterness

Black coffee can sometimes have a bitter edge, and the proteins in milk can sometimes accentuate that bitterness. Honey does not fully mask the coffee’s bitterness. But thanks to its fructose content, honey has a mild sweetness that helps to smooth and round out the flavor. This takes down some of the harsher edges of black coffee’s acidity.

Honey improves texture

Honey in coffee creates a velvety, lush mouthfeel. It does not drastically thicken like cream or milk, but it does contribute a smooth, pleasant viscosity. Think of how honey glazes coat your tongue when eating baklava or other honey-drizzled desserts. Honey provides the same effect in a milky coffee, with a silkiness that coats the palate.

Potential Drawbacks of Adding Honey to Milk Coffee

While honey in coffee is delicious, there are a couple potential downsides to consider:


Honey is a form of sugar, so it comes with calories and carbohydrates. 1 teaspoon of honey has about 20 calories. This must be accounted for by someone tracking their sugar or calorie intake. Those limiting sweets or carbs may want to use just a 1/2 teaspoon of honey in their coffee.

Dissolving issues

Being a more viscous liquid, honey can sometimes have trouble fully dissolving and incorporating into hot coffee. The milk proteins and fats can also interfere with honey blending well. So be sure to premix the honey first with a bit of hot coffee before adding to the full cup.

Not vegan friendly

Honey is made by bees, so it is an animal product and not vegan friendly. Vegans would need to use an alternate sweetener like maple syrup or agave nectar.


High quality, artisanal honey can be expensive to buy. It may be more budget friendly long term to use plain sugar rather than specialty honey in your coffee if you drink it daily. But honey is still pretty affordable if used sparingly.

Overpowers lighter roasts

Pouring honey into very light, subtle coffee may dominate the delicate flavor notes. Stick to just a small drizzle in light roasts like white coffee.

Tips for Adding Honey to Milk Coffee

To get the best flavor when adding honey to your morning latte or other milk coffee drink, follow these tips:

Use raw honey

Raw, unpasteurized honey has the most well-rounded, nuanced flavor. It retains more pollen, enzymes, vitamins and aromatic compounds compared to heavily filtered store bought honey. Use raw honey for the best tasting cup.

Match roast level to honey

Pair lighter roasts with lighter honeys, like wildflower. For bolder, darker roasts, use darker honeys like buckwheat or forest honey.

Stir honey first in hot coffee

Before dumping honey into your mug, add 1 teaspoon or so to a bit of hot black coffee first. This helps it liquefy and dissolve fully so it blends smoothly when adding it to the full cup.

Add milk before honey

Proteins in milk fat can keeps honey from fully incorporating. Add all milk first, then stir in honey after.

Use the right ratio

For an 8 oz mug, 1 teaspoon is usually plenty. You can adjust up or down depending on your sweetness preference. Too much will overpower the coffee.

Consider your brew method

Drip coffee has more dilution, so can handle a bit more honey sweetness. Espresso’s intensity calls for just a drop or two of honey.

The Best Coffees to Pair with Honey

Certain coffee bean origins and roasts complement honey’s flavor especially well. Some top choices include:

Brazil Coffee

The full body and nutty, chocolatey notes of Brazil coffee pair nicely with the addition of honey. The honey brings a complementary sweetness and smoothness.

Colombian Coffee

Colombia coffee is known for its well-balanced, classic coffee taste. A touch of floral honey melds nicely with these subtle coffee flavors.

Ethiopian Coffee

The bright, fruity flavors of Ethiopian coffee make a lively match for sweet wildflower honey. Yirgacheffe is a popular honey coffee combo.

Costa Rican Coffee

The clean, sweetly acidic taste of Costa Rican coffee complements the addition of honey without any clash of flavors.

Medium Roast

Opt for a medium roast level that showcases the bean’s origin characteristics. Medium roasts strike the right intensity to allow honey to accent the flavor.

Coffee Origin Recommended Roast Recommended Honey
Brazil Medium Wildflower
Colombia Medium Clover
Ethiopia Light-Medium Orange blossom
Costa Rica Light-Medium Tupelo

Frequently Asked Questions

Is honey better than sugar in coffee?

Many people find honey to be a superior sweetener compared to plain white sugar. Honey provides subtle floral and fruity notes while gently sweetening. It does not overpower coffee the way white sugar can sometimes.

Does honey curdle milk in coffee?

Typically not. As long as the honey is adequately dissolved in hot coffee first before the milk is added, curdling should not occur. Very large amounts of honey mixed directly into cold milk could potentially cause some curdling.

How much honey should you put in coffee?

A good rule of thumb is 1 teaspoon of honey per 8 oz cup of coffee. Adjust up or down slightly according to your desired level of sweetness. Too much honey will make coffee overly sweet.

Should you mix honey with hot or cold coffee?

Always mix honey first with a bit of hot coffee. The heat helps dissolve and liquefy the viscous honey so it incorporates smoothly. Pouring honey right into cold coffee may cause it to clump.

Does honey dissolve in milk coffee?

Honey can fully dissolve in milk coffee as long as you pre-mix it first in hot black coffee before adding milk. The proteins in milk fat can inhibit dissolution so make sure to add milk after the honey is already dissolved.

Is honey healthier than sugar in coffee?

Honey does contain nutrients like antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals that white sugar lacks. But honey still counts as added sugar. Those watching sugar intake for health may need to limit honey. Overall, honey in moderation can be a slightly better choice than sugar.


Adding a drizzle of honey to your morning latte or other coffee with milk is a delicious way to add a touch of sweetness and enhance the drink’s flavor. The honey provides subtle floral notes and smoothness that complement the coffee and milk nicely. Just be sure to stir the honey first in hot coffee to help it properly dissolve. Raw honey provides the most flavor and health benefits. When used in moderation, honey can be a tasty addition to milk coffee.