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Can I wear boots on a knee length dress?

Wearing boots with a knee length dress can be a stylish look when done properly. In the opening paragraphs, we’ll provide a quick overview of tips for pairing boots and knee length dresses.

Quick Tips for Wearing Boots with Knee Length Dresses

  • Choose boots that hit at or just below the knee to elongate your legs.
  • Select a dress made of a thick, structured fabric that won’t cling to the boots.
  • Match colors and materials for a streamlined look.
  • Consider heel height – avoid ultra high stilettos with a knee length dress.
  • Add opaque tights for warmth and to prevent bare skin rubbing on the boots.

With some simple guidelines, boots can be worn successfully with knee length dresses for both style and comfort. Below, we’ll explore more in-depth tips and inspiration.

Guidelines for Wearing Boots with Knee Length Dresses

Choose the Right Boot Height

One of the most important things to consider when pairing boots with a knee length dress is the height of the boots. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Over-the-knee boots can be tricky with a knee length dress unless you choose one with a slit or high-low hem.
  • Thigh high boots are too high for a knee length dress in most cases.
  • Mid-calf boots that hit right at the knee are a good choice for knee length dresses.
  • Ankle boots leave a gap between the dress hem and top of the boot, breaking up the silhouette.

The ideal boot height for most knee length dresses is one that hits right at or just below the knee. This continues the line of the leg for a elongated, flattering look.

Consider Heel Height

When selecting boots to wear with a knee length dress, heel height is another important factor:

  • Ultra high stilettos can look disproportionate with a longer dress.
  • Kitten heels or low block heels are a safer option.
  • Mid-height heels around 2-3 inches are versatile.
  • Low chunky heels provide stability and comfort.
  • Flat boots can work for a more casual look.

In general, avoid very high skinny heels and opt for a heel height that is balanced with the length of your dress. For a dress hitting at the knee, a mid-height heel between 1.5-3 inches is recommended.

Match Colors and Materials

When pairing boots with a dress, you’ll want some cohesion in color and texture. Here are some tips:

  • Match black boots with a black dress for an elongating monochromatic look.
  • Brown boots pair well with earth tone and neutral dresses.
  • Leather boots complement leather accents or belts at the waist.
  • Suede boots match suede details on skirts or jackets.
  • Metallic boots look stylish with glittery, shimmery dresses.

In general, the textures should match close enough to look coordinated. And the colors should be in the same color family for a seamless look. Mixing blacks and browns or pairing metallic with matte finishes can look mismatched.

Consider Opacity of Tights

For warmth or comfort, tights are an easy add-on with a knee length dress. Consider these tips for choosing opacity:

  • Sheer tights work well for adding subtle color.
  • Opaque tights make sense for fall and winter wear.
  • Textured tights like cable knit add visual interest.
  • Avoid heavy Fishnets or very open patterns.

With boots, opaque tights are often the best choice. Sheer tights can look messy and show imperfections when pairing with tall boots. Save those for open shoes where your skin will be mostly visible.

Select the Right Dress Fabric & Structure

The fabric and fit of your knee length dress also matters when pairing with boots:

  • Avoid slim fitting stretchy fabrics like jersey knits – these will cling to the boots in an unflattering way.
  • Structured fabrics with volume like tweed and brocade work well.
  • Stiff fabrics hold their shape rather than sticking to boots.
  • A-line dresses provide room for movement when wearing boots.

Look for dresses made of stiffer, fuller fabrics that flare out a bit at the bottom. Fabrics like denim, twill, brocade and stiff cotton blends hold their shape rather than clinging to the legs and boots.

Outfit Ideas: How to Style Boots with Knee Length Dresses

Using the guidelines above, there are many stylish ways to wear boots with knee length dresses. Here are some chic outfit ideas for inspiration:

1. Knee High Boots with Knit Dress

For a polished cold weather look, pair sleek knee high boots with a knit dress in a dark neutral color. Add opaque tights and a tailored coat. This creates a slimming elongated silhouette.

2. Cowboy Boots with Denim Shirtdress

Give a denim shirtdress a country vibe by pairing with brown cowboy boots. Finish the look with a crossbody bag and floppy sun hat for weekend casual style.

3. Riding Boots with Sweater Dress

A cozy oversized sweater dress looks perfectly autumnal with dark brown riding boots and tights. Layer on an old-school duffle coat for timeless seasonal style.

4. Chunky Lug Sole Boots with Slip Dress

Balance the femininity of a silky slip dress with rugged chunky lug sole boots. The contrast of textures gives this pairing an unexpected cool girl edge.

5. Chelsea Boots with Shirt Dress

For an office-friendly look, tuck a crisp cotton shirtdress into black chelsea boots. Add a belt at the waist and fitted blazer for a pulled-together professional vibe.

Tips for Styling Boots and Dresses by Season

Certain boots and dress pairings work better in particular seasons. Here are some seasonal style tips:


  • Ankle boots with flirty skater dresses or swing dresses
  • Cowboy boots with denim dresses
  • Low block heel booties with fit & flare dresses
  • Chelsea boots with shirtdresses


  • Western boots with casual maxi dresses
  • Espadrilles with breezy midi dresses
  • Gladiator sandal boots with wrap dresses
  • Wedge boots with strappy sun dresses


  • Over-the-knee boots with sweater knit dresses
  • Flat riding boots with long sleeve shirtdresses
  • Mid-calf boots with skater dresses
  • Harness boots with babydoll dresses


  • Knee high boots with angora sweater dresses
  • Furry lined boots with velvet dresses
  • Cold weather mid-calf boots with wool knit dresses
  • Snow boots with puffer jacket dresses

As the seasons change, adjust the dress and boot styles accordingly. Warmer weather calls for open airy dresses with open-toe footwear, while colder months pair well with closed toe boots and substantial winter dress fabrics.

Creating a Cohesive Look from Head to Toe

When pairing boots with dresses, consider the look from top to bottom to ensure everything works in harmony. Here are some tips for a cohesive head-to-toe ensemble:

Coats & Jackets

Choose outerwear lengths that complement the dress and boots:

  • Cropped moto jackets work with ankle and calf boots.
  • Long maxi coats suit over-the-knee boots.
  • Duffle coats balance mid-calf boots.
  • Cocoon coats flatter knee high boots.

Tights & Socks

Tights help bridge the gap between dress hem and boot top:

  • Sheer tights add leg-lengthening nude tones.
  • Cable knits keep legs cozy and textured.
  • Bright colored opaques make a bold statement.
  • Over-the-knee socks finish off thigh high boots.

Bags & Belts

Accessories like bags and belts polish off the look:

  • Belt bags or crossbodies are hands-free options.
  • Totes hold daily essentials.
  • A belt cinches the waist for definition.
  • Crossbody slings add texture and color.

Jewelry & Hats

Jewelry and hats provide the perfect finishing accent:

  • Pendant or lariat necklaces complement V-necklines.
  • Earrings should coordinate with neckline styles.
  • Scarves add cozy flair.
  • Floppy wide brim hats protect from the sun.
  • Beanies finish off apres ski style.

When pairing boots with knee length dresses, analyze the look from top to bottom. All elements should work together seamlessly while still allowing your personal style to shine through.


Knee length dresses and boots can be combined to create fashionable looks for many occasions. Follow the guidelines on ideal boot height, heel size, and dress fabric selection for the most flattering silhouette. Match colors and textures of boots and dresses closely for a coordinated outfit. Consider seasonal appropriateness, and pull the whole look together from top to bottom. With the right stylish pairings, you can comfortably wear boots with your favorite knee length dresses.