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Can I substitute Greek yogurt for sour cream in stroganoff?

Quick Answer

Yes, you can substitute Greek yogurt for sour cream in stroganoff recipes. Greek yogurt is a good 1:1 replacement for sour cream and provides a similar creaminess and tangy flavor. The results may not be identical but it will still taste delicious.

Greek Yogurt as a Sour Cream Substitute

Greek yogurt is an excellent substitute for sour cream in savory dishes like stroganoff. Here’s why:

  • Thickness – Greek yogurt has a thicker, creamier texture similar to sour cream. This makes it a good consistency swap.
  • Tanginess – The tangy flavor of Greek yogurt mimics the acidic taste of sour cream.
  • Less Fat – Greek yogurt tends to be lower in fat than sour cream, making it a bit healthier.
  • Probiotics – Greek yogurt contains live active cultures while sour cream does not. This gives an added health bonus.

Plain, unflavored Greek yogurt works best as it lacks any sweetness or fruit flavors. Make sure to choose a variety with at least 2% fat for creaminess. Non-fat or low-fat Greek yogurt may not give the right consistency.

You can substitute Greek yogurt 1:1 for sour cream in any recipe. So use the same amount called for of sour cream. The results may be slightly thinner but with a nice tangy flavor.

How to Use Greek Yogurt in Beef Stroganoff

Beef stroganoff is a classic Russian dish featuring tender beef in a creamy, paprika-infused gravy. It’s typically served over noodles like egg noodles, rice or mashed potatoes. Traditional recipes call for sour cream to finish the creamy sauce.

You can easily use Greek yogurt instead with excellent results:

  • Make the beef stroganoff following your favorite recipe up until adding the sour cream.
  • When ready to finish the sauce, add the same amount of plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream.
  • Whisk the Greek yogurt into the hot sauce just until combined and creamy.
  • Simmer the stroganoff gently for 2-3 minutes more to heat through.
  • Taste and adjust seasonings as needed before serving.

The Greek yogurt will add the same rich, velvety finish to the stroganoff sauce. You may find it tastes slightly more tangy than sour cream. Adding a touch more milk or cream can mellow this if desired.

Potential Changes Using Greek Yogurt

While Greek yogurt makes an excellent substitute, there are a few potential differences to note:

  • The sauce may end up slightly thinner since Greek yogurt tends to be less viscous.
  • The flavor will be tangier and more acidic due to the yogurt cultures.
  • Some separation in the finished sauce may occur but this will not affect the taste.
  • The color of the sauce may be slightly whiter versus sour cream.

Despite these minor changes, the stroganoff will still taste delicious! The yogurt provides plenty of richness and creaminess.

Nutrition Comparison

Here is how Greek yogurt compares to sour cream nutritionally if using a 1/2 cup serving:

Nutrition Facts Greek Yogurt Sour Cream
Calories 100 454
Fat 2.5g 45g
Carbs 6g 6g
Protein 10g 2g

As shown, Greek yogurt is significantly lower in calories and fat than sour cream. It also provides more protein. For a heartier, yet lighter stroganoff, Greek yogurt is the way to go.

Other Tips for Greek Yogurt Stroganoff

Here are some other helpful tips for using Greek yogurt in stroganoff:

  • For a thicker sauce, you can drain excess whey from the yogurt first by straining it through cheesecloth or a coffee filter.
  • Mixing a bit of flour into the yogurt before adding to the sauce can also help prevent thinning and separation.
  • If the tanginess is too much, add a splash of cream or milk to mellow it out.
  • Choose high quality beef for tender results – sirloin, tenderloin or strip steak work great.
  • Cook the beef in batches over high heat first to get nice browning.


Greek yogurt shines as a substitute for sour cream in beef stroganoff and other recipes. It provides a similar creamy texture and tangy flavor. The results may not be identical but the stroganoff will still taste great. Greek yogurt also packs more protein and less fat for a healthier, yet still delicious, version of this classic dish.