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Did Tanjiro make Sun breathing 13 form?

Tanjiro Kamado is the main protagonist of the popular anime and manga series Demon Slayer. He is a demon slayer who utilizes a breath style called Sun Breathing, which is considered the first and most powerful breath style. There has been some debate among fans whether Tanjiro actually created the 13 forms of Sun Breathing himself or simply learned them from his ancestors. In this article, we will analyze the evidence from the manga and anime to determine if Tanjiro did indeed create the Sun Breathing forms.

Background on Breath Styles

In Demon Slayer, breath styles are specific fighting techniques that demon slayers utilize to battle demons. They originate from the first Breath user, Yoriichi Tsugikuni, who created the first and most powerful breath style called Sun Breathing. Sun Breathing has 12 forms, representing the 12 months and time, along with a 13th secret form. After Yoriichi, his descendants and other demon slayers developed derivative breath styles based on Sun Breathing, like Water Breathing, Wind Breathing, etc. Each style has its own forms and techniques.

Tanjiro utilizes Sun Breathing, having learned it from his ancestors. His family has secretly passed down the Sun Breathing forms for generations through a special dance. Tanjiro initially only knows the dance and has no knowledge of real combat using Sun Breathing.

Evidence Tanjiro Did Not Create Sun Breathing

There is substantial evidence indicating Tanjiro did not create the 13 forms of Sun Breathing himself, but rather inherited them from his ancestors:

Sun Breathing Originated with Yoriichi Tsugikuni

As mentioned previously, Sun Breathing was created hundreds of years ago by the first Breath user Yoriichi Tsugikuni. He is the original creator of all 13 forms.

Tanjiro’s Family Secretly Passed Down Sun Breathing for Generations

It is revealed in the manga and anime that Tanjiro’s family has secretly passed down the traditions of Sun Breathing for generations through a ceremonial dance. This implies the Kamado family has been preserving the Sun Breathing forms since the time of Yoriichi, not creating them new.

Tanjiro Did Not Initially Know the Combat Applications

When Tanjiro first becomes a demon slayer, he only knows the ceremonial dance of Sun Breathing. He does not actually know how to fight using Sun Breathing techniques. This demonstrates he inherited just the forms themselves, not the practical fighting knowledge, from his ancestors.

Tanjiro Is Taught How to Apply Sun Breathing in Battle

Tanjiro’s master, Sakonji Urokodaki, has to teach Tanjiro how to properly utilize Sun Breathing in combat against demons. This suggests Tanjiro did not create the techniques, but rather just possessed the forms and needed guidance on applying Sun Breathing.

Tanjiro Is Surprised to Learn About Sun Breathing’s History

When Tanjiro first hears the history of Yoriichi and Sun Breathing, he is shocked and unaware of these origins. If Tanjiro had created Sun Breathing himself, he would not be surprised to learn the historical background.

Evidence Potentially Supporting Tanjiro’s Creation of Sun Breathing

While it seems clear Tanjiro did not invent Sun Breathing, there are some story aspects that may imply Tanjiro had a more active role:

Tanjiro Utilizes Some Unique Sun Breathing Moves

In his battles, Tanjiro displays subtle variations and techniques within the Sun Breathing forms that other characters do not use. This could suggest Tanjiro modified the existing forms over time.

Tanjiro Is Able to Expand on Sun Breathing

As he grows stronger, Tanjiro demonstrates an ability to adapt Sun Breathing to new situations and create new techniques like Sun Breathing: Overflow. This may imply he has a very intimate understanding of the forms to expand on them.

Tanjiro’s Dance Could Have Modified Sun Breathing Over Time

While the Kamado family dance was meant to pass down Sun Breathing, it is possible alterations were made to the forms over generations. Subtle changes within the family dance could have led to modifications.

However, these points are speculative and do not provide concrete evidence Tanjiro invented the core 13 forms. More likely, he made some personalized enhancements over time.


After reviewing the evidence from the Demon Slayer manga and anime, it is clear that Tanjiro did not create the original 13 forms of Sun Breathing. These techniques originated hundreds of years ago with Yoriichi Tsugikuni, and were secretly passed down through generations of Tanjiro’s ancestors. While Tanjiro may have added his own personalized flair and enhancements to Sun Breathing over time, he did not invent the core techniques himself. The story makes multiple references to Tanjiro inheriting Sun Breathing from his family’s dance traditions, rather than developing the forms on his own. So in conclusion, Tanjiro did not make the 13 forms of Sun Breathing, but masterfully utilized his family’s inherited techniques in his own unique fighting style as a demon slayer.

Summary of Evidence

Evidence Tanjiro Did Not Create Sun Breathing Evidence Potentially Supporting Tanjiro’s Creation
  • Sun Breathing originated with Yoriichi Tsugikuni hundreds of years ago
  • Tanjiro’s family passed down Sun Breathing through generations via dance
  • Tanjiro only knew the dance initially, not combat application
  • Tanjiro had to be taught by Urokodaki how to use Sun Breathing in battle
  • Tanjiro was unaware of the history of Sun Breathing and Yoriichi
  • Tanjiro utilizes some unique Sun Breathing moves
  • Tanjiro demonstrates ability to expand on techniques
  • Alterations to family dance may have modified forms over time