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Does Michaels have spice racks?

Michaels is a popular arts and crafts retail chain that offers a wide selection of products for arts, crafts, framing, floral, home décor, seasonal projects, and more. With over 1000 stores across the United States and Canada, Michaels is a go-to destination for crafters and DIY enthusiasts looking for inspiration and supplies.

One common question that shoppers have is whether Michaels sells spice racks for organizing spices and herbs in the kitchen. The answer is yes, Michaels does offer a variety of spice rack options, both in-store and online. Keep reading to learn more about the selection, styles, prices, and other details about buying spice racks from Michaels.

Does Michaels Have Spice Racks?

Yes, Michaels has a nice selection of spice racks available to purchase. They offer a range of stylish spice racks made from materials like metal, wood, or wire. The spice racks come in different sizes, configurations, and designs to fit any kitchen’s storage needs and aesthetic style.

Some of the key details about Michaels’ spice rack selection:

– Sold both in-store and online
– Various style options: wall-mounted, turntable, tiered, freestanding, etc.
– Diverse materials: metal, wood, wire, glass, acrylic
– Multiple sizes and capacities available
– Racks with and without included spices/herbs
– Prices range from $10-$50+

So whether you need a small 3-jar rack or a large 30-jar storage unit, Michaels has spice organizers to meet any spice storage needs. They provide everything from basic racks to decorative statement pieces for your kitchen.

In-Store Selection

When shopping in person at Michaels stores, you can browse their spice rack selection usually found in the kitchen gadget and organization section. They carry a rotating stock of the latest spice rack styles and designs each season.

The in-store spice rack offerings include popular picks like:

– Oval revolving racks
– Multi-tier wire units
– Wall-mounted wooden racks
– Freestanding acrylic racks
– Countertop metal racks
– Rustic farmhouse designs
– Sleek modern racks

The selection varies slightly by location, but most stores carry 5-10 different spice rack options at any given time. The prices range from $10 for basic metal racks up to $50+ for larger wooden storage units. Racks do not come pre-filled with spices when purchased in-person.

Online Selection

In addition to in-store shopping, Michaels also has a great online selection of spice racks that can be ordered on and shipped directly to your home. The online selection includes all the styles sold in stores plus many more unique rack designs and configurations.

Some of the most popular spice racks available online include:

Spice Rack Details Price
Revolving Acrylic Rack 20 jars, circular rotating unit $24.99
Wall Mount Bamboo Rack 5 jars, wooden mount rack $14.99
Chrome Wire Rack 3 jars, wire and metal construction $12.99
Copper Tiered Stand 12 jars, freestanding copper rack $39.99

The online selection has over 100 different spice racks, with prices ranging from $10 to over $100 for premium racks. You can find racks in almost any size, material, or configuration. Ordering online also allows you to get racks pre-filled with spices for convenience.

Spice Rack Materials at Michaels

Michaels offers spice racks in a variety of materials to suit any kitchen’s décor and needs. Some of the most common materials used are:


Metal spice racks are popular for their durability, modern styling, and affordable prices. Michaels has racks made from materials like steel, tin, aluminum, and chrome. Metal is easy to clean, sturdy, and provides a sleek, contemporary look.


For a warm, rustic aesthetic, wooden spice racks are a great choice. Michaels offers racks crafted from pine, oak, bamboo, and more. The natural wood tones and textures add homey character to any space.


Wire racks are known for their simple, open designs and airy, see-through construction. Michaels has a nice selection of wire spice racks in metal finishes like black, silver, gold, and chrome.


Acrylic spice racks have a streamlined, transparent look that complements modern kitchens. Michaels has acrylic racks in clear and colored tints like red, blue, and smoke that add pops of color.


For those who want to display their spices, glass spice racks are an excellent choice. The glass allows you to easily identify spices while adding elegance.

Spice Rack Styles at Michaels

Michaels spice racks come in an array of styles to organize spices in different ways:


Wall-mounted racks save counter space by storing spices vertically on the wall. Michaels has wall-mount racks in materials like wood, metal, and acrylic.


Freestanding racks sit on the counter or inside cabinets. They have a base or stand that allows them to sit independently.


Circular turntable racks rotate for easy access to every jar. Michaels has freestanding acrylic turntables that spin 360 degrees.


Tiered racks have stacked shelves or steps to store multiple layers of spices. The tiered design provides increased capacity.


Magnetic spice racks attach to surfaces like refrigerators and vent hoods using integrated magnets. They’re space-saving and portable.


Corner racks maximize space by fitting into 90-degree corners. Michaels offers triangular corner racks that take advantage of unused areas.

Spice Rack Sizes at Michaels

Michaels stocks spice racks in a range of sizes to fit both small and large spice collections. Some of the most common sizes include:

Small Racks

– 3-5 jars
– Best for essential spices
– Wall-mounted or freestanding
– Under $25 price range

Medium Racks

– 10-15 jars
– Holds an average spice collection
– Tiered designs for increased capacity
– $15-$40 price range

Large Racks

– 20-30 jars
– Ideal for big spice collections
– Freestanding floor units
– $40-$60+ price range

Extra Large Racks

– 30+ jars
– Maximizes spice storage
– Multiple tiers or rows
– $60-$100+ price range

Michaels’ range of rack sizes ensures you can find the ideal capacity spice organizer for your needs and budget. Measure your existing spice collection to determine the best size rack before shopping.

Spice Rack Prices at Michaels

Michaels offers excellent value across their spice rack selection, with prices starting as low as $10. Here are some typical price ranges:

Basic Spice Racks

– Small 3-5 jar racks
– Made of metal or plastic
– Simple design and function
– Starting prices around $10-$15

Mid-Range Spice Racks

– 10-20 jars
– Wood, acrylic, or wire
– Tiered designs and specialty shapes
– Prices from $20-$50

Premium Spice Racks

– 20+ jars
– Solid wood or ornate metal
– Custom configurations
– Prices over $50+

Spice Drawer Inserts

– Customize existing drawers
– Felt, foam, or acrylic
– Starting around $20

The product selection has racks at nearly every price point so you can find one that fits your budget. Occasional sales and coupons can also help save extra money on your spice rack purchase.

Do Michaels Spice Racks Come With Spices?

Some Michaels spice racks come pre-filled with jars of common herbs and spices. This convenient option eliminates the guesswork of stocking your new rack.

Here are some details on Michaels’ racks with included spices:

– Typically cost more than empty racks
– Contain 6-12 filled jars
– May have fixed jars or refillable clear jars
– Spice selections vary, can include salt, pepper, oregano, basil, etc.
– Labels identify each pre-filled spice
– Sold online and sometimes available in-store

If you want the simplicity of a ready-to-use rack, look for the “includes spices” options when shopping online or in stores. For more flexibility in choosing specific spices, you can opt for empty racks to fill on your own over time. Either way, Michaels provides great spice storage solutions to keep your herbs and spices organized.

Pro Tips For Buying Spice Racks at Michaels

Use these handy tips to make sure you select the perfect spice rack from Michaels:

Measure your existing spice collection

This ensures you get an accurately sized rack with enough capacity.

Read online reviews

Reviews provide helpful details from actual purchasers about quality, value, ease of assembly, and more.

Consider your kitchen’s décor

Choose a material and style that complements your overall aesthetic.

Compare prices

Michaels frequently runs sales and coupons to save money on your purchase.

Check dimensions

Double check that the rack will fit in your desired space before purchasing.

See if pre-filled options are available

For convenience, pre-filled racks eliminate the hassle of stocking spices yourself.

Examine in-store options

Viewing racks in person allows you to evaluate size, materials, and quality details.

Factor in extra jars or refills

Make sure to budget for additional jars or spice refills after initial purchase.


With diverse styles, a wide range of sizes and prices, and convenient ordering online or in stores, Michaels is a great option for finding the perfect spice rack. Their selection has attractive and functional racks that will organize your spices, complement your kitchen décor, and meet your budget. Use the tips provided to help you shop smart and choose the ideal Michaels spice rack for your needs. Keep your spices neatly arranged and easy to access with stylish storage solutions from Michaels.