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Do I have permission to marry your daughter?

No, you do not have my permission to marry my daughter. As her parent, I have the final say in who she marries and I do not believe that it is a decision you and she should make at this time. Marriage is a lifelong commitment and requires a lot of thought and consideration, and my daughter is still young and not yet mature enough to make a decision like this.

Additionally, she has her whole life ahead of her and I want her to focus on her education and career first so that she can have a stable and secure future for herself and for any family she might create.

I agree that marriage should happen when it is the right time for both parties, but that time is not now.

Which parent do you ask to marry someone’s daughter?

The traditional answer for this question would be to ask the daughter’s father for permission to marry her. This is the most common way for someone to ask for a woman’s hand in marriage, and is often seen as the respectful route.

Of course, it’s not required to get the father’s approval before proposing, but it is a gesture that might be appreciated. In many cases, seeking the approval of both the father and the mother is more appropriate, as it reflects mutual respect for both parties.

In some cultures, it is also common to ask the permission of both sets of parents before proposing marriage, rather than just the father. It is also becoming increasingly common that both the bride and the groom’s parents are present at the time of the marriage proposal.

Regardless of who is asked, it is important to remember to be respectful, genuine, and honest when seeking permission to marry someone’s daughter.

Should you ask father permission before proposing?

It is a long-standing tradition for a man to ask his prospective father-in-law for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Even if the question seems old-fashioned and antiquated in the modern day, it can still be an important gesture of respect and courtesy to ask for permission before proposing marriage.

Asking a father for permission shows that you love and respect his daughter enough to make sure that he himself is comfortable with the decision. Furthermore, it gives him a chance to have a say in his daughter’s life, and to be a part of this monumental moment.

Ultimately, it is up to you as to whether or not you asking permission is a viable option; however, it can be seen as a way to honor the father-daughter relationship and make a romantic moment even more special.

How long before proposing to ask fathers permission?

Traditionally, it has been seen as a courtesy for a man to ask the father of a woman he’s considering proposing to for permission before he does. The amount of time before asking permission really depends on the family dynamic and the relationship the man has with the woman’s father.

It could be as short as a week, or as long as months or years depending on the circumstance. It also depends on the relationship that the woman’s father has with his daughter. For the most part, men who are dating and even engaged may want to take some time to get to know the father of the woman they are considering proposing to, and to establish respect between them before asking permission.

It is a personal matter, and in the end it is up to the man and his respect for the woman’s family and father to decide when it is the right time. Ultimately, as long as he is respectful and shows a clear intent to take care of her daughter and be a part of her family, the father of the woman he loves is sure to appreciate the gesture of asking for permission.

Do you ask the mom or dad permission to marry?

It is generally polite and respectful to ask the permission of the parents, or at least to discuss it with them, before getting married, especially if the parents are close to their child and are still actively involved in their life.

Even if the parents do not technically have the authority to approve or reject the marriage, they should still be consulted and their opinion respected. It is seen as a sign of respect to the family as well as a way to demonstrate your commitment to the relationship.

It is also important to consider the cultural and religious traditions of the family, in which the parents are expected to give their blessings before the couple can be married. Additionally, it can be a way to start the relationship off on the right foot and give the couple the support of the family.

Do I need to ask her dad before proposing?

The answer to this question depends on the relationship you have with her dad as well as any family traditions. Ultimately, it is up to you as to whether you should ask her dad before proposing. It is a traditional gesture to ask a woman’s father for her hand in marriage, but it should be done out of respect, not obligation.

If you and the father get along, then it might be a nice gesture and could be a way to make the moment even more special. If you do decide to ask her dad, be sure to discuss it beforehand and make a plan as to how it would work.

On the other hand, if you and the father don’t have a good relationship, then it might be best to avoid that particular aspect. Ultimately, the choice is yours and you should be sure to take into account the relationship between you and her dad and the family traditions before making a decision either way.

Do I need the ring before asking father?

No, you don’t need the ring before asking your father for his daughter’s hand in marriage. In many cultures, the ring is a traditional symbol of the commitment to marry, but it is not necessarily a requirement.

It is ultimately up to you and your partner to decide if having a ring is important and whether to buy one before asking the father. If you decide to buy a ring, it is important to keep within a budget that is comfortable for you so that it does not become a stressful financial burden.

Additionally, consulting your partner throughout the process of selecting a ring can help ensure both of you are equally satisfied with the final decision.

What is the average age of a child bride?

The average age of a child bride varies depending on the region and country. Generally, child brides are 15-18 years old, although it is not uncommon for some young girls to be married at much younger ages in some countries.

In sub-Saharan Africa, child marriage is most prevalent among girls aged 15-19. In 2019, Ethiopia had the highest recorded rate of child marriage, with almost 40% of girls between the age of 15 and 19 reporting they had already been married.

In East Africa, Yemen, and West and Central Africa, a higher proportion of girls aged 10-14 were married than girls aged 15-19. In South East Asia, India, and Pakistan, a higher proportion of girls aged 15-19 were married than girls aged 10-14.

Globally, the average age of a child bride is estimated to be 16 years old.

Should a guy tell his parents before he proposes?

It is always a good idea for a guy to tell his parents before he proposes. Telling your parents about the decision to propose to someone you love is not only polite but it can also help your parents feel included and involved in something special to you.

Furthermore, it may help your parents to be better prepared for the changes to come and to provide advice and support. Moreover, it can be beneficial to your relationship with your parents as they may be more likely to accept the proposal if they were included in the discussion prior to you asking the question.

Additionally, they may even help with planning the engagement party. Ultimately, telling your parents before you propose will not only ensure they get to share in your joy, but it can create an atmosphere of understanding and connection within your family that will be invaluable when it comes to future big decisions.

Can a girl marry without parental consent?

Yes, a girl can marry without parental consent depending on her age and in what country she is living. In most countries, if a girl is 18 years or older and is legally an adult, she can marry without parental consent.

If a girl is below the age of 18 and wishes to get married without parental consent, then this may be possible in certain states in the United States, or in certain countries. For example, in the US, if a 17 year-old girl wishes to get married without parental consent, then certain states will allow for a waiver that can be filed with the court to request permission for marriage.

In addition, there are countries that allow for minors to legally marry as long as certain conditions are met and parental consent is not required. However, it is important to note that it is not recommended for girls to marry without parental consent.

Can I marry without the permission of my parents?

In most cases, marriage requires parental consent for people who are under the age of 18 in the United States, as noted by the American Bar Association. However, there are some circumstances in which parental consent isn’t necessary.

Generally, these are situations in which the court has determined that getting parental consent is not in the young person’s best interests. This can be because of parental abuse, neglect or other factors.

Therefore, some states allow a young person to obtain a court order waiving the parental consent requirement. This is typically done by filing a petition with the court and providing proof of being financially and emotionally able to support a marriage.

In some cases, state statute may also set forth other conditions that must be met in order to waive the consent requirement. Therefore, whether or not it’s possible to marry without the permission of one’s parents largely depends on the state in which one is located and the individual circumstances of one’s situation.

Do fathers still give away the bride?

Yes, in many cases, fathers still “give away” the bride in the traditional sense. This is typically seen in weddings that follow a religious tradition, though it can be done in non-religious ceremonies as well.

In this tradition, the father walks his daughter down the aisle, both of them wearing their wedding best. The father symbolically gives permission to the groom to marry his daughter and to ‘take’ her from his side.

A symbolic exchange of the bride may also occur between her father and the groom, signifying that the bride is the property of the groom.

The father’s role in a modern wedding is crucial. He helps to show his daughter off to the world as one of his greatest achievements, as well as comforts and reassures her on a day where she may be feeling overwhelmed or nervous.

He can be a source of strength and a secure presence for her. Even for those who don’t observe the traditional ritual of ‘giving away’ the bride in religious ceremonies, the significance of a father accompanying his daughter down the aisle has not faded.

This moment signifies the end of one life stage and the start of a whole new path. Fathers still give away their daughter in a variety of ways, and the traditional ‘bride giving’ tradition is still relevant in today’s weddings.

Where did asking a father to marry his daughter come from?

The practice of asking a father to marry his daughter dates back to ancient times. It was commonly done as a way to signify the transfer of the woman from her father’s care and protection to that of her new husband.

This practice was based on the belief that fathers were the natural guardians of their daughters and had dominion over their lives and virtue. Therefore, they should be the ones to sanction the daughter’s marriage and bear responsibility for it.

The custom was also seen in biblical times, as when Boaz asked for permission from Naomi, Ruth’s mother-in-law, to marry Ruth. In some cultures, the practice continues today and is still considered a deeply meaningful and important act of marriage.

It signifies a commitment to a lifetime of devotion, protection and love for the woman. In addition, it is seen as a symbol of respect for the woman and her father, from both the bride and groom. As such, there may be a tradition of the father publicly giving his daughter away and blessing the forthcoming marriage.