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Do you put frost buddy in freezer?

Quick Answer

No, you do not put the FrostBuddy in the freezer. The FrostBuddy is designed to go in the refrigerator to help regulate humidity levels and prevent freezer burn on food. Putting it in the freezer could damage the unit.

What is a FrostBuddy?

A FrostBuddy is a small plastic unit that helps regulate humidity levels in your refrigerator. It works by absorbing excess moisture in the air of the fridge, helping to prevent frost buildup and freezer burn on foods.

Some key features of the FrostBuddy:

  • Small plastic casing filled with a natural mineral called zeolite
  • Zeolite absorbs excess moisture in the air
  • Helps maintain optimal humidity level of 45-50%
  • Prevents frost and ice buildup on fridge walls
  • Minimizes freezer burn on frozen foods
  • Lasts up to 6 months before needing replacement

The FrostBuddy does not require batteries or electricity to operate. It works through the natural moisture-absorbing properties of the zeolite mineral.

Where Should You Put a FrostBuddy?

The FrostBuddy is designed to go inside your refrigerator, not your freezer. The ideal placement is:

  • On a shelf near the top of the fridge
  • Or standing vertically against the back wall
  • At least a couple inches away from any vents

Putting the FrostBuddy in these spots allows it to best circulate air and absorb excess moisture.

You do not want to place the FrostBuddy directly over any vents as the cold air could freeze the zeolite mineral inside it.

Also avoid putting it directly next to fresh produce, as the FrostBuddy does absorb ethylene gas that can accelerate ripening of certain fruits and vegetables.

Why You Should Not Put a FrostBuddy in the Freezer

There are a few key reasons why a FrostBuddy should never be placed in the freezer:

  1. The extreme cold can damage the unit. The plastic casing and zeolite mineral are designed to work at refrigerator temperatures, not sub-zero freezer temperatures. Placing it in the freezer could crack the plastic or render the zeolite ineffective.
  2. It will not properly absorb moisture in the freezer. The zeolite works optimally at the humidity levels found in the refrigerator section. Freezers have very little moisture in the air for the FrostBuddy to absorb.
  3. It can get stuck to the freezer walls. Any moisture that does get absorbed can freeze onto the sides of the FrostBuddy and glue it to the freezer walls. This can make it very difficult to remove.
  4. It takes up valuable freezer space. Freezer space is limited, so it’s better to keep food items in the freezer rather than non-food items like the FrostBuddy.

Overall, the freezer is simply too cold, dry, and space-constrained for the FrostBuddy to be useful. The unit was designed solely for refrigerator use.

What Could Happen if You Do Put It in the Freezer

While not recommended, here is what may happen if you do place the FrostBuddy in the freezer:

  • The plastic casing could crack once it gets cold enough.
  • The zeolite mineral would become ineffective at absorbing moisture below freezing temperatures.
  • Any moisture absorbed by the FrostBuddy could freeze and glue it to the freezer walls.
  • It may warp or disfigure due to freezer burn.
  • If it absorbs any odors while in the freezer, those odors could get stuck in the zeolite and get transferred back to the refrigerator later on.

In summary, the FrostBuddy would become damaged and ineffective at its job. It would need to be replaced sooner than the typical 6 month lifespan.

Tips for Using a FrostBuddy

To get the most out of your FrostBuddy, follow these usage tips:

  • Keep it in the refrigerator at all times, not the freezer.
  • Replace it every 6 months for best performance.
  • Ensure it stays a few inches from vents and ethylene-sensitive produce.
  • For maximum efficiency, use two FrostBuddys in refrigerators over 20 cubic feet.
  • If the FrostBuddy gets wet, dry it with a paper towel before returning to the fridge.
  • Consider an additional FrostBuddy if you notice excess moisture in certain zones of the refrigerator.

Following the placement and usage guidelines will help the FrostBuddy effectively regulate humidity for the full 6 month lifespan.

FrostBuddy Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common FrostBuddy questions:

How does the FrostBuddy work?

The FrostBuddy contains zeolite minerals that absorb excess moisture in the refrigerator air to maintain optimal humidity levels between 45-50%. This prevents frost buildup and freezer burn.

Where is the best place to put the FrostBuddy?

Place the FrostBuddy on a top shelf or against the back wall, a few inches away from vents. Do not place in the freezer.

How often do you need to change the FrostBuddy?

Replace the FrostBuddy every 6 months for best moisture absorption. Mark your calendar to remind yourself.

Can you reuse a FrostBuddy?

FrostBuddys are designed for single use. The zeolite minerals stop absorbing at maximum capacity after 6 months. You need to replace with a new unit for continuous moisture control.

How do you know when to change the FrostBuddy?

Replace every 6 months as a matter of course. Signs it’s time include condensation on food, frost buildup, or ineffective freezer burn protection.

Can you put two FrostBuddys in the refrigerator?

For refrigerators larger than 20 cubic feet, using two FrostBuddys is recommended for optimal humidity control. Place one on top shelf and one on bottom.

What temperature does the FrostBuddy work at?

FrostBuddys are designed to work at normal refrigerator temperatures, between 36 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit. They are not effective at freezer temperatures.

Can the FrostBuddy go bad or ruin food?

The FrostBuddy regulates humidity using natural minerals that are food-safe. As long as it’s replaced every 6 months, it will not go bad or affect food quality.

The Bottom Line

The FrostBuddy is an easy-to-use gadget that helps prevent frost and freezer burn in your refrigerator. To work properly, it must be kept in the refrigerator section – never place it in the freezer. Be sure to replace it every 6 months. Follow the usage guidelines and the FrostBuddy will effectively maintain optimal humidity levels and food freshness.