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Can I leave a rabbit alone for 3 days?

Leaving a pet rabbit alone for 3 days can be challenging, but with proper planning and preparation, it is possible. Here are some quick answers to key questions on caring for a rabbit while away:

How long can rabbits be left alone?

Rabbits are social animals and do not do well when left alone for long periods of time. It is recommended to not leave a rabbit alone for more than 24 hours at most. Leaving a rabbit alone for 3 full days is not ideal.

What provisions are needed for 3 days?

If leaving a rabbit alone for 3 days is unavoidable, the following provisions should be made:

  • Extra food and water – Leave extra hay, pellets, vegetables and water for 3-4 days
  • Litter boxes – Provide at least 2 extra litter boxes
  • Toys – Give puzzle toys with treats or chews to prevent boredom
  • Comfort – Familiar bedding and hiding spaces
  • Check-ins – Arrange for someone to check-in once a day if possible

What are the risks of leaving a rabbit for 3 days?

Some of the key risks include:

  • Dehydration – If water sources run out
  • Starvation – If food runs out sooner than planned
  • GI stasis – Stress can cause digestive upset
  • Sore hocks – Without soft bedding for 3 days
  • Boredom – Lack of stimulation and loneliness
  • Anxiety – Rabbits are prone to stress when alone

How can risks be minimized when leaving rabbits alone?

The risks can be minimized by taking these precautions:

  • Leave extra supplies – Replenish food and water for 4 days instead of 3
  • Litter training – Ensure rabbit is fully litter trained before leaving
  • Safe proofing – Rabbit-proof the space and remove dangers
  • Provide enrichment – Novel toys to prevent boredom
  • Comfort items – Familiar bedding/hiding spots
  • Check-ins – Have someone look in on rabbit if possible
  • Vet check-up – Ensure rabbit is healthy beforehand

When should a petsitter be hired instead?

It is best to hire a pet sitter or place rabbits with experienced caretakers if:

  • The rabbit is not fully litter-trained or has special needs
  • No one is available to check-in during the 3 days
  • The rabbit has health issues or is very senior
  • Temperatures will be very cold or very hot
  • The rabbit has separation anxiety when alone
  • The rabbit is very young or newly adopted

What should a petsitter do for a rabbit?

A pet sitter should:

  • Spend time daily with the rabbit for socialization
  • Replenish food and water daily
  • Scoop litter boxes as needed
  • Check for signs of illness and injury
  • Provide exercise time and enrichment
  • Ensure housing is clean, dry and unsoiled
  • Follow care instructions from the owner


Leaving rabbits alone for 3 days is not ideal but can be done with careful preparation and contingency plans. Ensuring extra supplies, enrichment items, clean housing, and check-ins can minimize risks. For high-risk rabbits, hiring a pet sitter or taking them to an experienced caretaker is a safer option. With proper precautions, most healthy adult rabbits can withstand a 3 day stretch alone, but it is not recommended as a regular practice.