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Do I need to trim my pubic hair before waxing?

Many people get waxes to remove unwanted pubic hair and keep the bikini area smooth. Waxing works by pulling the hair out from the root, so it grows back slower than shaving. Before getting waxed, a common question is whether you need to trim your pubic hair first. The short answer is that trimming is usually recommended but not absolutely necessary. Trimming can make the waxing process easier and more comfortable. In this article, we’ll look at the pros and cons of trimming, ideal trim lengths, how to prepare if you don’t trim, and tips for trimming pubic hair safely.

The Benefits of Trimming Pubic Hair Before Waxing

Here are some of the main benefits of trimming your pubic hair before getting a wax:

  • Makes waxing less painful – Longer hairs are more deeply rooted and can be more painful to pull out. Trimming the hair first reduces the amount of pulling needed.
  • Speeds up the waxing process – The wax can grip and remove shorter hairs more easily and quickly.
  • Less risk of breakage – Long hairs are more prone to breaking off rather than being fully removed by the wax. This can leave stubble behind.
  • More precise waxing – Trimming gives a better “canvas” for the esthetician to see the shape of the area. This allows them to remove hair more accurately.
  • Reduces ingrown hairs – When long hairs start growing back in, they are more likely to curl back into the skin and become ingrown. Trimming first helps avoid this.
  • Less irritation and bumps – Pulling out long pubic hairs is more traumatic for the skin. Trimming minimizes irritation and bumps after waxing.

So in summary, trimming makes the whole waxing process simpler, less painful and lower risk. The esthetician will also find it much easier to do a tidy, precise waxing job on trimmed hair.

Potential Downsides of Trimming

Trimming pubic hair before waxing does have some potential downsides:

  • Can cause itchiness and irritation – Pubic hair has a natural tapered end that protects the skin. Blunt ends from trimming can prickle and feel itchy as they start growing out.
  • Risk of cuts and nicks – It’s easy to accidentally cut the sensitive skin when trimming, leading to nicks, bleeding and possible infections.
  • Extra step – Trimming properly takes time, effort and care. Some people may want to skip this step to save time.
  • Hair could be too short for waxing – Over-trimming can leave hairs too short for the wax to grip onto. Regrowth to an ideal length takes time.

However, these downsides can generally be minimized with proper preparation and technique. Taking the time to trim carefully, using the right tools and avoiding over-trimming will give the best results.

What is the Ideal Pubic Hair Length for Waxing?

The ideal pubic hair length for waxing is about 1/4 to 1/2 inch or 5 to 10mm. This gives enough length for the wax to adhere well, while still being short enough to remove easily and minimize pain.

Here are some tips for getting your pubic hair to the perfect trim length for waxing:

  • Use clippers first – Use hair clippers with an adjustable guard to trim the pubic hair down to around 3/8 inch or 10mm. This takes bulk off quickly.
  • Use scissors next – Use sharp, pointed hair scissors to trim off more length, aiming for 5 to 10mm. Be very careful and precise with scissors.
  • Leave more length nearer the labia – The skin is very thin and sensitive closer to the vaginal opening. Leave slightly longer hairs there, around 10 to 15mm.
  • Check length with a ruler – Use a small ruler to check your trim length if you want to be precise. Just brush hairs upward gently.
  • Give it time to grow out – If you trim too short, give the hair a few days to regrow before your waxing appointment.

Getting the pubic hair to an ideal waxable length takes some care, but it makes all the difference for a comfortable, easy waxing experience.

How to Prepare for Waxing if You Don’t Trim

Trimming before waxing does make the process much easier, but it’s not strictly necessary. Here are some tips if you prefer not to trim at all before your waxing session:

  • Make sure hair is long enough – Hair should be at least 1/4 inch or 6mm long for waxing. If hair was recently shaved too close, reschedule your appointment.
  • Take an oral pain reliever – Pop an ibuprofen or acetaminophen an hour before waxing to minimize pain.
  • Warn your esthetician – Let them know you haven’t trimmed so they’re prepared for more intense waxing.
  • Get a precise shape – Give very clear instructions on what shape and boundaries you want waxed.
  • Expect more time – Untrimmed waxing will simply take longer to complete the process.
  • Breathe deeply and stay relaxed – Take slow deep breaths during the waxing to manage discomfort.
  • Apply aloe vera after – Soothe the skin by applying chilled aloe vera gel after waxing.

Waxing untrimmed hair is certainly more challenging but still feasible. Communicating with your esthetician and taking pain relief measures can make it bearable.

How to Trim Pubic Hair Safely

Since the pubic area is so sensitive, it’s important to take precautions when trimming to avoid nicks, cuts and irritation. Here are some tips for safe and careful trimming before waxing:

  • Use a fresh razor or clippers – Dull tools require more pressure and pull on hairs.
  • Trim after bathing – Soften hairs first by bathing in warm water for a few minutes.
  • Use a mirror to see better – Position a hand mirror to see the area clearly.
  • Pull skin taut – Gently pull skin of the outer labia taut to get a smooth surface.
  • Use light pressure – Don’t press tools forcibly against the skin.
  • Trim in direction of hair growth – Go with the grain to avoid too much friction.
  • Keep tools pointed away from skin – The cutting edges should always point away from you.
  • Apply aloe vera after – Soothe and moisturize the skin with aloe vera gel.
  • Avoid over-trimming – Leave a little more length near delicate areas.

Stay focused, go slowly and carefully, and use the proper tools and technique. This will help avoid nicks, irritation and other trimming mishaps.

Should I Get a Professional Pubic Hair Trim Before Waxing?

While trimming your pubic hair is possible to do at home, you may prefer to get it trimmed by a professional esthetician instead. Here are some advantages of having an esthetician trim your pubic hair in preparation for waxing:

  • They are trained experts – Professionals know the ideal hair lengths and have specialized tools.
  • It’s quick and efficient – They can trim the area fast, unlike fumbling at home.
  • Lower risk of cuts or nicks – Their experience means minimal risks of mishaps.
  • The trim can be perfectly integrated – They trim lengths ideal for your customized wax.
  • You can relax during – No need to contort yourself to see the area.
  • It adds little cost – A trim may only take 10 minutes before waxing.
  • Makes waxing go more smoothly – A tailored trim sets up the wax to go flawlessly.

Getting a professional pre-wax trim makes the whole process easy. You can relax as the esthetician expertly grooms the area for the ideal waxing results.


Trimming excess pubic hair before waxing is highly recommended but not strictly necessary. The ideal length is around 1/4 to 1/2 inch. Benefits include less pain, faster waxing and lower risk of ingrown hairs or irritation. It’s possible to get waxed untrimmed by taking extra precautions. But trimming yourself or having a pro trim the area makes waxing quicker and more comfortable. Overall, taking some time to trim pubic hair carefully before a wax is well worth it for a smoother, easier waxing experience.