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Resto » Drake’s Huntsville Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Drake’s Huntsville Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Drake’s Huntsville

Address: 4800 Whitesburg SE Suite 14, Huntsville, AL 35802

Restaurant Type: Restaurant

Phone: (256) 517-8588

Price: $$

Rating: 4.3


Drake’s Huntsville Directions

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What Time Does Drake’s Huntsville Open?

Tuesday,: 11AM to 12AM

Wednesday,: 11AM to 12AM

Thursday,: 11AM to 12AM

Friday,: 11AM to 1AM

Saturday,: 11AM to 1AM

Sunday,: 11AM to 12AM

Monday,: 11AM to 12AM

Drake’s Huntsville Directions

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Drake’s Huntsville Reviews


Great lunch stop. Inviting atmosphere, great customer service. A great option for burgers and beers but a diverse enough menu for everyone, including a nice sushi selection. Thank you for having fried bologna, this “just getting back to the south” southern boy was happy about that add!

Nate Johnson

I appreciate that drakes stays open later then majority of establishments at the moment ever since the covid time change first and foremost. The food was a combination of all my favorite items but between three different restaurants all packaged in to one. The tuna lovers roll was perfection for me. I enjoyed the steaks and the chicken appetizer. Our waitress was busy but kept a good attitude regardless of the circumstances and provided a professional and personal experience.

Marcos Almonte Perez

Gluten free sushi and other menu options! Great ambiance and service. Gluten free items are marked with a GF on the menu. The Sushi was very good!

The steak on the other hand tasted like a not quality beef. I’d definitely skip it. Chicken was decent. Overall I’d stick with the Sushi.

Yvonne Wright

This is one of our family’s favorite places. We’ve been coming here for years, so when our twins turned 21 we naturally brought them here for their first legal drink. Their cocktail menu is spectacular. So is their food. We usually get sushi, but tonight we had wings. Delish! I can recommend just about everything. Hamburgers, all appetizers, desserts – great!

Zack Stovall

Went here for lunch with work colleagues. Ordered the Mardi Party roll and was extremely impressed. Also ordered some chicken bites and sweet potato fries for the table that were immediately consumed. 10/10 would suggest this place to anyone in the area.

P Guice

I’m a big fan of Drake’s. Mostly when they do specials. I’ve been to this Drake’s several times with good service and good food.

Even the last time I went, it was (obviously) short staffed but we had great service and the food was hot and fresh.

This time we got the BLT tots as the appatizer. It’s hard not to get these everytime I come. They are so good and you get a lot of food. They don’t skimp on the bacon with these.This time, for my entree, I got the buffalo chicken wrap. Everything was hot and the flavor was on point. Got a few beers. They always have a good draft list and the beer is always cold.

Give this place a try if you want a few beers and a good meal!

Josh Guzon

Drakes is a great place for making everyone in the family happy. I love sushi and their’s for the price is decent. I ordered the combination plater for two (me and myself) with it you get a choice of 2 rolls and 4 nigiri or sashimi. I always opt for the most expensive items when it comes to combos, so I got a surf and turf roll, the dynamite roll, fly fish eggs, white tuna sashimi, white tuna nigiri and yellow tail. My wife got a Turkey Swiss and avocado sandwich, kids got random sushi and a burger.
The sushi is definitely fresh and will fill you up in portion. The rice is good, but they load you up with twice as much as you usually get with a roll or nigiri. Which is fine, but I got a little mouth and can’t stuff as much as some of you can. My favorite is the flying fish eggs. The rest of the sushi is comparable to sushi express or rock n roll quality, so it’s ok.
Sandwiches and burgers were good, as the wife and kids have said.
If you come after 6pm on a peak night, prepare to wait. It can get packed.
I wouldn’t say there’s much cons, especially if your expectations are for above average family food, good setting, family oriented and quality service staff.
4 stars for the food quality
5 stars for MILITARY DISCOUNT and great staff.

Maggie Moon

I had the 3 mini cheeseburgers with french fries. Very good burgers, and hot crinkle fries. The tomatoes, lettuce, and pickles come on the side. The tomatoes are sliced beautiful ripe Roma tomatoes… perfectly sized for the small hamburger. Good hot fries. They have a full bar, and draft beers that change monthly. Prices are very reasonable.

D Lee

I ordered burger here twice. The first time was pretty good, so I came 2nd time. It was beyond terrible. Burger was plain, tasteless and had no tomato and lettuce. The fries was way too soft .

Marc White

It’s one of the best expercises I’ve had for a restaurant. The filet mignon was cooked to perfection and it has the right amount of juice to it. The chicken had the best seasoning for anything that I can remember. I liked the crab rangoon even though I normally don’t like sushi. The only problem I had was that the breading of the fried pickles was a little thick. Other than that, the server and service was amazing.

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