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Resto » Departure Restaurant + Lounge Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Departure Restaurant + Lounge Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Departure Restaurant + Lounge

Address: 525 SW Morrison St 15th Floor 15th Floor, Portland, OR 97204

Restaurant Type: Restaurant

Phone: (503) 802-5370

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.4


Departure Restaurant + Lounge Directions

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What Time Does Departure Restaurant + Lounge Open?

Tuesday,: Closed

Wednesday,: 4 to 11PM

Thursday,: 4 to 11PM

Friday,: 4 to 11PM

Saturday,: 4 to 11PM

Sunday,: 4 to 11PM

Monday,: Closed

Departure Restaurant + Lounge Directions

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Departure Restaurant + Lounge Reviews

Maud Cappelle

Went there on a Friday night with some work mates: this is a rooftop restaurant, views are stunning from the terrace.
There’s a large choice of options to pick from: each plate is a minimum of $15-$20, I found the wine pretty expensive regardless of its origin.
Service is very good and some of the plates were really tasty, others were more average.
Looks like it is famous thanks to a TV show.

Monique Ramos

Great place! Great views of the city. Pricy meal but it was an amazing experience and well worth every penny. Our waiter was so friendly and bubbly he left a lasting impression on us. The oysters were out of this world amazing! Would absolutely return!

Bryan Simmons

We enjoyed the prix fixe “Experience” tonight, and all the dishes were an amazing Asian based complex mix of flavors that just made you smile. You could pair with staff picked wine or sake, and the presentation was also amazing. The staff provided excellent customer service.

Sun Family

Came here for a birthday celebration and also for their experience menu. We have been here multiple times when Chef Greg Gourdet used to be there but since they reopened, this was our first visit.
Atmosphere is pretty much the same as before, but music is way too loud. Hard to carry a conversation as we had to compete with the noise. Servers are friendly and attentive.
Food came in reasonable time but everything was just a tad too stingy (small) and salty. My husband and brother in law were still hungry after 4 courses and dessert. It would be good if they actually increase the portions slightly especially if they are charging $55 and $70 for the 3 or 4 course meals.
It’s a good place if you’re wanting to be up top to see Portland from high up. Food wise, I would probably only visit during HH.

Stephen Donnelly

Had a fantastic birthday meal here and a nice walk around pioneer square after. Reserved a table for their “experience” which is a multi-course meal. Absolutely would do it again

Service was friendly and helpful in navigating the options for each round

Heads up for reservations: opentable quotes the experience at $55, and there is actually a $70 option when you get there. One is three courses and the other is four courses.

Alex Moreno

Other then the blonde person in the front, the service was top notch. Our waiter was fantastic, the drinks he recommended were on point! The oysters were great, the sashimi was bomb, the bass was good. However the wings, scallops, and buns weren’t special. I don’t think this was worth $280 (3 drinks each + 2, three course meals). I wish we would have done tapas ! Regardless, the food just didn’t hit the mark. Portland has a high standard for good food, Departure didn’t live up to that standard last night. The flavors weren’t potent enough. The locations scenery was very cool, we did appreciate that.

Daniel Ray

Phenomenal restaurant with amazing views of Portland. I had the sashimi appetizer, the crab sushi, pork belly, and fried scallops and each dish was fantastic. If I had to choose my favorite it would have to be the scallops, they were perfectly done and I savored each bite. They have a huge wine and liquor menu as well with some very nice options. I will definitely be coming back


Departure was a fantastic dinning experience. The food was off the hook delicious, and the beverage selection is very nice as well. You can order ala carte, or a 3 or 4 course tasting meals, dessert is an additional add on. Either way you choose to go, you’re going to have amazing options and chosing won’t be easy. The courses are just a bit bigger then a tapas (appetizer) but are quite adequate and satisfying. The food is prepared and plated and served with the highest thought and care. Departure is an upscale but casual restaurant with an amazing view. A reservation is advisable since they are very popular and for a good reason. I can’t leave out the amazing service staff who did not miss even the smallest detail in assuring your experience was second to none. I would encourage you to really focus on the whole experience because it’s never just about one thing, it’s the whole package. As I always like to say, remember to be mindful, be happy and always be the best you. ☺️

Bridget Bimrose

I really enjoyed the new experience menu options! Lots to choose from and well priced. The food was spectacular and the service is always fantastic. Stunning views and a futuristic vibe; one of my favorite establishments.

Raman Pfaff

Just here for a drink and the view/experience. The music is superb, along with the view and staff. The wine by the glass selection is rather limited. The rooftop view is superb. The Pino Gris was decent so if looking for a dry white this was the best choice. If the wine choice was better this would have easily been a five star.

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