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Copinette Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)


Address: 891 1st Ave., New York, NY 10022

Restaurant Type: American restaurant

Phone: (212) 903-4001

Price: $$

Rating: 4.5


Copinette Directions

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What Time Does Copinette Open?

Tuesday,: 12 to 11PM

Wednesday,: 12 to 11PM

Thursday,: 12 to 11PM

Friday,: 12 to 11PM

Saturday,: 11AM to 11PM

Sunday,: 11AM to 10PM

Monday,: 12 to 10PM

Copinette Directions

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Copinette Reviews

Benjamin Sommer

Went here for lunch on Thursday and I really enjoyed my meal. The service was good and water was constantly refilled. The food was tasty and came relatively quickly. The portions are a reasonable size. Definitely coming back. Five stars.

Andrew McKenna

Coordinated and attended a work function here. We used the whole dining room, doing a dinner for about 35 people with drinks included. The ambience was good, and the staff were really accommodating to our many requests and questions. Overall, the dinner went really well, and all the food was really good. Would definitely go back on again.

Samantha Wong

Copinette is a cozy restaurant with friendly and professional staff. We ate family style, so everyone can have a bit of everything. For the most part, we enjoyed our meals. Arturo and Marius were great.
Apps: Bacon Mac N Cheese (a little underwhelming for us), Potato Leak Soup (everyone liked this, but many liked the French Mushroom Soup more), Calamari (tasted basic), Tuna Tatare, Grilled Octopus. We finished all the apps!
Entrees: Rack of Lamb (well liked), Steak Frites, Chilean Sea Bass, and Stuffed Salmon (Entree of the day was popular with us), Shrimp Scampi (mom didn’t like it), Truffle Risotto (my sister raved about this).
Drinks: We ordered a lot of strawberry mojitos
Desserts: I loved the Sorbet- raspberry, mango, coconut flavors, coconut cake (yummy too), chocolate mousse (most liked it), and cheesecake (I didn’t like it)

Ameya Bhakay

Went here for lunch on a random Tuesday afternoon and the place was relatively quiet. The four of us and our little one on his comfortable high chair were seated right away.

We started off with Cucumber Cooler ($15), Spicy Margarita ($15), and Gene Hackman ($15) as our cocktails – all of which were absolutely excellent. Good taste, good amount of punch and took us all to that happy place after our drink!

For Appetizers, we got the Truffle Burrata ($16) and Super Lump Crab Cake ($19) both of which were excellent and very flavorful.

For mains we got the Smoked Salmon Frittata ($18), Four Cheese Ravioli ($20), Truffle Risotto ($19), and Fettuccine Bolognese ($22). The vegetarian options were excellent and my Four Cheese Ravioli was very delicious. Our table enjoyed their meal and food overall was really delicious and for a change, really well priced too!

Service was excellent, friendly staff, and food arrived within 20 minutes of ordering. Noise levels were low and seating was very comfortable. We will definitely visit again!

Jeremy Lichliter

We had top notch service and food. They were very accommodating. The filet mignon was grilled to perfection. The halibut was delicious. They had great drinks and desserts. It was easy to get a reservation. We are glad we found this place on Google maps. Definitely will be returning!

Bruno Storchi Bergmann

Went here for brunch with my parents and brother. Most meals were pretty good. I felt a bit tricked with the dish I ordered though. It was written in the menu that I was ordering a fish filet with some vegetables under a french dish title (yellowfin tuna viçoise). Turned out it was pretty much just a salad with some pan seared tuna pieces. A 24 dollar dish that is hardly sufficient for a hungry adult. The burger my dad had was very good (I had a taste). The eggs and steak were good as well, but I think the steak could have been jucier. My dish is a good option for someone on a diet, which I actually need and therefore wasn’t that upset about it. Mimosa was fine but I am pretty sure they use pasteurized orange juice. The ambience and service were both fine. It’s not an expensive place, therefore overall a very decent value.

Jennifer Y

The perfect brunch experience. I had the croque monsieur and crab Benedict with truffle fries. All so good. Cocktails & wine rounded out the menu. The waitstaff was so lovely and pleasant I would def return.

Taylor Wisler

Friendly service and a cool atmosphere here. The food and service time really left something to be desired though. It took a good 45 minutes to get our food, and the appetizers we ordered when we also ordered dinner didn’t come out until they came with dinner. Some of the food was room temperature by the time it came out. It was strange too, since the place wasn’t full and it seemed like there were enough people working. So really just not sure why things took so long. When we finally did get the food it was ok, but for the price ($25-40 per entree) it was disappointing to get such a small portion that wasn’t even all warm. Overall, this place wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t great either, probably won’t come back.


We came here for my fiancé’s birthday dinner and it was great. Super attentive service, amazing food, awesome cocktails, great atmosphere. Would absolutely come back.

Rits M

Cute place with good service and average food. Might be better for dinner but is a simple and easy option for lunch and breakfast. I came here in the afternoon for lunch. Staff is super friendly and accommodating. They got us seats and menus immediately.

I tried the salmon omlette – they only have a salmon frittata but they made it into an omlette for me. We also tried the crab cake which was all crab – really no fillers at all – which I appreciated. I think the quality and the ingredients are great but the food did feel like it was lacking a little in flavor and imagination. Again- still a really good solid spot for a simple meal. I liked my omlette a good deal though I did think it was heavier on the cheese than it needed to be (might be an American touch)

The space itself is light bright and airy and you don’t feel like youre cramped in. Might be covid protocols in place at this time as well.

I would be back if I’m in the area for a casual meal.

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