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Can you smoke on the beach in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the premier tourist destinations in the world. It’s known for its stunning architecture, luxurious shopping, and beautiful beaches. With so many visitors from all over the world, it’s important to understand the local laws and customs, including smoking regulations. In this post, we will explore the laws and regulations surrounding smoking on Dubai’s beaches.

Smoking Laws in Dubai

Dubai has strict laws around smoking to promote a safe and healthy environment for its residents and visitors. Smoking in closed public spaces, parks, beaches, buses, metro stations, and residential areas is strictly prohibited. Failing to comply with these laws can result in heavy fines and penalties, including deportation and imprisonment.

Beach Smoking Regulations

As mentioned earlier, smoking is prohibited in public beaches in Dubai. However, tourists may still smoke in designated smoking areas on some hotel beaches. These areas are usually clearly marked and can be identified by the presence of ashtrays and smoking signs. It’s important to note that these areas are generally only available on private beaches owned by hotels, and public beaches do not have designated smoking areas.

Why is Smoking on the Beach Prohibited?

The reason behind banning smoking on the beach is to protect the marine environment, human health, and soiling of the beaches. Cigarette butts contain harmful chemicals that can leach into the ocean and threaten marine life. They also damage the beach’s natural beauty and cleanliness.

Moreover, smoking in public spaces remains a health hazard, and secondhand smoke exposure remains a widespread problem. By prohibiting smoking on beaches, Dubai aims to promote a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable environment for everyone.

Promoting Responsible Tourism

Dubai is one of the most popular international destinations for tourists, welcoming millions of visitors each year. The city strives to promote responsible tourism, encouraging visitors to act in a way that respects local laws and customs. When visiting Dubai, it’s important to be mindful of the smoking laws and to respect them.

While traveling can be an adventure, it’s important to remember that cultural differences exist. In Dubai, the cultural traditions are strongly tied to the religion, and being respectful of their traditions is essential for having a positive experience.


Dubai’s smoking laws are strict and designed to promote a healthy and clean environment for its residents and visitors. Smoking on public beaches is prohibited in Dubai, but some hotel beaches offer designated smoking areas. It’s important to be mindful of local laws and customs while traveling to Dubai. Remember, a responsible tourist strives to leave a positive impact on the destination they visit. A healthy and sustainable environment is essential for future generations and, without doubt, the key to a thriving travel and tourism industry.


Where can you smoke Dubai?

If you are a smoker traveling to Dubai, it is important to know the laws and regulations regarding smoking in public places. Firstly, it is essential to know that smoking is prohibited in most public areas, including airports and hotels. However, there are designated smoking areas that can be found in Dubai for those who want to smoke.

One option to find a smoking area is to visit the smoking lounges located in the airports. These lounges are found in Terminal 1, 2, and 3 of Dubai International Airport. In Terminal 1, the smoking lounge is located at Gate D12 on the Upper level. In Terminal 2, the smoking lounge can be found near the departure area. Lastly, in Terminal 3, there are smoking lounges located at Gates A2, A23, B7, B27, C9, and C23.

In addition to smoking lounges, there are also smoking areas in some hotels and restaurants. However, this depends on the smoking policies of the establishments, as some may allow smoking in designated areas, while others do not permit smoking at all.

It is essential to keep in mind that smoking in non-designated areas can result in fines and legal action. The UAE authorities take smoking regulations seriously, and visitors and residents are required to abide by the laws.

If you are a smoker traveling to Dubai, it is vital to know the laws and regulations regarding smoking in public places. While smoking is mostly prohibited in public places, designated smoking areas such as smoking lounges and designated areas in some hotels and restaurants are available in Dubai. It is recommended to use these designated smoking areas to avoid any legal issues and fines.

What type of smoking is allowed in Dubai?

Dubai has specific laws and regulations regarding smoking in public places. Normal cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vape, heating tobacco, and other tobacco products are all legal in Dubai. However, to ensure public health and safety, the government has implemented strict rules that smokers must follow.

Smoking is prohibited in public areas such as shopping malls, government buildings, public transportation, and other enclosed public places. Violators may face fines or even imprisonment. The government has also designated smoking areas in certain places, such as airports and designated outdoor smoking areas.

It is worth noting that smoking in private vehicles is also allowed as long as there are no passengers under the age of 12 in the car. The authorities have also made it mandatory for restaurants and cafes to have designated smoking and non-smoking areas.

Regarding shisha and hookah smoking, it is allowed in licensed shisha cafes and restaurants. However, shisha smoking is not allowed in public areas or on beaches. Moreover, the sale of tobacco products to minors under the age of 18 is strictly prohibited.

While smoking is legal in Dubai, the authorities have taken steps to protect public health and reduce the harmful effects of smoking by implementing strict rules and regulations. Therefore, it is important for smokers to be aware of the laws and to adhere to them to avoid any legal penalties.

How much does a pack of cigarettes cost in Dubai?

Cigarettes are popular worldwide, but the cost of cigarettes varies widely from one country to another around the globe. In Dubai, cigarettes are generally considered to be expensive compared to some other countries. The cost of a pack of cigarettes depends on various factors such as taxation, production costs, demand, and supply.

According to recent reports, the cost of a standard cigarette pack containing 20 sticks in Dubai used to cost around AED 4 to AED 6. However, with the implementation of UAE federal law on excise tax, this price has increased. As of June 2021, a pack of cigarettes now costs AED 8.50.

The breakdown for this price includes 48 fils VAT and AED 4.76 excise tax. More specifically, the additional cost of cigarettes in Dubai is due to the implementation of an excise tax, a form of taxation on goods considered harmful to human beings and to the environment, imposed to reduce the harmful effect on individuals’ health and promote sustainable practices. The UAE has implemented a specific excise tax on select products, including cigarettes, along with increase in value-added tax (VAT) rates.

This brings the cost of cigarettes in Dubai to 40 fils per cigarette. It is important to note that there are different brands and types of cigarettes available in Dubai, and therefore the price may vary depending on the brand and packaging.

Cigarettes in Dubai are considered to be expensive compared to some other countries. The cost of a standard cigarette pack containing 20 sticks in Dubai used to be around AED 4 to AED 6 but now costs AED 8.50 due to the implementation of excise tax and VAT. The cost per cigarette is approximately 40 fils. It is recommended that individuals, especially those who cannot quit smoking, budget accordingly for this expense. It is also important to consider the harmful impacts of smoking on health and explore healthier alternatives.

Can you still smoke in Dubai airport?

Dubai airport is a modern and highly developed airport that serves millions of passengers every year. The airport management is keen on providing a healthy and comfortable environment for all passengers and visitors. Therefore, smoking is prohibited in most areas of the airport, including all terminals, concourses, restaurants, and other public areas.

However, Dubai Airport recognizes that smoking is a habit that is difficult for some people to quit, and therefore has provided designated smoking rooms for smokers. These smoking rooms are strategically located throughout the airport, making it easy for smokers to find a place to smoke while waiting for their flights.

The ventilated smoking rooms are located in Terminal 3 at Gates A2, A23, B7, B27, C9, C23, in Terminal 2 at Departure Gates, and in Terminal 1 at Gate D22. These smoking rooms are maintained to high standards of hygiene and cleanliness, and are equipped with ashtrays and ventilation systems to ensure that smoke does not disturb non-smokers.

It is important to note that the use of electronic cigarettes, or vaping devices, is also not permitted in most areas of the Dubai airport, including boarding gates, waiting areas, and other public areas. However, travelers who use these devices are permitted to use them in designated smoking rooms.

While smoking is not allowed in most areas of the Dubai airport, smokers can find designated smoking rooms located conveniently throughout the airport. These smoking rooms are equipped with proper ventilation systems and are maintained to high standards of cleanliness, contributing to a healthier and more pleasant environment for all travelers and visitors.

What is the penalty for smoking in Dubai?

In Dubai, smoking is strictly regulated. There are many prohibited areas that smoking is not allowed such as government-owned buildings, malls, schools, offices, parks, and shops. Smoking in these areas can result in penalties. According to the Dubai government rules, if a person is caught smoking in such prohibited areas, they will be fined AED 500, which is roughly around $136.

The aim of the fine is to ensure that the non-smokers in the area are not exposed to second-hand smoke and protect public health and safety. Furthermore, The Dubai Police hold the right to confiscate illegal smoking materials or products and implement penalties to any individual who violates the smoking rules in the city.

Moreover, in Dubai, smoking shisha or hookah in public places is also a severe offense, and it’s punishable by fines. In some cases, the consequences may lead to mandatory court appearances, lawsuits, and, in extreme situations, imprisonment. It’s worth remembering that there are smoking areas in some public areas such as hotels, provided that the hotel is not a smoke-free zone. Shisha bars and smoking lounges are also present, which can satisfy smokers’ cravings.

It’S important that people respect the smoking rules in Dubai and abide by them. The hefty fines serve as a warning to those who may not take the smoking rules seriously. It’s also necessary to understand that the penalty is designed to protect the health of individuals and the public in the city. Therefore, it is commendable to be cautious and respectful when it comes to smoking in Dubai.