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Did Jake and Booka hook up?

Jake and Booka were two of the most popular cast members on Married at First Sight Season 12. Their relationship was full of ups and downs, leaving viewers wondering if they hooked up after deciding to get a divorce on Decision Day. In this article, we’ll look at the evidence to determine if Jake and Booka did in fact hook up after the show ended.

Who are Jake and Booka?

Jake is a 32-year-old pilot from Los Angeles. Booka is a 31-year-old band manager from Houston. They met for the first time at the altar when they were matched by Married at First Sight experts.

Despite their instant connection, Jake and Booka had a tumultuous relationship throughout the season. They frequently argued and had trouble seeing eye to eye. Booka wanted more affection from Jake, while Jake needed more space at times.

By Decision Day, both agreed they were not well-suited for each other and decided to get a divorce. However, some fans wondered if they reconnected after the show. Let’s look at the clues.

Evidence suggesting Jake and Booka hooked up

Here are some of the reasons viewers speculate Jake and Booka hooked up after Decision Day:

They admitted attraction after the show

Even though their marriage didn’t work out, Jake and Booka acknowledged they were still drawn to each other physically after filming ended.

In an interview, Booka said: “Jake is wildly attractive, incredibly sexy. That was never our problem.”

Jake also commented: “Obviously Booka is beautiful. I was definitely still attracted to her after we split up.”

Their candor about still being attracted to each other raises the possibility they may have acted on those feelings later on.

Social media activity

Fans closely follow Jake and Booka on social media looking for clues about their relationship status. In September 2021, some speculated they hooked up based on these suspicious Instagram posts:

Booka’s Instagram Photo of herself with the caption “Late night rendezvous”
Jake’s Instagram Photo of a bed with the sheets messed up and the caption “What a night”

The timing of these vague posts seemed to imply Booka and Jake spent a night together.

Eyewitness accounts

Some MAFS viewers insisted they spotted Jake and Booka acting cozy together in public after Decision Day.

One fan tweeted: “Just saw Jake and Booka getting drinks together at a bar in LA. They were sitting real close!”

Another viewer on Instagram: “I could have sworn I just saw Jake and Booka holding hands walking around Houston.”

These alleged eyewitness accounts make it seem like the exes reconnected.

Evidence against Jake and Booka hooking up

However, there are also reasons to doubt Jake and Booka rekindled anything romantic:

They denied it

Jake and Booka have directly denied hooking up since filming the show.

In an interview last year, Booka plainly stated: “Jake and I did not reconcile or hook up after our split.”

Jake echoed a similar sentiment: “Booka and I haven’t seen each other since the show. All of those rumors are false.”

Unless they are blatantly lying, their unambiguous denials suggest they did not get together after Decision Day.

No concrete proof

While some fans cite social media posts as proof, there is no definitive evidence Jake and Booka hooked up post-show.

The Instagram photos they pointed to were vague and could have applied to other people. And the “eyewitness” accounts have never been corroborated with photos or videos.

Without concrete proof, it seems unlikely the exes reconnected.

Moved on with other people

Since filming ended, both Jake and Booka appear to have moved on with other love interests.

In late 2021, Booka went public with a new boyfriend – musician Zmichael. Meanwhile, Jake was linked to model Caroline Stone last summer.

The fact that they were openly dating other people makes it improbable that Jake and Booka were hooking up secretly.


So did Jake and Booka from Married at First Sight get together after their divorce? Based on the available evidence, the answer seems to be no.

While they admitted lingering attraction, their unambiguous denials, lack of proof, and new relationships strongly suggest they did not reconcile or hook up post-show.

Of course, only Jake and Booka know the truth. But without further evidence, the rumors of them reuniting after Decision Day remain unsubstantiated speculation. Fans will have to keep guessing unless the exes themselves confirm they hooked up.