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Does Rue know that Jules cheated with Elliot?

In the show Euphoria, the relationship between Rue and Jules is complicated. Rue is recovering from drug addiction and relies heavily on Jules for support and stability. However, in season 2, Jules begins secretly hooking up with Elliot, someone Rue considers a friend.

Many viewers have wondered – does Rue know about Jules and Elliot’s affair? The show has left it unclear exactly how much Rue knows. In this article, we’ll analyze Rue and Jules’ interactions and look for clues to determine if Rue is aware of Jules’ infidelity.

What are the signs Rue knows about Jules and Elliot?

There are a few hints that Rue may have suspicions about Jules and Elliot:

  • Rue starts acting more jealous and possessive of Jules in season 2
  • She questions Jules about where she goes and who she talks to
  • Rue’s addiction relapse puts more strain on her relationship with Jules
  • Rue references Jules “moving on” from their relationship

Though subtle, these moments suggest Rue can sense Jules pulling away emotionally as she gets closer to Elliot. Rue’s insecurity about losing Jules manifests in anger and attempts to control Jules more.

Key moments where Rue seemed suspicious of Jules

Two notable scenes in particular stand out where Rue’s behavior implies she knows something is going on between Jules and Elliot:

Scene 1: In episode 4, Rue snoops through Jules’ phone while Jules is in the shower. Rue seems upset by something she sees on the phone, likely texts between Jules and Elliot. Jules comes out of the shower and Rue quickly pretends she wasn’t looking through the phone.

Scene 2: At Lexi’s play in episode 7, there is a reenactment of Elliot performing oral sex on Jules. Rue angrily watches this scene and pointedly avoids looking at Jules, potentially confirming her fears about Jules’ hookups with Elliot.

What hints that Rue may still be unaware?

However, there are also signs indicating Rue may not fully grasp what happened between Jules and Elliot:

  • Rue never directly confronts Jules or Elliot about cheating
  • Rue seems oblivious at times, consumed by her own addiction
  • Rue continues to consider Elliot a friend, not acting resentful or hurt by his betrayal
  • Jules lies to Rue about where she’s going when she meets up with Elliot

Rue is an unreliable narrator, often too high to pick up on relationship issues. The fact that Rue doesn’t openly accuse Jules could mean she’s still in the dark about the full extent of Jules’ disloyalty.

Key moments where Rue seemed oblivious

There are also notable instances where Rue seems completely unaware of Jules and Elliot’s affair:

Scene 1: In episode 5, Rue happily goes with Jules and Elliot to a party. She acts friendly with both of them, not sensing any romantic tension.

Scene 2: In episode 7, when Jules tries to break up with Rue, Rue is shocked and emotional. She doesn’t cite Jules’ cheating as a reason for the split.


In conclusion, the show provides reasonable evidence both for and against Rue knowing about the affair between Jules and Elliot. Rue clearly senses Jules pulling away from her, fueling her drug addiction. However, she may attribute Jules’ distance to their overall rocky relationship. The extent of Rue’s knowledge remains ambiguous.

Ultimately, Rue is so caught up in her own downward spiral of addiction that she may miss or ignore clear signs of Jules’ infidelity. Their lack of direct confrontation leaves the door open for different viewer interpretations. Until Rue and Jules have an honest discussion about what happened, the full truth likely remains somewhere in Rue’s subconscious, overpowered by the fog of her drug use.

Detailed Timeline of Rue and Jules’ Relationship

Here is a detailed timeline of key events in Rue and Jules’ relationship that provide context around whether Rue knows about Jules cheating with Elliot:

Date Relationship Event
September 2018 Rue and Jules meet at a party and immediately connect emotionally and romantically
October 2018 Rue and Jules begin secretly hooking up and develop deeper feelings for each other
November 2018 Rue breaks things off, feeling like she’s not good enough for Jules
December 2018 Rue nearly overdoses and goes to rehab
January 2019 When Rue gets out of rehab, she and Jules decide to commit as girlfriends
May 2019 Rue relapses on drugs, putting strain on her relationship with Jules
September 2019 Rue meets Elliot and introduces him to Jules
November 2019 Jules secretly begins hooking up with Elliot
December 2019 Rue shows more possessiveness over Jules and suspicion of infidelity
January 2020 After a big fight, Jules tries to break up with Rue, who begs Jules to stay with her
February 2020 After seeing Lexi’s play depicting Jules and Elliot’s hookup, Rue storms off, avoiding Jules

This timeline shows how Rue’s drug relapse coincided with Jules growing closer to Elliot. Rue likely felt Jules slipping away but was too addicted and erratic herself to fully process Jules’ secret betrayal.

Analysis of Rue’s Reactions to Jules in Key Scenes

By analyzing Rue’s reactions to Jules in key scenes, we may get a better sense of what Rue knows or suspects about the affair:

Scene 1: The Carnival (S2E3)

  • Rue insists on picking out Jules’ outfit for a carnival, seeming controlling
  • Rue hovers close to Jules at the carnival, keeping an eye on her
  • When Jules says she wants space, Rue reacts angrily and obsessively watches Jules flirt with another girl

Rue’s possessive, paranoid behavior hints she worries about losing Jules and may already suspect Jules is interested in someone else.

Scene 2: The Intervention (S2E5)

  • Elliot stages an intervention for Rue’s drug addiction
  • Rue grows very defensive and confrontational
  • However, Rue does not call out Elliot for betraying her by sleeping with Jules

Rue still seems oblivious to the affair, as she likely would’ve angrily brought it up when lashing out at Elliot and Jules.

Scene 3: Lexi’s Play (S2E7)

  • Lexi’s play depicts Jules performing oral sex on Elliot
  • Rue fidgets uncomfortably during this scene and won’t look at Jules
  • After the play, Rue storms off angrily without talking to Jules

Seeing their hookup simulated on stage appears to confirm Rue’s suspicions, explaining her visible discomfort and refusal to speak to Jules after.

Analyzing these pivotal scenes provides insight into Rue’s mindset and shifting perceptions of Jules and Elliot’s relationship. Her erratic reactions indicate a mixture of denial, suspicion, and hurt surrounding their affair.

Critical Conversations Between Rue and Jules

Taking a closer look at important conversations between Rue and Jules may also offer clues into what Rue knows:

Conversation 1: The Diner (S2E4)

  • Rue insists on joining Jules and Elliot for dinner at a diner
  • When Elliot leaves to take a call, Rue interrogates Jules about him
  • Jules gets defensive, asking why Rue needs to know so much about her friends

Rue’s probing questions about Elliot demonstrate her distrust in their relationship, though she avoids directly accusing Jules of anything.

Conversation 2: The Hallway (S2E6)

  • After hearing rumors about Jules hooking up with someone, Rue confronts her at school
  • Rue angrily asks Jules for the truth, but quickly backs down and says she trusts Jules
  • Jules continues to deny cheating on Rue

Here Rue comes close to directly calling out Jules, but seems afraid of pushing her away and ruining their relationship.

Conversation 3: The Breakup (S2E7)

  • Jules tries to break up with Rue, saying she can’t be her sponsor
  • A distraught Rue begs Jules not to leave her
  • Neither brings up Jules’ infidelity as a reason for separation

This conversation underscores that Rue may still be in denial about Jules’ motivations, too focused on her own dependence on Jules.

Looking closely at the subtext in Rue and Jules’ discussions demonstrates Rue’s inner turmoil. While she senses things are wrong between them, Rue seems unable to directly challenge Jules.

Evidence For and Against Rue’s Knowledge of the Affair

To summarize the biggest clues on both sides of the debate, here is the evidence for and against Rue knowing about Jules and Elliot:

Evidence Rue knows:

  • Rue snooping through Jules’ phone and seeing something upsetting
  • Rue questioning Jules more about where she goes and who she talks to
  • Rue acting jealous and possessive over Jules spending time with Elliot
  • Rue’s visible reaction to seeing Jules hook up with Elliot in Lexi’s play

Evidence Rue doesn’t know:

  • Rue never directly confronts or accuses Jules or Elliot of cheating
  • Rue still considers Elliot a close friend through season 2
  • Rue seems oblivious and caught up in her addiction
  • Jules continues to lie to Rue about secretly meeting up with Elliot

There are compelling hints on both sides, with Rue exhibiting suspicious behavior but also appearing ignorant at times. Jules’ continued deception also muddies the truth of how much Rue has pieced together.


Does Rue know about Jules and Elliot’s affair? While the show keeps it purposefully ambiguous, the weight of the evidence suggests Rue has strong suspicions but lacks definitive proof.

Rue is an unreliable, drug-addled narrator, making it difficult to discern her true mindset. She likely comprehends subconsciously that Jules is pulling away but is in denial about the specifics. Jules’ secrecy prevents Rue from ever getting full closure.

Ultimately, Rue seems conflicted – on some level aware that Jules betrayed her, but afraid of fully confronting that truth and ruining their relationship. Until Rue and Jules have an open conversation, the extent of Rue’s knowledge remains a subjective interpretation for the viewer.