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Does Natsuki get powers?

In the popular manga and anime series Doki Doki Literature Club, the character Natsuki is one of the members of the Literature Club at the protagonists’ high school. She is known for her love of manga, baking, and cute things, as well as her feisty personality. However, unlike some of the other characters like Monika or Sayori, Natsuki is not shown to have any supernatural abilities or powers within the story. This leaves fans wondering – does Natsuki ever get any special powers of her own?

Natsuki’s Role in Doki Doki Literature Club

To better understand whether Natsuki could potentially gain powers later in the story, it is important to first examine her established role within Doki Doki Literature Club. Some key points about Natsuki’s character include:

  • She is one of the 4 main members of the Literature Club, alongside Sayori, Yuri, and Monika.
  • Her personality is brash and hot-tempered at times, but she secretly craves love and care.
  • She expresses her femininity through baking cute cupcakes and her love of manga.
  • She seems to come from an abusive household but does not openly talk about her home life.
  • She is childhood friends with Sayori and is defensive about their friendship.
  • She represents the “tsundere” anime trope in DDLC.

Overall, Natsuki acts as a secondary character within the narrative, without being given any special abilities or influence over the direction of the story. She mainly interacts with the protagonist and provides a tsundere character archetype.

Powers of Other Doki Doki Literature Club Characters

To determine if Natsuki could potentially develop powers later on, it is useful to look at what kinds of abilities some of the other characters in Doki Doki Literature Club possess:


As the president of the Literature Club, Monika becomes aware that she is a character in a video game. She gains a wide range of metafictional powers such as:

  • Deleting character files to erasing the other characters from existence
  • Amplifying negative personality traits of other characters to make them unlikable
  • Editing game code and scripts to control the outcome of events
  • Reshaping the classroom environment
  • Observing and communicating directly with the player

Monika leverages these abilities to try and make the player choose her over the other characters. This makes her one of the most powerful entities in the DDLC universe.


After Monika deletes her own character file, Sayori gains the same self-awareness that Monika had about being part of a game. As the new president of the Literature Club, Sayori inherits the same metafictional abilities that Monika wielded. However, Sayori only uses these briefly before deciding to delete the entire game world so that the protagonist can be free.


While Yuri does not gain any special powers per se, Monika amplifies Yuri’s obsessive tendencies and instability to disturbing levels, leading to self-harm and manipulation. So in a sense, Monika uses her abilities to “transform” Yuri’s core personality.

Does Natsuki Obtain Any Powers?

Given the abilities displayed by Monika and Sayori, does Natsuki also gain any powers or transformations throughout Doki Doki Literature Club?

No Special Powers

Within the events depicted in the original game, Natsuki is not shown to acquire any kinds of supernatural powers, extra abilities, or metafictional awareness like Monika and Sayori. There are several reasons for this:

  • She remains a secondary character without the key leadership role of club president.
  • Her role as a trope-driven tsundere means she stays grounded compared to Yuri’s exaggerated obsession.
  • Monika focuses her manipulations on the other characters, without amplifying Natsuki’s negative qualities.
  • The game ends shortly after Sayori gains powers, before Natsuki could follow suit.

Overall, while the other main girls transform in various ways, Natsuki retains her original personality and does not gain any special awareness or control.

Theoretical Potential

However, fans have speculated about Natsuki potentially gaining powers if the game’s story progressed further, especially if she took on the role of club president. Some possibilities include:

  • Metafictional awareness like Monika and Sayori
  • Ability to alter the game world or other characters
  • Power to perceive multiple timelines
  • Extra strength or physical capabilities
  • Closer emotional connection with the protagonist

So while Natsuki does not canonically obtain powers within the current DDLC narrative, the potential exists for her character to transform given the right circumstances. The game leaves room for imagination.


In summary, throughout the events of Doki Doki Literature Club, Natsuki does not gain any special powers or metafictional abilities like some of the other characters do. She remains in her role as a tsundere deuteragonist without her core personality undergoing major transformations.

However, as a member of the Literature Club with a close bond to the protagonists, Natsuki certainly has the potential to gain powers or awareness if the game’s story progressed. Fans have theorized many possibilities for her character development. While not depicted in the source material, these ideas speak to Natsuki’s untapped potential stemming from her strength of personality.

Character Powers Gained? Description of Powers
Monika Yes Metafictional abilities such as file manipulation, script editing, environment control
Sayori Yes The same metafictional abilities as Monika
Yuri No Has obsessive personality amplified but no real powers
Natsuki No Stays grounded as a tsundere character

Theoretical Powers for Natsuki

Potential Power Description
Metafictional awareness Ability to perceive the game world as fictional
Manipulating game Editing files, scripts, environments like Monika
Seeing timelines Perceiving multiple plot paths and outcomes
Enhanced strength Beyond normal physical limits
Deeper love Stronger emotional connection with protagonist