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Did Thor and Sif have a child?

No, Thor and Sif did not have a child together. There is only minimal evidence in the comics that suggests they may have had a casual romantic relationship, which typically involves a mutual agreement that they are not looking to exclusively pursue other romantic partners and will remain loyal to each other.

However, even if they were romantically involved, there is no known evidence that they ever had a child together.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), their relationship is even less clear. They are shown to interact on a friendly and professional level, but there is nothing to suggest they have ever been romantically involved.

The only known offspring of Thor is his daughter, an Asgardian known as Angela. However, she was not conceived through Sif and was actually fathered by Odin due to a very complicated and convoluted plan.

Who did Thor have a child with?

Thor had a child with a female Elder of the Universe named Ego the Living Planet. The two of them actually had a relationship before Thor realized that Ego was his father. The child was a result of their union and had immense power that rivaled Thor’s.

The child was named Ogata, and the two were able to bond over the incredible power they both possessed. Unfortunately, not long after her birth, Ogata was taken away from her parents and clutched in the arms of a mysterious enemy named Malekith.

Malekith sought to raise Ogata as a weapon against Thor, but she had other plans. Instead, she chose to protect the Universe and this would lead to her ultimate fate. Thor and Ego were devastated by the loss, realizing they had both been cruel and conniving towards each other in order to have a child.

Despite coming to terms with Ogata’s fate, they still have a deep bond and will continue to look out for each other and the Universe going forward.

How many children does Thor have in Marvel?

Thor has four known children in the Marvel universe – three with Earth characters and one with a goddess. His eldest child is a girl named Angela, born of a liaison with a leader of the angel-like Heven race and taken in by Odin.

His second child is Magni, born of the goddess of fertility, Jord, after Thor saved her and her people from Surtur, the fire giant of Muspelheim. His third and fourth children are the recently revealed boys, Modi and Buri, born of the warrior goddess Sif –– Thor’s long-time companion and lover.

In recent comics, Thor has also become the adoptive father of the Asgardian Fryja and her young daughter, Howla, adopting them into his royal family.

Who is the mother of Thor’s daughter?

The mother of Thor’s daughter is Lady Sif, a warrior goddess from Asgard whose ancestry is unknown. First introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in Thor (2011), she is a close colleague and longtime friend of Thor.

Sif is a skilled warrior, loyal and brave. In Thor: The Dark World (2013), it is revealed that Sif, who has become a renowned warrior, has a daughter with Thor, named Elliða, who is prophesied to become either a great queen or warrior.

However, their relationship is never explored in detail and no further information about their relationship is provided in the MCU movies. Outside the MCU, in various Marvel Comics, Sif is a recurring but non-canonical character, who at various points in time, has had a romantic relationship with Thor.

In these comics, it is revealed that Thor and Sif had a daughter named Lindy, who is a demigoddess.

How many wives did Thor have?

Thor, the god of thunder in Norse mythology, is believed to have had three wives throughout his mythology.

The first was the goddess Sif, who Thor married and had a son, Ullr, with. Sif was a goddess associated with nature and fertility, and in some ways could be seen as a “mother” goddess in Norse mythology.

The second wife of Thor was Járnsaxa, a giantess and an earthly goddess. She bore Thor two sons, Magni and Modi, who were both said to be strong, brave, and fearless like their father.

Finally, it has been said that Thor also potentially had a third wife, named Dellinger. Dellinger is often seen as a later addition to Thor’s wives, and some argue she is more of a concubine than a spouse.

Consequently, her origin stories and relationships vary depending on which texts and stories you read.

Overall, Thor is believed to have had three wives throughout Norse mythology: Sif, Járnsaxa, and potentially Dellinger.

Is Thor’s daughter his real daughter?

Yes, Thor’s daughter is his real daughter. Her name is Rachel, and she was born from an affair Thor had with the goddess of fertility, Jord. This came as a surprise to many of Thor’s family and friends, as he had been posing as a human for many years.

Despite this, Rachel’s existence has been accepted by the Gods, and was seen as a blessing as Rachel has proven to be a powerful individual with a kind heart. Being Thor’s daughter also gives her a connection to the Asgardians, and even her homeland of Midgard.

It is clear that Thor loves and cares deeply for his daughter, and they have shared many adventures together. Rachel continues to be an important part of the Asgardian universe and a valued member of Thor’s family.

Who is the daughter in Thor Love and Thunder?

Thor Love and Thunder is the upcoming Marvel Studios sequel to the Thor movie franchise, starring Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, and Natalie Portman. Portman will be reprising her role as Jane Foster, a character first introduced in Thor (2011).

However, since the events of the film, her character has taken on a new mantle as she will now be playing the role of the Mighty Thor in Love and Thunder. The film will explore Jane’s journey as she learns to wield the hammer Mjolnir and become the hero she was always meant to be.

Additionally, Jane will also be the adoptive mother of an adult daughter named Maggie, portrayed by actress Rachel House. Maggie is a new character created for the film, and is expected to add humor and heart to the storyline.

As the film unfolds, we will see Jane form bonds with both her daughter and the powerful hammer Mjolnir.

Who is Gorr’s daughter Marvel?

Gorr’s daughter Marvel is a fictional character from Marvel Comics who was created by writer and artist Esad Ribic. She first appeared in Ragnarok (2012). She is the daughter of the Asgardian god Gorr, God of Godbutchers.

Marvel is a powerful warrior, and one of the few who can fight on par with the Asgardian gods. She is most commonly associated with Asgardian legend, the Sagas of Asgard, and was at the center of a particularly dramatic storyline spanning a few issues of Thor.

Marvel is not a character of Asgardian origin. She was born on a distant world called Muspelheim, a realm that had been conquered by Gorr the God Butcher. During her time there, she was known as the Daughter of Gorr, and was among the few survivors of his purging of the world.

Along with her mother, a former prisoner of Gorr, they escaped to Asgard, where they sought refuge.

Marvel was eventually taken in by King Odin and groomed in the ways of battle. With the help of Thor and his fellow Avengers, Marvel was ultimately able to stop Gorr’s campaign of terror, thus earning her place in Asgardian legend.

Afterward, Marvel continued to fight alongside Asgard and later with the Super Heroes. She was a key member of the God Squad, a group of gods from multiple pantheons who banded together to battle Gilgamesh and other threats.

Marvel was also involved in the War of the Realms saga, fighting against Malekith and his forces as one of the most vital players in the war.

Today, Marvel remains an important part of the Marvel Universe — a heroic figure who draws inspiration from Asgardian legend. She is a testament to the power of belief and will be a role model to many for generations to come.

Is Hela Thor’s sister or Loki’s daughter?

Hela is not either Thor’s sister or Loki’s daughter. She is the daughter of Odin, the All-father and ruler of Asgard, and the Asgardian goddess of death. Hela was the appointed executioner of Asgard and is the Goddess of Death in Norse mythology.

She is one of the most powerful entities in the universe and her powers rival that of other Asgardian Gods. She is known for her ability to manipulate cosmic energy to create weapons and other objects, as well as controlling the dead.

She is also very durable, making her the perfect executioner of Asgard. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Hela is portrayed as Thor’s half-sister, though this is not actually the case in Norse mythology.

Are Thor and Sif a couple?

No, Thor and Sif are not a couple. Thor and Sif have been close allies since childhood and have a strong friendship. They have a deep bond and genuine respect for each other, however, they are not romantically involved.

Additionally, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sif has a romantic relationship with another Asgardian, the warrior Volstagg. In the comics, Sif has also had various romantic relationships with various characters, such as Balder the Brave and The Executioner; however, Thor has only ever been portrayed as being close friends with Sif and the other Asgardian warriors.

Does Thor have a relationship with Sif?

Yes, Thor and Sif have a very unique relationship in the Marvel comic book universe. The two are known to be best friends, but there is also romantic tension between them. It’s often been suggested that the two have an unrequited love for each other, and that Sif yearns for Thor’s affection, though Thor does not return her feelings.

However, despite their complex relationship, the two continue to maintain a strong friendship and often work together to protect Asgard.

Does Thor love Sif or Jane?

Thor has a complicated history when it comes to both Sif and Jane Foster. Sif is an Asgardian warrior and childhood friend of Thor’s, while Jane is a human astrophysicist who met Thor while he was exiled on Earth by Odin.

Thor and Sif have a long and complicated relationship. Their connection as friends and allies was obvious during Thor’s time on Earth, but the two have experienced a few romantic moments as well.

By contrast, Thor’s feelings for Jane have been more explicitly romantic in nature. Although their relationship has been tumultuous at times, Thor ultimately came to appreciate Jane and the energy she brought to his life.

Although he never explicitly declared his love for her, his attitude toward her was clearly warmer and more affectionate than it was toward Sif.

Ultimately, it is difficult to say definitively whether Thor loves either Sif or Jane. He has a deep connection with both of them, and clearly cares for them both in his own way. It is possible that he has strong feelings for both of them, even though those feelings are expressed in very different ways.

Why did Sif marry Thor?

Sif is an Asgardian goddess, so her marriage to Thor reflects the ancient religious customs of her realm, which valued arranged marriages of gods and goddesses. While Thor and Sif were not forced into being married by their families, it was the cultural norm of their time and the two of them were expected to live up to those expectations.

In addition to cultural norms, there has historically been a great deal of affection between Sif and Thor. Sif is strongly loyal to Thor and has saved him from many dangerous situations. She also loves him deeply and is devoted to helping him carry out his plans.

Ultimately, Sif married Thor because they were both willing participants in the arrangement and they had built a strong connection based on their mutual admiration and respect. It was a marriage that went against the usual expectations of Asgardian gods and goddesses, but one that worked for them.

Plus, it helped solidify their bond as allies and friends, which proved to be an invaluable asset for Thor and the citizens of Asgard.

Does Loki slept with Sif?

No, there is no evidence that suggests that Loki ever slept with Sif. In the comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Loki and Sif have a deep, close bond but it does not appear to be physical in any way.

Sif is a trusted friend and confidante of Loki, and she has been shown to be fiercely loyal to him. She fights alongside him, stands up for him, and even threatens Thor on Loki’s behalf. There is deep love, respect, and admiration between them, but overall the relationship remains platonic.

Who is Thor’s true love?

Thor’s true love is Jane Foster, a human astrophysicist who Thor first meets during the events of the 2011 Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) film Thor. Jane Foster was portrayed by actor Natalie Portman.

Thor and Jane Foster’s love story is one of the most romantic tales featured in the MCU – as they overcome many obstacles and personal struggles in order to be together.

Despite Thor spending two years on Midgard (Earth) with Foster, the two couldn’t fully be together due to Thor’s job responsibilities, prompting Foster to leave Asgard in Thor: The Dark World (2013).

Thor eventually reunites with Foster in Thor: Ragnarok (2017), where Thor discovers she is deathly ill due to being cursed by the Stormbreaker. Despite all these setbacks, Thor and Foster profess their love for each other and share a passionate kiss before Thor leaves to meet his destiny.

Their relationship continues in Avengers: Endgame (2019) where Thor, having changed thanks to his time traveling adventures and Foster’s guidance, credits Foster with his growth and return to greatness.

In the end, Thor and Foster are reunited in the MCU’s current timeline, standing together to face the future.