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Can you wait in Fallout 4 without sitting down?

Waiting in Fallout 4 allows you to pass time quickly without having to sleep. This can be useful for waiting for shops to open, quests to progress, or enemies to respawn. However, the default wait function requires you to sit down on a chair or bed. Here are some options for waiting without having to sit down:

Use the Wait Menu

You can open the wait menu by holding down the action button (E on PC, A on Xbox, X on PlayStation). This brings up a menu that allows you to wait in real-time increments. You don’t have to sit down to use this menu. The downside is you have to stand still while waiting and manually select the wait durations.


There are mods available on PC that allow you to wait while standing. Some examples include:

  • Standing Wait – Allows waiting while standing still
  • Universal Waiting – Lets you wait from anywhere without sitting
  • Stand Still While Waiting – Does what it says!

Mods like these bypass the sitting requirement and let you wait freely. They work well if you don’t want to be restricted to chairs/beds or use the wait menu.

Console Commands

On PC, you can use console commands to wait without sitting:

  • set timescale to [#] – Sets the game time scale. Default is 20. Setting it higher makes time pass more quickly.
  • modpcs [skill] [#] – Increases the specified skill by the set amount. Useful for leveling.

For example, set timescale to 1000 will make time move very fast. modpcs lockpicking 10 will raise your lockpicking skill. Together these can let you skip time and progress skills/quests.

Exploit the Waiting Mechanic

Here are some exploits that take advantage of how waiting works in Fallout 4:

  • Sit down then immediately stand up – You’ll get a “Wait until rested” prompt that lets you wait without sitting.
  • Tap the wait button repeatedly – Can sometimes bypass the sitting requirement.
  • Enter power armor and wait – Lets you wait while standing in power armor.

These are handy tricks to wait while standing. They essentially exploit loopholes in the waiting system.

Use Coffee and Cigarettes

Consuming coffee, cigarettes, or certain chems like Day Tripper will make time pass faster for a short duration. During this accelerated time, you can walk around freely while time advances quicker. It’s not exactly the same as a normal wait, but can let you skip ahead hands-free.

Companion Waiting

If you command a companion to wait, time will pass quickly for them. You can then roam freely yourself while your companion stays in place for 1-3 hours. When you return, you’ll find time has advanced for them.


While the standard wait function requires sitting, there are many methods to bypass this in Fallout 4. Mods offer the most direct approach for PC players. But console commands, exploits, chem/food effects, and companion waiting also present viable options. So with a bit of creativity, you can definitely wait in Fallout 4 without having to sit down.