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Do Panera bagels have sugar?

Quick Answer

Yes, Panera bagels do contain sugar. According to Panera’s nutrition information, a plain bagel contains 5g of sugar. Their other bagel flavors contain between 5-8g of sugar depending on the variety. The added sugar comes from the bagel dough ingredients which typically include malt barley, brown sugar, honey, or other natural sweeteners. While Panera bagels do contain sugar, the amount is lower than many other typical bakery bagels.

Nutrition Facts for Panera Bagels

Here is a table showing the sugar content in different varieties of Panera bagels:

Bagel Variety Serving Size Sugar (g)
Plain 1 bagel (4oz) 5g
Cinnamon Raisin 1 bagel (4oz) 8g
Blueberry 1 bagel (4oz) 6g
Asiago Cheese 1 bagel (4oz) 5g
Sprouted Grain 1 bagel (4oz) 6g

As you can see, the plain Panera bagel contains 5g of sugar per serving, while the flavors range from 5g (Asiago cheese) up to 8g (Cinnamon raisin). So all of their bagel varieties do contain added sugar, but are relatively low compared to many other bakery bagels.

Ingredients in Panera Bagels

To understand why Panera bagels contain sugar, let’s look at some of the main ingredients:

Flour – The flour in Panera bagels is typically enriched wheat flour. This contains a small amount of added sugar (usually less than 1g per serving).

Sweeteners – Many Panera bagel varieties include added sweeteners like malt barley, brown sugar, honey, or molasses. These ingredients boost the sweetness and contribute to browning during baking.

Fruit – Fruited bagels like cinnamon raisin or blueberry get additional sugar from the dried fruit.

Salt – A small amount of salt is added to balance the sweetness.

Yeast – Yeast is used for leavening and fermentation during the bagel-making process. The yeast feeds on the natural sugars in the dough.

So while plain bagels get just a bit of sugar from the enriched flour, other varieties have extra sweeteners for flavor and color. But the quantities used are relatively modest compared to many bakery bagels.

Are Panera Bagels Healthy?

Despite containing some sugar, Panera bagels are relatively healthy as far as bakery bagels go for a few reasons:

– Lower calorie density – A plain Panera bagel contains about 250 calories, which is reasonable for a bakery bagel. Many other bagels contain 300+ calories.

– High fiber – Panera bagels provide 5-6g of dietary fiber per serving. This helps slow digestion and promote satiety.

– Whole grains – Panera uses whole grain flour in their bagel recipes, providing important nutrients.

– Low fat – The bagels contain just 1-2g of fat, mostly unsaturated fats.

– Protein – A Panera bagel has around 10g of protein to help you stay full.

So while they do contain some sugar, the levels are lower than most bakery bagels. And Panera bagels provide healthy fiber, protein, and nutrients from whole grains. Eating a Panera bagel in moderation can be part of a balanced breakfast.

Comparing Panera Bagels to Other Bakery Chains

How does the sugar content of Panera bagels compare to those from other popular bakery chains? Here is a table comparing the nutrition facts:

Bagel Chain Serving Size Sugar (g)
Plain Panera 1 bagel (4oz) 5g
Plain Einstein Bros 1 bagel (4.5oz) 8g
Plain Bruegger’s 1 bagel (4.5oz) 7g
Plain Noah’s 1 bagel (4.5oz) 6g

As you can see, Panera’s plain bagel has 2-3 grams less sugar than plain bagels from Einstein Bros, Bruegger’s, and Noah’s. The difference is even greater when looking at flavored bagels from these chains that often contain 9-13g of sugar each.

So while Panera bagels do contain some added sweeteners, they have lower amounts compared to many other major bakery chains. If you’re looking for a healthier bakery bagel option, Panera is a good bet.

Tips for Enjoying Panera Bagels

Here are some tips for enjoying Panera bagels in a healthy way:

– Stick to plain or lightly flavored varieties to limit added sugars. The Asiago or sprouted grain flavors are good choices.

– Request light cream cheese or add your own low-sugar spreads like peanut butter or avocado.

– Pair your bagel with protein like eggs, cheese, or nuts to help balance blood sugar.

– Drink water or unsweetened coffee and avoid sugary soda or juices.

– Eat your bagel in a reasonable portion as part of a nutritious breakfast or snack.

– Split your bagel in half or opt for the “Skinny Bagel” option for a slimmed-down portion.

– Get it toasted for extra flavor and texture without extra calories.

With sensible choices, enjoying a Panera bagel can absolutely be part of a healthy lifestyle. Moderation and smart customizations are key.

Healthier Bagel Alternatives to Panera

While Panera bagels are relatively low in sugar for bakery bagels, you can reduce sugar even further by:

– Making your own bagels at home. This lets you control ingredients and portions.

– Trying grocery store bagels that contain just 2-4g sugar for plain varieties. Brands like Arnold, Thomas, and Lender’s offer good options.

– Choosing a whole grain English muffin, which provides fewer carbs and sugar than a bagel.

– Opting for an open-faced bagel sandwich on just half a bagel to cut carbs and calories in half.

– Ordering an everything or wheat bagel which offer a bit more nutrition than plain.

– Getting a bagel thin, which has fewer calories and carbs with the same great taste.

For an even healthier breakfast, you could swap the bagel for oatmeal, yogurt and fruit, eggs and veggies, or other fiber-rich choices that don’t spike blood sugar as much. But an occasional bakery bagel in moderation can be part of a balanced diet.


In summary, all Panera bagels do contain some added sugar, ranging from 5g up to 8g depending on the variety. This sugar occurs naturally in ingredients like malt barley and honey, and helps provide sweetness and color during baking. While Panera bagels aren’t sugar-free, they contain lower amounts than many other bakery chains. Enjoyed in moderation with smart customizations and nutritious mix-ins, Panera bagels can be part of an overall healthy diet. Limiting portions and choosing lighter flavors and additions will keep sugar in check. With smart choices, you can still enjoy the delicious taste and satisfaction of an occasional bakery bagel from Panera.