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Does Petra get a happy ending?

Petra is one of the main characters in the light novel and anime series Attack on Titan. She is a complex and multi-faceted character who has endured a great deal of trauma and hardship throughout the course of the story. Many fans are invested in Petra and wonder whether she will find happiness by the end of the series. In this article, we will dive into Petra’s background, her relationships, and her overall character arc to analyze if a happy ending could be in store for her.

Petra’s Background

Petra Ral is a member of the Special Operations Squad within the Survey Corps in Attack on Titan. She serves under Captain Levi and is considered one of the most skilled soldiers. Some key facts about Petra’s background include:

  • She hails from the Orvud District within Wall Rose.
  • She is a few years older than key characters like Eren and Mikasa, believed to be in her early 20s.
  • She joined the Survey Corps right after becoming a soldier.
  • Her father is a captain in the Garrison Regiment.
  • She is handpicked by Levi to join his Special Operations Squad due to her elite skills.

Petra comes from a respectable family and has devoted herself fully to the Survey Corps. She believes wholeheartedly in their mission to secure a future outside the walls for humanity. This gives her immense drive and sense of purpose.

Petra’s Relationships and Personality

Although skilled, Petra brings more to the Special Operations Squad than just her combat abilities. She has an incredibly warm and empathetic personality that endears her to others. Some key facts about Petra’s relationships and personality include:

  • She is beloved by citizens within the walls who see the Survey Corps as heroes.
  • She writes letters often to her concerned father, comforting him and asking after her fellow soldiers.
  • She acts as a big sister figure to Eren, giving him advice on controlling his Titan abilities.
  • She respects Captain Levi greatly and follows his orders without hesitation.
  • She treats her squad mates with kindness and cares deeply about their well-being.

Petra balances her soldier’s discipline and dedication with compassion for others. This makes her a grounding force within the high-stakes world of the Survey Corps. She represents the virtues of humanity that they are all fighting for.

Petra’s Fate in Attack on Titan

Sadly, Petra meets a tragic end relatively early on in Attack on Titan. While on an expedition, the Special Operations Squad is ambushed by the Female Titan. Petra suffers a horrific death as she is smashed against a tree.

Positive Factors Negative Factors
Elite soldier Killed by Female Titan
Warm personality Died young
Beloved by many Brutal death

This shakes many of the characters and fans who had grown close to Petra. However, even in death, Petra leaves a positive legacy.

Petra’s Positive Legacy

While Petra’s life was cut short, she leaves behind a meaningful legacy that impacts others after she has gone. Some of the key parts of this positive legacy include:

  • She is respected as a skilled, brave soldier who died in the line of duty.
  • She is grieved deeply by her father, Levi, and her fellow soldiers who cared for her.
  • She served as a motivating factor for Eren to gain control of his Titan abilities.
  • Her memory represents the best of humanity to those who knew her.
  • Levi keeps the patch from her uniform as a reminder of her.

Petra acted with love and courage throughout her life. Her relationships reflect the light she brought to others. While tragic, her death was not in vain within the story.

Does Petra Get a Happy Ending?

Looking at Petra’s story arc and legacy leaves the question – does she get a happy ending? There are a few perspectives:

  • In literal terms, no. Petra suffers a horrific, unfair death.
  • But in terms of her life, she found joy in serving in the Survey Corps and helping humanity.
  • Her memory and legacy continue to motivate others after she’s gone.
  • Her death was brutal, but she passed knowing she gave her all fighting for what she believed in.

The ending of Petra’s life itself is undoubtedly tragic. However, looking at her life and relationships holistically reveals a character who lived life to the fullest fighting for a cause she believed in, forming meaningful bonds, touching others with her compassion, and leaving a positive legacy. In this sense, though her death was untimely, Petra did lead a happy, fulfilled life. She represents an ideal that others continue to draw motivation from even after her passing.


Petra Ral’s fate in Attack on Titan is tremendously heartbreaking, especially for how early it occurs in the overall story. As a skilled soldier and wonderful person, fans hoped she would play a major role throughout. However, though her direct role was cut short, Petra leaves behind an incredible legacy of courage, skill, and compassion that positively impacts the other characters. She lived life to the fullest, forming close bonds and making a difference for humanity. So while her literal end was brutal and unfair, Petra Ral’s life reflects admirable ideals that give her story an element of hope and happiness. She is gone too soon, but not forgotten.