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Does Subway have a barbecue chicken sub?

Subway has been serving its customers with fresh and delicious sandwiches for many years. With a wide range of sandwich options available, it’s no wonder that Subway is a popular destination for both meat-lovers and vegetarians. For those who enjoy the taste of barbequed chicken, the question that often arises is – does Subway have a barbeque chicken sub?

In this blog post, we will answer this question and provide all the information you need to know about Subway’s barbeque chicken sub, including its ingredients, nutritional facts, and more.

Does Subway have a barbeque chicken sub?

The answer is yes – Subway does have a barbeque chicken sub! The sandwich is made with tender, juicy chicken breast that is drizzled with barbeque sauce, and is a delicious option for those who love the smoky flavor of barbeque.

The barbeque chicken sub is available in a variety of bread options, including Italian bread, wheat bread, 9-grain wheat bread, and more. You can also choose from a range of toppings such as lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, and more to customize your sandwich to your liking.


Here is a list of ingredients that are used to make Subway’s barbeque chicken sub:

– Chicken Breast
– Barbeque Sauce
– Bread (Your choice of bread)
– Cheese (Optional)
– Toppings (Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, and more)

Nutritional Information

If you’re watching your calorie intake or trying to eat healthily, it’s essential to know the nutritional information of your food. Here is the nutritional information for Subway’s barbeque chicken sub:

Calories: 400
Fat: 4.5g
Saturated Fat: 1.5g
Cholesterol: 60mg
Protein: 29g
Sodium: 900mg

Please note that the nutritional values may vary depending on the bread and toppings you choose.

How to Order

If you want to try Subway’s barbeque chicken sub, follow these simple steps:

1. Visit your nearest Subway store or order online
2. Choose your bread, cheese, and veggies
3. Ask for the BBQ Chicken Sub
4. Pay at the counter
5. Enjoy your delicious sandwich!


In conclusion, Subway does have a barbeque chicken sub, and it’s a delicious sandwich option for those who love the taste of barbeque. With a range of bread and topping options, you can customize your sandwich to your liking. However, it’s essential to keep in mind the nutritional information and watch your calorie intake. So, next time you visit Subway, try their barbeque chicken sub, and savor the flavor!


Is BBQ Chicken Subway good?

Subway is a well-known sandwich chain that has been around for several decades now. They are famous for their customized sandwiches, where you can choose the type of bread, toppings, and sauces that you want. One of the varieties they offer is BBQ Chicken. But the question is, is BBQ Chicken Subway good?

BBQ chicken is a classic variety that many people enjoy, especially with game day wings. Subway’s variety is solid enough, with just enough gusto to be called tangy. The BBQ sauce that Subway uses on its chicken is sweet and smoky, with a hint of tanginess that complements the chicken’s flavor. The sauce is also not overpowering, allowing the chicken’s natural flavor to shine through.

The chicken itself is cut into strips and cooked until it’s juicy and tender. The strips have a slightly crispy exterior, which adds texture to the sandwich. The chicken’s quality is good, and it doesn’t taste processed or artificial.

The bread and other toppings you choose can also affect the overall taste of the sandwich. Subway’s bread is freshly baked in-store, and you can choose from different varieties, such as white, wheat, and Italian. The lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, and other toppings are fresh and crispy, adding texture and flavor to the sandwich.

If you’re a fan of BBQ chicken and want a quick and easy meal, then BBQ Chicken Subway is a good option. The sandwich tastes good, and the quality is decent. It may not be the most exciting sandwich out there, but it’s a solid choice for a quick bite.

What kind of chicken do they have at Subway?

If you’re a fan of Subway sandwiches and you’re wondering about the chicken they use, you’ll be delighted to know that the company sources chicken made from 100 percent all white meat and mixed with spices, seasoning, and marinade. The chickens are then cooked and seared to perfection, making sure that they are juicy and tasty.

Subway offers two options for its beloved customers when it comes to chicken – the Oven Roasted Chicken and chicken strips. Both options are made from the same high-quality ingredients and are seasoned to create a delicious taste that will surely satisfy any craving.

In some regions, Subway adds dried soy protein, which acts as a spice when added to the marinade. This addition helps enhance the flavor of the chicken, giving each bite a more complex, savory taste.

Subway takes great care in selecting and preparing its chicken. The company ensures that only the best quality of chicken is used, and that it is cooked to perfection to create a delicious sandwich filling that customers will enjoy. So, the next time you order your favorite Subway sandwich, rest assured that the chicken in it is made from high-quality ingredients and is cooked to perfection.

How many calories in a BBQ chicken sandwich from Subway?

If you are looking for a tasty sandwich option from Subway, the BBQ chicken sandwich is a popular choice. However, if you are concerned about your calorie intake, you may be wondering how many calories are in this menu item.

According to Subway’s nutritional information, a BBQ chicken sandwich contains 401 calories. This information is based on a 6-inch sandwich on Italian bread with chicken strips, BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and green peppers.

It is important to note that the calorie count may vary depending on the sandwich’s serving size, the type of bread, and additional toppings or sauces. For example, if you choose a footlong sandwich or a different type of bread, the calorie count will be higher.

If you are trying to manage your calories while still enjoying a BBQ chicken sandwich from Subway, you may want to consider making some modifications to the sandwich’s ingredients. For example, you can ask for less sauce or skip the cheese to lower the calorie count.

The BBQ chicken sandwich from Subway is a delicious option that can fit into a balanced diet. However, it is essential to be aware of its calorie count and make adjustments if necessary to stay within your daily calorie goals.