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Did Dairy Queen get rid of cherry dip?

Cherry dip is a beloved menu item at Dairy Queen that has been offered for decades. It’s a creamy, sweet dip made with vanilla soft serve and cherry topping. Recently, some Dairy Queen fans have noticed that cherry dip seems to be missing from menus and have wondered if it has been discontinued.

What is cherry dip at Dairy Queen?

Cherry dip, also sometimes called a cherry dip cone, is a signature treat at Dairy Queen. It features the chain’s famous soft serve ice cream that is dipped in a tangy and sweet cherry-flavored topping.

The dip is made from the restaurant’s vanilla soft serve, which has a light, creamy, and smooth texture. The soft serve is then dipped into a bright red, syrupy cherry sauce. The cherry sauce has a nice balance of sweet and tart cherry flavor. It helps cut the richness of the creamy soft serve.

Cherry dip first appeared on Dairy Queen menus in the 1950s. It quickly became popular because of the combination of the unmistakable soft serve paired with the burst of cherry flavor. Customers could get the dip with a cone or on its own in a cup.

The sweet treat has developed into a signature menu item that has been sold for over 60 years. It provides a nostalgic taste of classic Dairy Queen soft serve with a fun twist.

Has Dairy Queen discontinued cherry dip?

Dairy Queen has not officially discontinued cherry dip on a nationwide scale. The item can still be found at many locations across the country.

However, some individual Dairy Queen franchise locations may have chosen to remove cherry dip from their menus. With over 7,000 locations, menu options can vary from one store to another.

There are a few reasons why certain locations may have gotten rid of cherry dip:

  • Low sales – Stores with poor cherry dip sales likely removed it due to low demand.
  • Shortages – Supply chain shortages may have caused issues getting cherry topping.
  • Higher costs – Increasing costs of ingredients may have led stores to cut lower performing menu items.
  • New menu focus – Locations may be shifting focus to newer or more popular menu options.

So while cherry dip is still available from Dairy Queen, finding it will depend on if your local franchise chooses to carry it. Certain locations cutting the item from menus has led some customers to mistakenly think it has been universally discontinued.

Where can you still get Dairy Queen cherry dip?

Although availability varies by location, there are still many Dairy Queen stores that serve cherry dip. Here are some tips to help find where it’s still offered near you:

  • Check menus – Many locations list cherry dip online or on menus if they sell it.
  • Call ahead – You can call your store first to ask if they carry cherry dip.
  • Ask employees – Asking staff is the best way to confirm in-person if cherry dip can be ordered.
  • Search online – Some websites like Yelp may indicate in reviews if a store sells it.
  • Visit multiple locations – Trying different franchises in your area can help find one still serving it.

Getting cherry dip can sometimes take a bit of investigating, but it is still offered at many Dairy Queens, especially in certain regions. With a bit of searching, you should be able to find a store in your area that carries the classic dip.

Why do some Dairy Queens no longer offer it?

For the Dairy Queen locations that have removed cherry dip, there are a few likely reasons behind the decision:

1. Lagging popularity

Cherry dip seems to not be ordered as frequently today at some stores. With so many new and trendy menu items, classic options like cherry dip have slipped in popularity amongst some customers. Slow sales of the dip likely led a number of stores to discontinue it.

2. Higher costs

Both the vanilla soft serve and cherry topping that are used in cherry dips have increased in cost over the years. Having to buy ingredients at higher prices cuts into profits from a low-selling item like cherry dip. This has motivated some franchises to cut the offering to improve financials.

3. More complex to make

Dairy Queen has moved towards promoting simpler treat options that are easy to make in high volumes. Specialty dips like cherry add complexity that slows down service. The tedious dipping process led some stores to feel the unique treat didn’t justify the work.

4. Supply chain issues

Ongoing supply chain disruptions have caused shortages for some ingredients used by Dairy Queen. Limited availability of cherry topping may have forced stores to temporarily halt offering cherry dip.

Will Dairy Queen bring back cherry dip?

There is always a possibility that individual franchises bring back cherry dip to their locations if demand returns and supply issues subside. However, Dairy Queen as a whole has not indicated any plans to return cherry dip to all restaurant menus.

The dip’s availability seems to now depend on local interest. Stores with loyal cherry dip fans will be the most likely to offer it. But franchises may choose not to reinstate it if they feel newer menu options are more profitable.

Some hope remains that Dairy Queen could return cherry dip to being a permanent nationwide menu item again someday. But for now, the best chance of getting this cool, creamy treat is visiting a location that has continued serving the classic dip.


Cherry dip’s disappearance from some Dairy Queen locations led to rumors it had been completely discontinued. But the unique soft serve treat can still be found at many restaurants across the country. Specific franchises chose to cut the item due to slowing sales, higher costs, and supply issues. However, dip devotees can usually track the item down with some searching. And there’s always the possibility Dairy Queen returns cherry dip as a permanent menu fixture again if customer demand is strong enough.