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Resto » Casa Mono Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Casa Mono Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Casa Mono

Address: 52 Irving Pl, New York, NY 10003

Restaurant Type: Spanish restaurant

Phone: (212) 253-2773

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.4


Casa Mono Directions

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What Time Does Casa Mono Open?

Tuesday,: 12PM to 12AM

Wednesday,: 12PM to 12AM

Thursday,: 12PM to 12AM

Friday,: 12PM to 12AM

Saturday,: 12PM to 12AM

Sunday,: 12PM to 12AM

Monday,: 12PM to 12AM

Casa Mono Directions

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Casa Mono Reviews

shai shani

An excellent tapas restaurant. We enjoyed the taste of each of the twelve dishes we ordered. The ingredients were fresh and of a very high quality and the dressings are subtle.
In Casa Mono they also have a very impressive wine selection. warmly recommended.

Brock Foley

I am not the best food photographer as my pictures will show but I really enjoyed Casa Mono. Spanish food is fantastic. The staff was great. It was a really enjoyable experience. Would absolutely go again. Great tapas, great atmosphere. Look, it has a Michelin star so you really don’t need my review but it was really good food.

Douglas Rennehan

Tapas, but not what you would typically expect! Every dish took me by surprise and I tried several things I’d never had before. I can find no complaints about the food, the service, or the atmosphere. All of the servers were very friendly and attentive and the atmosphere was very relaxed.

They have a sommelier on staff who will gladly help you find the perfect wine to suit your palate! (Just ask about the price per glass first if you’re concerned lol)

Would definitely go back to try other dishes based on my experience with the first!

Deepti Agarwal

Being a Michelin Star 1, we had a certain expectation going in. However it was quite disappointing on multiple fronts. To begin with the service was unfriendly and unaccommodating to relatively party of 6 adults and 6 kids. When confided they admitted that their kitchen cannot handle large parties, they took a while to take our orders, bring water and bread and then the actual order. Most of the dishes were average tasting, one dish that stood out for me was lamb-belly. All dishes were beautifully presented though. I would not recommend spending your time and money here.

Ahmed Jaffery

This was my first Michelin star restaurant experience and… wow it disappointed us.
Service was abysmal. They basically ignored us most of the time. I had to ask multiple times to refill my water before they finally got around to it.

We asked the waiter for recommendations since it’s a tapas place where you have to order multiple plates, but he spoke super fast and felt like he was in a hurry to move on.

Food was ok. But there are so many better tasting restaurants at much better prices in NYC that I can’t understand how this place has a Michelin star.

Stephanie DeDecker

Loved the tapas and atmosphere. Everything was delicious and will definitely be back to try what we missed out on – great value especially for a Michelin star. Lovely outdoor setup. The Razor Clams are a must try and the lamb was also a favorite. The Fois Gras was more on the sweet side and extremely fatty – more so than other places I’ve had it.


The best tapas I’ve had to date. Definitely start with 4 dishes for 2 and see how full you feel before you get more. Scallops were done to perfection with spicy cashews. Pork with Quince and honeycomb made my tastebuds dance. Everything was just done to perfection.

Jennifer Du

Great tapas place with nice service and great cohesive food creations. Fingerling potatoes were just okay but everything else tasted amazing! The pistachio beef with grilled avocado is a MUST GET.


Sherri Freelancer

This review is lonngggg overdue. We were staying in the city and searched for Spanish restaurants to have dinner and found Casa Mono. I was really blown away by the service (very fast and very efficient workers). The sommelier was simple awesome and a master of his craft. The wines that he assisted me with paired very nicely with my meal. Every single item that they brought out were done to perfection; no wonder why they have so many Michelin stars ⭐️. They deserve it all. We never had to call for our plates to be removed and didn’t have to wait long to be served. I will most definitely be coming here again.

Carson Predovich

Wow. What an incredible experience.
This was our first Michelin starred restaurant we’ve ever been to, and it exceeded our expectations.

The restaurant is small, loud, and crowded. However, don’t let that deter you from going. It’s all part of the experience, it really feels like you’re at a cozy tapas bar in Spain.
The tables are tightly squeezed next to each other, so I would recommend getting a seat at the bar or (preferably) the chefs counter.

The service was great, a little slow at times, but they seemed a little short staffed and it was a very busy night so we weren’t upset about it. The waiter was knowledgeable and gave great recommendations, and the sommelier helped us choose what drinks we should get.

The food was incredible, truly one of the best meals I’ve ever had. We got the Ensalada Mono, the Scallops, the lamb belly, the pork meatballs, and the seasonal dessert (some sort of fruit crisp).
It was all fantastic. Highlights were definitely the Lamb Belly and the Scallops. The salad was also very good and a really large portion. The meatballs, while still excellent, were probably the least exciting dish of the night. The dessert was also fabulous, and they even brought us a special scoop of house made cream fraiche ice cream on the house.

They have a dedicated Spritz menu, which we ordered two spritzes each from. They were all really good and refreshing, perfect for a hot summer night in NYC.

The price was actually very reasonable given the quality of the food.
The total bill for 4 dishes, 4 cocktails, and 1 dessert was $220 including tax & a 20% tip.
Some of our other, far lesser tasting meals in NYC were more expensive than that, so we were really pleased with the price.

Final Notes:
If you’re in Manhattan and looking to try a Michelin starred restaurant without breaking the bank, give Casa Mono a try, you won’t be disappointed. If you like fine dining but places like Per Se and 11 Madison Park intimidate you, Casa Mono will be a breath of fresh air.

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