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Does Amy get pregnant with Jonah’s baby?

Amy and Jonah are two of the main characters on the popular sitcom Superstore. Over the course of the show’s six seasons, Amy and Jonah have had an on-again, off-again romantic relationship, with plenty of ups and downs. In the final season, Amy and Jonah got married in the series finale after Amy found out she was pregnant. This led many fans to speculate – is the baby Amy is carrying actually Jonah’s? Let’s take a deep dive into their relationship timeline and clues throughout the show to see if we can determine whether Amy does indeed get pregnant with Jonah’s baby.

Amy and Jonah’s Relationship Timeline

In Season 1, Amy is introduced as a supervisor at the Cloud 9 store, divorced from her husband Adam and raising her daughter Emma as a single mom. Jonah is a new Cloud 9 employee, having recently dropped out of business school. There is chemistry between them from the start.

Key Moments:

  • Late Season 1 – Amy and Jonah share their first kiss in the heat of an argument.
  • Season 2 – They try dating but break up due to their age difference and being in different life stages.
  • Season 3 – Amy marries co-worker Adam but realizes on their wedding night she has feelings for Jonah.
  • Season 4 – Amy divorces Adam and starts dating Jonah again.
  • Late Season 4 – Amy breaks up with Jonah when she realizes he doesn’t want to have more kids.
  • Season 5 – Both Amy and Jonah date other people briefly.
  • Season 6 – Amy and Jonah get back together and impulsively marry in the series finale when Amy finds out she is pregnant.

So in summary, Amy and Jonah have an up-and-down relationship over the years, ultimately ending up married and expecting a child together in the finale. But is the baby actually Jonah’s?

Clues Amy’s Baby is Jonah’s

There are several clues indicating that the baby Amy is pregnant with in the finale is likely Jonah’s:

1. Timing

Amy finds out she is pregnant in the series finale episode right after making the impulsive decision to marry Jonah. There is no indication she was seeing anyone else romantically at the time, making Jonah the obvious father based on the timeline.

2. Amy’s Age

Amy is in her early 40s in the final season of the show. While not impossible, it is less likely she would get accidentally pregnant by someone besides her serious boyfriend at that age. The unplanned pregnancy makes much more sense with Jonah as the father.

3. No Other Suitors

In the final season, neither Amy or Jonah is dating anyone else seriously. Amy goes on a few casual dates but nothing that leads to a relationship. Jonah briefly tries online dating but doesn’t hit it off with anyone. This supports the idea that Jonah is the only probable father.

4. Confirmation from Showrunner

Superstore showrunner Jonathan Green has confirmed in interviews that the father of Amy’s baby is intended to be Jonah. He stated they purposefully made it Jonah’s child to show Amy got her happy ending after years of ups and downs.

Clues Against It Being Jonah’s Baby

However, there are a few subtle clues that leave the door open to the possibility that someone else may have fathered Amy’s child:

1. Missing Time Jump

Typically a sitcom like Superstore would do a time jump after a pregnancy reveal to show the character visibly pregnant. We never actually see Amy with a baby bump, leaving a gap in the timeline.

2. Amy’s Surprise

When Amy reveals to Jonah she is pregnant in the finale, she seems genuinely surprised. If Jonah was definitively the father, she may have had less shocked reaction at finding out.

3. Adam’s Unknown Whereabouts

Amy’s ex-husband Adam leaves the show in Season 4 but his whereabouts are never addressed. It’s possible he and Amy hooked up during the time jump.

4. Dina’s Scheming

Colleague Dina is shown earlier in the season expressing her disapproval of Amy and Jonah’s relationship. Some fans think Dina may have interfered in a plot to break them up.


Given the balance of evidence from the show’s timeline and details, it seems very likely and is probably the intention of the writers that Jonah is the father of Amy’s baby. The stronger clues point to Jonah, and showrunner confirmation seals it. However, the show leaves just enough subtle hints to allow for fan speculation that another character like Adam could possibly be the father in an unlikely twist. Unless there is a hypothetical reboot or spinoff, the debate is meant to remain open for fans to decide for themselves.

Amy and Jonah’s Relationship Timeline

Season Key Moments
Season 1 Amy and Jonah share their first kiss
Season 2 They try dating but break up due to age difference
Season 3 Amy marries Adam but has feelings for Jonah
Season 4 Amy divorces Adam and dates Jonah again
Season 5 Amy and Jonah date other people briefly
Season 6 Amy and Jonah marry when Amy gets pregnant

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