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Resto » Charleston’s Restaurant Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Charleston’s Restaurant Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Charleston’s Restaurant

Address: 7540 Dodge St, Omaha, NE 68114

Restaurant Type: American restaurant

Phone: (402) 991-0055

Price: $$

Rating: 4.5


Charleston’s Restaurant Directions

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What Time Does Charleston’s Restaurant Open?

Tuesday,: 11AM to 9PM

Wednesday,: 11AM to 9PM

Thursday,: 11AM to 9PM

Friday,: 11AM to 10PM

Saturday,: 11AM to 10PM

Sunday,: 11AM to 9PM

Monday,: 11AM to 9PM

Charleston’s Restaurant Directions

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Charleston’s Restaurant Reviews

Chris Roybal

Stopped in for dinner, reluctantly, as it was a holiday weekend and all the local steakhouses were closed. Overall, we enjoyed our meal. Service was good and the kids menu options are generous. My kids got the ribs and baked potato and steak and baked potato. I ordered the hand cut filet, cooked medium. While we waited for our food we enjoyed a pretty good salad and spinach artichoke dip with fresh made chips. This was really good. My kids really enjoyed their “handcrafted” strawberry soda. When the food came, all was well with the kids plates. However, when I cut into my steak, it was cooked medium rare at best. I tried just getting through it and while this may be blasphemy, I just don’t enjoy steaks cooked less than medium. I hated doing it but I did inform the waitress. She took my plate back and they put the steak back on the grill. The same steak, cut pieces and all came back out by the time my kids were finished eating and was cooked to medium at that time. It’s kind of strange to go to a steakhouse and realize the cooks don’t know how to properly cook a steak as ordered. When it came back out and was cooked right, it was good, but my baked potato was cold. I don’t think I’d return.

Vernon Tryon

Went to Charleston after church for some good food we order the parmesa crusted chicken with honey carrots and Ice Tea. We also like the basket of crescent roll had to take a to go box because we became so full.

Jason Krommenhoek

This place is plain on the outside but has a wonderful atmosphere on the inside, a hidden gem and a must go eventhough it is pricey.
If you like shrimp you MUST get the Shrimp-cargo appetizer. IT IS THE REASON we returned here.
I ordered the BarBQ Ribs and they were really good. I got the BarBQ Beans with it which I would substitute next time. My wife enjoyed the Chicken Picatta although she liked mine better.
This is a go to whenever we visit Omaha.

Lynn R

Good but way overpriced for what you get. A grilled chicken sandwich on bread and a side salad which was an upcharge from French fries…20 dollars…dried out prime rib, still tender and flavorful for nearly $40!!!

Jason Weems

Very clean and updated place. Our waitress was very pleasant. The food was very good and fairly prompt. It was a bit noisy, but not overly noisy. Bathrooms were very modern, clean and well kept.

Sara Bear

This is one of my favorite restaurants in Omaha. It is part of a chain. But, the everything on the menu is delicious and consistently prepared. Probably the best chicken I have ever had, melts in your mouth. The service is always excellent. It can get busy around the usual lunch and dinner times. I haven’t gone in a little while, been getting pick up where they bring it to your car. You use to be able to make reservations I believe. The price is good for the quality of food. I do wish they had a larger desert selection. Their bar service is top notch. Please remember, tip your server, even if you order and have them bring it to your car. Tips get spread around at the end of the night at restaurants, from who served you, to who buses the tables, the bartenders, etc. And it has been my understanding, because of this, depending on the restaurant, they may not make minimum wage. They depend on your tips. Just something I wanted to add, because I feel that it would not be an easy job at times.

Robyn Lemburg

The service was exceptional. Numerous people serviced our table, from delivering food to picking up dirty plates. The manager visited our table also and was very friendly. We had 6 in our party and we had prime rib, steaks, etc and everyone was happy with the quality of their food. The crescent rolls that came with the salad were scrumptious!! Great dining experience.

Jean Cappellano

Was not really some place I would go again but thought we would try it I felt they was expensive and really limited the menu was 1 side, the best part of the meal was the appetizer , the pork chops was good , I did not like the potatoes not sure what was in them and they was stringy, the baked beans tasted like chile,

Chinwendu Nwinye

Wonderful experience – service, food, and atmosphere were all excellent. Check this place out.

Katelyn S

This was all of our first time at Charlestons for lunch. Service and food was great. Unfortunately we didn’t have the greatest experience getting seated. We were all waiting for our party to get here and the woman in charge of seating today (5/22) was very rude. It didn’t seem busy enough to need a reservation, but if it was too busy for the servers that was just fine. I just didn’t appreciate the rudeness we got from her. I worked in the restaurant industry for many years at a young age. I get it. But no matter how frustrated you get, don’t be rude to the guests. Period.

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