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Does Harley Quinn have a child?

Harley Quinn is a popular character in the DC universe who has captured the imagination of fans worldwide. The character was created in 1992 for the Batman Animated Series, and since then has become popular enough to not only feature in comics but also movies and TV shows. While her character is known for being zany and unpredictable, there is a question that has been on fans’ minds – does Harley Quinn have a child? In this blog post, we will explore Harley Quinn’s motherhood and its significance in the DC universe.

Harley Quinn’s Motherhood

If you are a fan of Harley Quinn, you may know that the character has a bit of a complicated backstory. She was originally Dr. Harleen Quinzel, a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, where she met the Joker. Courtship ensued, and before long, Harley became the Joker’s sidekick and lover.

In various comic arcs and adaptations, it has been revealed that Harley Quinn has a child. In 2016’s “Harley Quinn #29”, Harley reveals to Black Canary that she has a four-year-old daughter named Lucy who is being raised by her sister. After discovering she was pregnant, Harley left the Joker for almost a year to have their baby instead of abortion.

Even though the child has not been a significant part of Harley Quinn’s character development, the revelation still sparked curiosity among fans worldwide. The question arises that if Harley has a child, how does it affect her character, and does the child ever become a part of the DC universe?

Impact on Character Arc

Having a child is undoubtedly a significant event in anyone’s life, and it should have had a significant impact on Harley Quinn’s character arc. But from what we have seen so far, the impact of motherhood on Harley has been minimal. We don’t see her talking about Lucy or even acknowledging her presence in the current storyline.

It could be because Harley Quinn’s storylines usually revolve around her being a street-level villain battling against Batman. Incorporating a child into the story might change the tone of the storyline and make it difficult to showcase the character’s humorous and quirky side.

On the other hand, it could be argued that having a child could provide Harley with a motivation to fight for good instead of simply committing crimes. She could use her skills to keep her child safe and secure a better future for her. It could also add a tragic element to the character if Lucy were put in danger because Harley is being hunted down by Batman or other villains.

Either way, Harley Quinn’s motherhood is an unexplored aspect of the character that calls for further investigation.

Does Lucy Appear in the DC Universe?

As mentioned before, Lucy’s appearance has been minimal in Harley Quinn’s story arcs. But, she has made an appearance in an issue of “Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad” where she is shown briefly with her aunt and grandmother. The storyline doesn’t develop much on the concept of Lucy and her relationship with Harley, leaving it open-ended for future exploration.

While it is unclear if Lucy will remain an unexplored character in the DC universe, the possibility of her inclusion in future storylines cannot be denied. She could be written in as a child who might idolize her mother but is unaware of her villainous tendencies, thus providing Harley with a chance to redeem herself.

The Significance of Harley Quinn’s Motherhood

The inclusion of motherhood in Harley Quinn’s story arc adds a level of depth and complexity to the character. It humanizes her to a degree, and it adds another dimension to the character that wasn’t there before.

Furthermore, the introduction of a child into the story brings up questions about Harley’s past, particularly about the type of mother she might be and the reason why she left her child in the first place. It’s an opportunity to delve into the character’s psyche and understand what drives her as both a villain and a mother.


Harley Quinn’s motherhood is a topic that has sparked the interest of fans worldwide. While the character has a daughter named Lucy, her appearance in current story arcs remains minimal. However, the concept of Lucy still retains the possibility of developing into a significant part of Harley Quinn’s story arc and add another layer of complexity to her character. It remains to be seen how the DC universe handles this issue, and hopefully, we will see more of Lucy in future storylines.


Who is Harley Quinn’s daughter?

Harley Quinn’s daughter is Lucy Quinzel. Lucy is a relatively new character in the DC Comics universe, having been introduced in Harley Quinn #50 in 2019. She is the biological daughter of Harley Quinn and the Joker, making her the half-sister of the infamous Batman villain, the Clown Prince of Crime.

Lucy was conceived during one of Joker’s many escapes from Arkham Asylum. Harley gave birth to her daughter while in hiding, and for years, she kept Lucy’s existence a secret from even her closest friends. It wasn’t until the events of the “Harley Quinn: Villain of the Year” storyline that Harley admitted to having a daughter.

Lucy inherited some of her parents’ traits, including her mother’s gymnastic abilities and her father’s sadistic nature. She has a love for chaos and often makes trouble for her own entertainment. However, she also shows a softer side, especially when it comes to her relationship with her mother.

While Lucy has only appeared in a handful of comics so far, she has quickly become a fan-favorite character due to her unique backstory and her connections to both Harley Quinn and the Joker. It remains to be seen how Lucy’s story will continue to unfold and what role she will play in the DC Comics universe in the future.

Who is the mother of the Jokers daughter?

Duela Dent is a complicated character in the DC Comics universe. She is best known as the “Joker’s Daughter” and has been associated with various supervillain organizations over the years. For a long time, there was great speculation as to who her mother was because it had been established that The Joker couldn’t have fathered her.

Ultimately it was revealed that Duela is the daughter of the The Jokester (Earth-3) and Three-Face (Evelyn Dent), the Joker’s heroic counterpart and archenemy of Owlman (Thomas Wayne, Jr.) This means she is Joker’s daughter, just not the mainstream one.

It’s important to note that in different storylines and alternate universes, Duela has been depicted with different backstories and parentage. For example, in the pre-Crisis Earth-One continuity, Duela was introduced as the Joker’s daughter and her mother was not specified.

Interestingly, the character of Duela Dent was originally introduced as a one-off villain in the Batman Family series back in 1976. However, she proved to be popular with readers and was later reintroduced in different storylines and under different aliases.

The mother of the Joker’s daughter, Duela Dent, is Evelyn Dent, also known as Three-Face. This revelation adds another layer to the Joker’s complicated history with the Dent family and provides more insight into the convoluted relationships that exist within the DC Comics universe.

Does the Joker have a baby?

In a recent comic book from DC Comics titled Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing, a shocking revelation is made- the Joker becomes pregnant and gives birth to a baby. This is a notable departure from the well-known character of the Joker, who is typically characterized as a violent and unpredictable criminal mastermind, with no interest in romantic relationships or starting a family.

The comic book portrays Batman’s involvement in this unexpected storyline, as the Joker introduces his baby to the world. The baby, known as “Joker Jr.” is depicted as a miniature version of the Joker, with green hair, white face paint, and a wicked smile. Interestingly, the baby is also depicted as having an innocent demeanor, making this a complex and intriguing storyline for readers to explore.

It is worth noting that while this storyline is certainly far-fetched and a significant departure from traditional comic book canon, it is not entirely out of the realm of possibility. The comic book universe is known for its willingness to explore unexpected storylines and alternate versions of beloved characters. Furthermore, many comic book storylines have explored the concept of villains becoming parents, often with surprising results.

The Joker’s newfound parenthood is a significant departure from the character’s typical persona. However, it does offer readers a unique and intriguing storyline to explore, and raises interesting questions about the relationship between villains and their families. Whether or not this storyline will have lasting implications for the Joker and the Batman universe remains to be seen, but it is sure to be a memorable addition to the canon of comic book storytelling.