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Does Panera have chicken salads?

Panera Bread is a popular fast casual restaurant chain that offers a variety of soups, sandwiches, and salads. One of the most common questions that customers have is whether or not Panera has chicken salads available on their menu. The quick answer is yes, Panera does offer several delicious chicken salad options for guests to enjoy. In this article, we will take a deeper look at the chicken salads on Panera’s menu, the ingredients and nutrition facts, prices, and how they compare to other menu items.

Overview of Chicken Salads at Panera

Panera currently has three main chicken salad offerings on their menu:

  • Chicken Cobb Salad
  • Asian Sesame Chicken Salad
  • Greek Chicken Salad

In addition to these three salads, some locations may also offer a Southwest Chicken Salad seasonally. All of Panera’s chicken salads feature chopped romaine lettuce topped with diced chicken breast, assorted veggies and dressing. The specific ingredients vary based on the style of salad. The chicken salad options provide guests with a lighter, healthier alternative to Panera’s sandwiches and paninis. They are packed with protein from the chicken, fiber from the lettuce and toppings, and additional nutrients.

Chicken Cobb Salad

The Chicken Cobb Salad is Panera’s take on a classic Cobb salad. It features romaine lettuce topped with diced chicken, bacon, grape tomatoes, boiled egg, avocado, and blue cheese. The salad comes tossed in Panera’s own Greek dressing, which has a tangy, Mediterranean flavor.

Asian Sesame Chicken Salad

Panera’s Asian Sesame Chicken Salad contains romaine lettuce, diced chicken, Asian sesame dressing, almonds, sesame seeds, red pepper, cucumber, cilantro, and wonton strips. As the name suggests, it has an Asian-inspired zesty dressing and crunchy topping blend.

Greek Chicken Salad

The Greek Chicken Salad is made up of romaine lettuce, chicken, feta cheese, kalamata olives, red onion, cucumber, grape tomatoes, pepperoncini peppers, and Greek dressing. It has flavors inspired by traditional Greek salad for a refreshing meal.

Nutrition Information on Panera Chicken Salads

Panera’s chicken salads provide a good source of lean protein, vitamins, and minerals. Here is an overview of the nutrition facts for each salad:

Salad Calories Fat Protein Carbs
Chicken Cobb 550 36g 30g 25g
Asian Sesame Chicken 490 20g 44g 33g
Greek Chicken 470 28g 42g 20g

As you can see, the chicken salads range from 470 to 550 calories. They provide 20-44g of protein per salad, which is an excellent source from the chicken breast. The Asian Sesame Chicken Salad has the highest amount of protein. The salads are also relatively low in carbs, with only 20-33g per serving. They make a filling but lighter meal compared to sandwiches or pastas.

Prices of Panera Chicken Salads

Panera’s chicken salads range in price depending on the location and specific salad. On average, the chicken salads cost between $8.99 – $11.99 per salad.

Here are the approximate prices for each:

  • Chicken Cobb Salad: $10.99
  • Asian Sesame Chicken Salad: $11.99
  • Greek Chicken Salad: $8.99

The salads are one of the more expensive menu choices compared to soups or half sandwiches. However, guests are getting a full salad packed with premium ingredients like avocado, blue cheese, almonds, and feta cheese. The portions are also very filling. Adding additional proteins like chicken or steak also increases the price.

How the Chicken Salads Compare to Other Menu Items

Panera’s chicken salads offer a fresher, lighter option compared to many of the hot sandwiches, pastas, and flatbreads on the menu. For example, here is how the Greek Chicken Salad nutrition compares to the smoked turkey avocado BLT sandwich:

Item Calories Fat Protein Carbs
Greek Chicken Salad 470 28g 42g 20g
Smoked Turkey Avocado BLT 810 35g 39g 75g

As shown, the salad has nearly 350 fewer calories, 15g less fat, and 55g less carbs compared to the sandwich. The protein content is similar. So the chicken salads make a more diet-friendly, lighter option. Guests can enjoy the salad as their main dish, or pair it with a half sandwich or cup of soup for a filling combo meal.

Comparison to Salads Without Chicken

Compared to Panera’s garden salads without chicken, the chicken salads provide significantly more protein. For example:

  • Greek salad: 110 calories, 5g protein
  • Greek chicken salad: 470 calories, 42g protein

The chicken boosts the protein over 30g compared to the regular salad. So guests looking for high-protein, lighter options should opt for one of the chicken salads.

Tips for Customizing Your Panera Chicken Salad

One benefit of ordering a salad at Panera is the ability to customize your salad to suit your personal preferences. Here are some tips for customizing your chicken salad:

  • Add extra veggies like beets, onions, corn, or carrots for more fiber and nutrients.
  • Swap dressings to try balsamic vinaigrette, green goddess, or Caesar dressing for different flavors.
  • Top with sunflower seeds, pecans, or walnuts for crunch.
  • Boost the protein even more by adding tuna or additional chicken breast.
  • Lighten it up by asking for dressing on the side.
  • Make it a meal by adding a bread bowl, baguette slices, or bread croutons.

Feel free to mix and match toppings to invent your own custom chicken salad creation. Panera’s staff is always happy to accommodate requests.


In summary, Panera Bread offers several nutritious and delicious chicken salad options like the Chicken Cobb, Asian Sesame, and Greek Chicken salads. They provide an excellent source of protein with lower carbs and fat than many other menu choices. The salads range in price from $8.99 – $11.99, which is reasonable given the generous portions and included premium ingredients. Customers can also customize their salads with extra toppings and dressing. Overall, the chicken salads are a filling and healthier lunch or dinner choice to enjoy at Panera.