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Resto » COTE Korean Steakhouse Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

COTE Korean Steakhouse Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

COTE Korean Steakhouse

Address: 16 W 22nd St, New York, NY 10010

Restaurant Type: Steak house

Phone: (212) 401-7986

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.6


COTE Korean Steakhouse Directions

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What Time Does COTE Korean Steakhouse Open?

Tuesday,: 5 to 11PM

Wednesday,: 5 to 11PM

Thursday,: 5 to 11PM

Friday,: 5 to 11PM

Saturday,: 5 to 11PM

Sunday,: 5 to 11PM

Monday,: 5 to 11PM

COTE Korean Steakhouse Directions

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COTE Korean Steakhouse Reviews


I arrived with super high expectations and most were all met! The host is super professional and courteous. Our reservation was for a party of four, but half the party was running late. We were assured that they will do their best to accommodate us and were guided to the bar for drinks. The Peace for Ukraine is a great drink itself and they are donating $10 for every drink sold, to relief efforts in Ukraine. Once the entire party arrived, we were promptly seated and ordered the Butcher’s Feast for four, the oysters with caviar from east and west coast, and lots of drinks. Everything was great, our waiter was attentive and great. I will say that those responsible for the changing of the dishes/utensils appeared to be new or could use better training in terms of handling the food instead of handling the meat or the dishes. There were several occasions I thought my plate was going to fly off the table. I would come back here if I was craving Cote, but there are certainly other options out there that are easier to get reservations at. The price is certainly fair and on the cheaper end. If seafood options were added, Cote will be a game changer. Overall, it was a good meal. I want to try the outdoors dining next time, although; you’d steak is cooked outside.

Danielle Lloyd

Loved our experience at Cote. The restaurant was very energetic and vibe-y and the service was excellent. From John the host through to Cameron the bartender and Amir our waiter, we were very well taken care of. The staff were friendly and the food and drinks were exceptional. We did the Butcher’s Feast, which was a perfect sampling of various different cuts of steak, all of which were beautifully tender and flavourful. The side dishes were also all very tasty and complemented the balanced flavour of the meat, which was allowed to shine without too many sauces or help from spices. Definitely recommend and would absolutely go back!

Nathan Tondow

It took a while to get a reservation but Cote is well worth the wait. Ambiance, amazing service and incredible food.

My wife booked us a reservation for four on a Tuesday night. I highly recommend ordering the Butchers Feast if you’re with a group of 4+. Great variety of meats. We also ordered the Korean Bacon and Kobe beef. Kobe beef was good but the serving size hardly makes it worth while ($75/oz).

Meat is cooked perfectly to your liking directly in front of you. Staff is incredibly attentive and informed.

The ice cream at the end is the perfect ending.

One of the best Korean BBQ experiences I’ve had in NYC.


Probably the most grand and tastiest steakhouse I have ever been to. All the different cuts of meat just melts into my mouth. Especially the Kobe beef I have never tasted beef this fresh before. We ended up paying around $250 a person but we also had wine with it. In the end, I think the price was pretty justifiable! I 10/10 will recommend my friends to go there to celebrate birthdays but one sad thing is the reservation was super duper hard to make!!


Cocktails were fantastic. I got the one washed with MSG, which I initially thought would be odd, but was refreshing and tasty. Would get again.

The meal was amazing. Being Korean, I didn’t have high hopes, as I’ve been burned by these fancy, new, fusion type restaurants in the past with experimental dishes that don’t taste nearly as good as the original. Appreciate the effort, but sometimes it’s just not good. However, Cote actually stuck a lot closer to traditional than I thought. All the side dishes and stews were very traditional flavors and each one was done so well. Even the red bean paste was noticeably good, better than what you typically buy straight from the store. Kind of odd to have such high quality meats with these traditional ways to enhance lower quality meats, but it was new and the options and combinations were fun to play with.

Tasnim Hossain

The waiters are incredibly nice. The eastern oysters were amazing I’d definitely order them again.
The Korean Bacon as well with the jalapeños were great.
As for the meat itself I had hoped we had more flavors instead of lettuce and a steak sauce but it was delicious as well. The Master Bandit drink is incredible I had 3 myself

Timothy Bracken

Confusion with the reservation process but altogether it was the best experience we’ve ever had. Service was fantastic, staff was professional but seated us despite getting our reservation wrong. They should improve their reservation process but the party of 3 was odd so I understand.

Tried many places around the city and this has got to be my #1 so far.

Food was absolutely fantastic, meat cuts were delicious. Portions were perfect. Mushrooms and side dishes were fresh, from the beginning til the end (felt like a work of art rather than the consumption of food) .

Bathrooms were amazing too. Felt like a 5 star hotel with plush tissues and ambient lighting was imperative in setting the mood for the rest of the dining experience.

We also got the dinner special , lamb chops from Colorado 24 a pop but it was worth it! So fresh and luscious ! Blown away by the fat. Every dish contrasted with each other in harmony. It was definitely a story that was being told throughout the whole process. The well trained waiters knew exactly where and when to pick up in terms of cooking the meat for us.

Lastly, price was reasonable for a party of 3 , Will be coming back!

Gerson Reynoza

Well deserving of their Michelin star! Everything from beginning to end is incredible. The Korean Bacon is delicious and melts in your mouth. The paella is crispy and full of flavor. The highlight for us was the Butcher’s feast. This feast is incredible, four different cuts of meat all are so unique and delicious, with various sides that are just as unique. Our server, Noelle, really made our experience one to remember. She walked us through everything and shared some of her favorite combinations of meat and side to elevate the already delicious food. The soy sauce Caramel ice cream at the end was so delightful and a perfect way to close the feast. Highly recommend this restaurant and look forward to coming back!

Daisy de Santiago

This place was amazing!! Everything we had was delicious and it was such a fun experience. Our server was a little surly, but that didn’t stop us from having a good time. The atmosphere is lively and great for group dining. I most certainly will come back to this restaurant.

Nelson Young

Everybody on staff was super friendly and professional. Our server was very informative on the cuts and the plates of the Butcher’s Feast. Very impressive wine list. Will highly recommend to friends and family. If there was one negative, we waited 15 minutes at the bar to be seated, but the quality of the food was worth the wait.

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