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Does Gojo’s Infinity have a limit?

Gojo Satoru’s Infinity technique is one of the most powerful abilities in Jujutsu Kaisen. It allows him to create an impenetrable barrier around himself that completely nullifies any physical attack. However, there has been much debate among fans about whether Gojo’s Infinity has any limits. In this article, we will analyze what is known about Gojo’s abilities and techniques to determine if his Infinity does indeed have limits.

What is Gojo’s Infinity?

Gojo’s Infinity is an inherited technique that is unique to the Gojo clan. It creates a nearly impenetrable sphere around Gojo that protects him from any physical attack. Anything that tries to touch Gojo is slowed down, stopped, and eventually disintegrated.

This is achieved through two separate techniques:


Limitless is a technique that allows Gojo to create repulsive forces between himself and everything else. This force slows down and distorts space as things get closer to him. From the perspective of his opponents, it appears that the space between them and Gojo is infinitely expanding. This makes it nearly impossible for anything to reach him.

Six Eyes

The Six Eyes provide Gojo with immense sensory abilities and optimal use of cursed energy. With the Six Eyes, Gojo can perfectly calculate and manipulate the space created by his Limitless ability. This allows him to create a barrier with almost no openings. The combination of Limitless and Six Eyes is what gives rise to Gojo’s impregnable Infinity.

Tests of Gojo’s Infinity

While Gojo claims that his Infinity has no limits, it has been tested several times throughout the series:

Jogo’s Meteor

Early in the series, the powerful curse Jogo summoned a massive meteor to try and destroy Gojo. However, when the meteor made contact with Gojo’s Infinity, it slowly disintegrated until there was nothing left. This demonstrated the immense durability of Gojo’s barrier against physical impacts.

Transported to Prison Realm

In Shibuya, Gojo was transported to the Prison Realm by the villainous Kenjaku. The Prison Realm is designed to seal away the body and curse techniques of special grade sorcerers. While trapped there, even Gojo cannot use his Limitless or Six Eyes abilities. This reveals that his Infinity can be overpowered by certain spatial manipulation techniques that seal away his access to cursed energy.

Battles with Toji Fushiguro

Gojo has battled the cursed spirit Toji Fushiguro multiple times, with interesting results. During their first fight when Gojo was still a student, Toji was able to bypass Infinity completely by manipulating space with the inverted spear of heaven. In their second fight, Gojo had mastered his skills enough to completely overpower Toji. This shows that Infinity can be bypassed by unknown methods, but Gojo has since eliminated those weaknesses.

Analysis of Possible Limits

Based on what we’ve seen so far, a few potential limits of Gojo’s Infinity have been revealed:

Spatial Manipulation

Techniques that can distort and manipulate space itself seem able to counteract Gojo’s Limitless to some degree. The inverted spear of heaven and Prison Realm are able to bypass his barriers by warping the space around it. However, Gojo’s skill has now likely surpassed what either method can achieve.

Sealing his Access to Cursed Energy

Preventing Gojo from accessing his cursed energy seems to be the most effective method revealed so far. The Prison Realm accomplished this by sealing away Gojo completely. However, it’s unlikely any other sorcerer has a technique on the level of the Prison Realm. Kenjaku had been planning this since the Heian era, taking hundreds of years to develop it.

Unknown Curse Techniques

There may be unknown or ancient cursed techniques that could counteract Limitless, just like the inverted spear of heaven once did. However, Gojo has now amassed immense knowledge and experience compared to when he fought Toji as a student. It’s unlikely any unknown technique could catch him off guard again.

Divine Powers

As a human sorcerer, Gojo’s Infinity may have limits when faced with a divine power like Sukuna’s techniques inherited from King of Curses. However, Sukuna has not attempted to directly challenge Gojo’s Infinity so far. Their battle could reveal if divine abilities can bypass Limitless.


In conclusion, Gojo’s Infinity does appear to have some theoretical limits. However, Gojo has likely eliminated all the apparent weaknesses that his Infinity previously had. The only way to bypass his Infinity now would be to either seal away Gojo and his cursed energy completely or utilize a divine ability or unknown technique exceeding the power of Limitless.

But given Gojo’s immense growth, experience, and mastery of his skills, it is unlikely any modern sorcerer could challenge his Infinity. The full capabilities of Infinity have not been tested directly against the very highest-level curse techniques. But so far, no other modern character has proven capable of bypassing Gojo’s near-impenetrable barrier when he has access to his full power. Only a special grade technique specifically designed to counteract Limitless or a power far beyond any modern sorcerer’s capabilities would stand a chance now. In all other cases, his Infinity appears to have no limit.

Key Points

  • Gojo’s Infinity arises from combining his Limitless and Six Eyes techniques to create a nearly impenetrable barrier.
  • It has been briefly bypassed before by spatial manipulation and sealing his cursed energy.
  • Gojo has eliminated all apparent weaknesses that previously existed.
  • Infinity’s limits remain untested against the highest-level modern techniques.
  • No current sorcerer has proven capable of bypassing Infinity at full power.
  • It appears limitless against all techniques known thus far.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gojo’s Infinity technique?

Gojo’s Infinity technique combines his inherited Limitless and Six Eyes abilities to create an impenetrable spherical barrier around himself that completely nullifies any physical attack. Limitless distorts space to create distance between Gojo and attacks, while Six Eyes provides precision manipulation of that distorted space.

What are the key components of Infinity?

The two key components are Limitless, which distorts space to deflect attacks, and Six Eyes, which gives perception of cursed energy and precision control over Limitless. Without both components, Infinity cannot be used to its full potential.

Has anyone ever breached Gojo’s Infinity technique?

Yes, Toji Fushiguro was able to bypass Infinity and harm Gojo during their first battle when Gojo was still a student. He did this using the inverted spear of heaven to manipulate space. Gojo was also sealed away in the Prison Realm, preventing him from using Infinity. However, no modern sorcerer has broken through a full-powered Infinity.

What are Gojo’s weaknesses?

Gojo has very few weaknesses now, but they include spatial manipulation techniques that can seal away his cursed energy, unknown curse techniques that could potentially counteract Limitless in unexpected ways, and divine techniques exceeding the scope of Limitless. However, it is unlikely any modern characters possess weaknesses capable of bypassing Gojo’s current Infinity.

Is Sukuna capable of defeating Gojo?

It’s unclear. As the King of Curses, Sukuna possesses techniques inherited from a divine vow that may exceed the scope of standard cursed energy. This divine power may potentially counteract or overwhelm Limitless. However, Sukuna has yet to attempt to directly challenge Gojo’s Infinity, so it remains theoretical.

Comparisons to Other Fictional Powers

It can be interesting to compare Gojo’s Infinity to similar techniques and powers from other fictional series:

Susano’o from Naruto

The Susano’o ability in Naruto projects a manifestation of chakra around the user as an impenetrable armor. Like Infinity, it is an absolute defense. However, Susano’o has been broken through by opponents with greater raw power. In contrast, Infinity distorts space itself, making it difficult to overpower directly.

Gold Experience Requiem from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Gold Experience Requiem can revert actions and willpower back to zero, creating an impenetrable defense. Like Infinity, it counters attacks by manipulating an abstract concept rather than raw power. However, it is bound to a person’s lifeforce. Infinity has no obvious binding limiting its use.

Infinity Gauntlet from Marvel Comics

The Infinity Gauntlet grants omnipotence over the universe when all stones are united. Like Gojo’s Infinity, it is able to reject and nullify almost any attack. However, the Infinity Gauntlet depends on the stones while Limitless arises from Gojo himself, giving it no obvious external limitations.

Accel from A Certain Magical Index

Accelerator reflects all vectors that touch his skin, creating a one-way barrier. Much like Gojo, this gives him an impenetrable defense. However, Accelerator’s defense relies solely on touch rather than distorting the space around him the way Limitless does.

Table Comparing Impenetrable Defenses

Ability Series Defense Mechanism Limitations
Infinity Jujutsu Kaisen Distorts space via Limitless Curse energy sealing, unknown counters
Susano’o Naruto Chakra armor manifestation Can be overpowered
Gold Experience Requiem JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Resets actions to zero Bound to lifeforce
Infinity Gauntlet Marvel Comics Omnipotent stones Requires all stones
Accelerator’s Reflection A Certain Magical Index Reflects vectors upon touch Touch-based only

The Future of Infinity

While Gojo’s Infinity appears unbeatable against modern sorcerers, the ceiling of its full capabilities remains unknown. If Gojo were ever to face the literal gods and mythical powers of the Jujutsu Kaisen world, the limits of Infinity may finally be revealed. Additionally, if a ingenious modern technique capable of sealing away or counteracting Limitless was developed, it could potentially challenge Infinity further.

For now, Gojo remains invincible against all known enemies. But the future may hold clever curses or divine beings that push his Infinity to its utmost limits, or possibly surpass it. Only time will tell if his impenetrable barrier remains truly limitless against any and all attacks in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen. Until he is tested against the absolute upper limits of power in his universe, the extent of his abilities remains theoretical.