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Craft Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)


Address: 43 E 19th St, New York, NY 10003

Restaurant Type: Fine dining restaurant

Phone: (212) 780-0880

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.6


Craft Directions

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What Time Does Craft Open?

Tuesday,: 5 to 9PM

Wednesday,: 5 to 9PM

Thursday,: 5 to 9PM

Friday,: 5 to 10PM

Saturday,: 5 to 10PM

Sunday,: 5 to 9PM

Monday,: 5 to 9PM

Craft Directions

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Craft Reviews

Ashley Juliano

This was likely one of the best meals I’ve ever had in New York City, and I have been to hundreds of places. Making a reservation was extremely easy and adjusting short notice was accommodating, since our plans changed last minute. My partner and I and expected the a la carte menu but when we asked about the tasting menu, they said they had a few left and we knew we had to try it (we also got the wine pairings $$$). FYI – you usually have to book the tasting menu in advanced, but they were able to squeeze us in because there were extras.

I knew the meal was going to be special, but I didn’t think it was going to blow my mind the way it did. Each course was new and different, fresh and flavorful. The wait and wine staff were EXTREMELY friendly and helpful.

Will be back and will be recommending to EVERYONE.

Keniel L

Went here for my birthday. Tasting menu with wine pairing is a must. I love tasting new and adventurous things. Definitely recommend this if you are into new foods and tasting menus. Did I mention wine!!! There were lots of pours of wine..

Chris Nichols

Craft is a solid choice only degraded by the price. For $25 for a gem house salad, I want it brilliant. Other than being slightly over priced for the value, the service was good but I kept having to ask for utensils. The food was solid but a little salty which I consider getting lazy. The Cod, broccolini, and bread were very good. Ribs were above average. The desserts were also both tasty and creative. Overall, this place should be in your NYC rotation.

Weijie Li

Food was delicious, especially the duck that was incredibly tender and just perfect all around. Not overly dim and quite spaced out interior but still a very intimate space, perfect for a slow dinner with some wine.

Olivia Denham

I have been a fan of Tom Colicchio for almost twenty years. A friend flew into NYC for the first time for a celebration and decided Craft needed to be apart of the itinerary.

The Good.
We decided ahead of time to get the tasting menu. I can happily say it did not disappoint. I thought the progression was well thought out, and each dish was balanced with surprise ingredient pairings that delighted your palate. The portions were also very adequate. The standout for both of us was the duck and Kumquats. The food component gets 4/4 stars.

Room for improvement
1. When we arrived, we were promptly seated but were both wearing heavy coats that we had to shove in the booth. I saw later there was in fact a coat check; we just were never offered it.
2. There is an accompanying wine pairing with the tasting menu. I had asked if someone could walk us through a description of the wine pairings. Instead, we were simply given the menu. After deciding to then order a la carte, there were various lulls that we found ourselves sucking on ice of our empty cocktails during the 3.5 hour tasting experience.
3. We had come to Craft for a celebration that I had written out a note on our reservation (because it asked). This celebration was never noted or acknowledged in anyway. The lack of service and attention to detail is something I would expect from a pop up, not an established restaurant.
4. The last service fail was the bathroom. The hand towels had overflown from the basket area provided, and were scattered all over the bathroom floor. Again, expected more attention to detail.

Overall, we would return again and are excited to see how this tasting menu progresses. I understand the service components can be day to day, especially with staff shortages and the challenging labor experience that Covid has created.

Eric Mundt

Extremely strong service by staff going to the last detail such as pouring wine while holding the base and ensuring label is directed toward you (small but intentional detail). Duck was unbeatable. Pricing does represent that quality but for a proper occasion it is a great meal. Ideal for team dinners, guys night out, or client meal.

Chris Flanigan

Being a fan of Tom’s for years, our visit to Craft was highly anticipated. Our expectations for our meal and experience were exceeded.

We started with the wild arugula salad and the complimentary French sourdough. We then received an amuse-bouche of chilled potato leek soup. My wife ordered the ricotta agnolotti and I ordered the rigatoni with white bolognese. We finished with the toasted marshmallow semifreddo.

We also had a couple of cocktails – she had the Bee Sting and I had the Black Widow. Amazing cocktails!!! The Black Widow was a riff on a Boulevardier and it was absolutely fantastic.

This was easily one of the best meals we’ve had in a long time.

Dennis Garrett

Refined posh upscale restaurant at the top of its game. Highly knowledgeable waitstaff along with a welcoming host staff makes for a pleasurable dining experience. Wide ranging menu touch all the right notes.Competent wine selection. Service lagged somewhat at the end of the meal with a noticeable delay in clearing the table. Not what one would expect at this price point. That aside, it is still a special occasion restaurant to add to one must visit list.

Caroline Haruki

We had a wonderful dinner at Craft. The staff were very kind and the atmosphere of the restaurant had a welcoming and relaxing feeling. We loved how they offered family style, because then we were able to share everything with each other and sample a variety of amazing dishes. The risotto had a perfect balance of flavors, as did the black bass, squid ink pasta, and rigatoni. The sides of potatoes and mushrooms were fantastic as well. Be sure to save room for dessert at the end! We ordered the toasted marshmallow semifreddo, the apple tarte tatin, the chocolate soufflé, and the spiced sugar donuts. At first, we planned to only have a couple bites to taste. However, it was too good to resist and ended up devouring it all! My favorite was the apple tarte tatin with the vanilla gelato on top. We will definitely be back for another delicious meal!

Jessie Miller

We had an amazing dinner at Craft. Everything was excellent, from cocktails to dessert, and especially loved the use of seasonal ingredients. The restaurant accommodated our group (7 ppl) and various food allergies. The wine selection was also incredible.

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