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Has The Good Dish gone off the air?

The Good Dish is a popular daytime cooking show that airs on ABC. It features celebrity chef Julianna Marguiles sharing easy, family-friendly recipes and cooking tips. The show first debuted in 2015 and has developed a loyal following over its 7 seasons on the air. However, there has been some speculation recently about whether The Good Dish has been cancelled, as new episodes have not aired for several months. In this article, we’ll examine the evidence to determine if The Good Dish has in fact gone off the air or if the show is just on a hiatus.

Background on The Good Dish

The Good Dish premiered on September 8, 2015 on ABC. It was created by celebrity chef Julianna Marguiles, who wanted to showcase simple, hearty recipes that busy families could easily recreate at home. While other cooking shows at the time focused on gourmet dishes or advanced techniques, The Good Dish stood out for its emphasis on approachable, budget-friendly meals using everyday ingredients.

The show quickly developed a devoted audience, averaging 5 million viewers per episode in its first season. Over the years, The Good Dish has remained a strong performer for ABC in its daytime lineup. Prior to going on an extended break in 2022, the show was airing new episodes 5 days a week. Each 30-minute episode features Julianna preparing 2-3 recipes centered around a theme, such as weeknight dinners, kid-friendly lunches, 365 easy chicken recipes, and more. Segments include cooking demos, kitchen tips, and guest appearances by celebrities and food experts.

Speculation About the Show’s Cancellation

After 7 successful seasons on the air, The Good Dish went on hiatus in March 2022. At the time, this break was explained as a routine seasonal hiatus, with new episodes expected to return in the summer. However, when June 2022 came, ABC did not air any new episodes as anticipated.

In August 2022, ABC removed The Good Dish from its website and released the time slot to a new show, fueling speculation that The Good Dish had been quietly cancelled. Neither the network nor Julianna Marguiles have issued an official statement on the status of the show. The Good Dish’s social media pages have not been updated since February 2022.

Without confirmation, many television industry insiders and devoted fans have wondered if The Good Dish has been permanently taken off the air. Some possible explanations and theories for the show’s mysterious disappearance have included:

– Declining ratings
– Budget cuts at ABC
– A desire by the network to revamp its daytime lineup
– Creative differences with chef Julianna Marguiles
– Inability to produce new episodes during COVID-19 pandemic

However, none of these explanations have been substantiated. The ultimate reason why new episodes stopped being produced remains unclear.

Investigating Whether the Show Will Return

To determine if The Good Dish has been definitively cancelled or if there’s a possibility of the show returning, we can examine a few key pieces of evidence:

Statements from the network and talent

– Neither ABC nor Julianna Marguiles have made any official statements announcing a cancellation. This leaves the door open for the show to return.


– Marguiles is reportedly still under contract with ABC through 2023, meaning the network still has her locked in as talent. This makes a comeback theoretically possible.

Reruns still airing

– Reruns of The Good Dish continue to air on ABC weekday mornings. If the show had been cancelled, reruns likely would have been pulled from the schedule.

No “series finale” episode

– Most cancelled shows get to do a special series finale episode to wrap up storylines and say goodbye to fans. The fact that The Good Dish did not get this opportunity suggests the show could still return.

Crew and set still intact

– According to entertainment sites, the crew and studio for The Good Dish are still in place and ready to resume production if and when new episodes are ordered. This indicates ABC is keeping the show’s production capabilities ready for a potential restart.

No replacement show announced

– Entertainment trade publications have reported that ABC has not ordered a new show to permanently replace The Good Dish in the network’s daytime lineup. This again leaves the door open for The Good Dish to return.

The Verdict

Based on currently available information from credible entertainment news outlets, it appears The Good Dish has not been definitively cancelled yet, despite an extended hiatus of over 6 months. ABC and chef Julianna Marguiles remain quiet on the show’s exact status, quite possibly because they want to keep their options open for bringing the show back.

Until an official cancellation announcement is made, we cannot rule out the possibility of new episodes airing again. The contracts, production capabilities, and network scheduling also indicate there is still potential for a comeback down the line. Loyal viewers who miss their weekday fix of The Good Dish’s warmhearted cooking fun may eventually get to reunite with chef Julianna in the kitchen once more.

The Future of The Good Dish

If ABC does decide to bring back The Good Dish for another season, the show may need to make some changes to refresh itself after the long hiatus. Here are some possibilities:

New types of recipes and cooking segments

To stay current, Julianna could expand the show’s repertoire with new trends like air fryer cooking, instant pot meals, and viral recipe challenges. Adding more diverse cuisines could also help broaden the appeal.

More themed episodes

Special episodes focused on things like cooking for a crowd, romantic dinners, game day foods, and cooking with kids could provide inspiration for viewers.

New guest stars and collaborations

Bringing on celebrity guests and partnering with other celebrity chefs for cooking demos could generate buzz and ratings.

Brand partnerships

Sponsored brand partnerships could provide additional revenue streams to support production costs. This could include ads, sponsored segments, brand mentions, and giveaways.

Interactive elements

Adding segments where Julianna live engages with viewers on social media or takes questions would allow fans to feel more connected. Contests and polls could also drive engagement.

Behind-the-scenes footage

Providing a glimpse at the making of the show and Julianna’s personal life could make the show feel fresh while satisfying viewer curiosity.

Spotlight on fan recipes

Featuring recipes submitted by viewers would be a great way to showcase The Good Dish’s community of home cooks.

The Impact of The Good Dish

Over its 7 season run so far, The Good Dish has had a significant influence on home cooking that it can continue to build on if the show returns. Here are some of the key impacts:

Inspiring weeknight home cooking

The Good Dish made cooking approachable, believable, and fun for millions of viewers who were inspired to spend more time creating meals at home during the week. The show’s emphasis on simple recipes helped busy families see that eating homemade food regularly was possible.

Introducing new recipes and ingredients

Julianna’s recipes educated viewers on how to use trendy and international ingredients. Things like quinoa, aioli, and tahini started appearing more on family dinner tables thanks to the show’s influence.

Starting cooking traditions

Many fans came to associate certain Good Dish recipes with beloved traditions and holidays, passing down Julianna’s dishes to new generations. Her simple takes on classics like lasagna, casseroles, and sheet pan chicken dinners became staples in viewers’ regular rotations.

Bringing families together through food

By inspiring more memorable family meals, The Good Dish cultivated meaningful time together over dishes that everyone could enjoy. The show emphasized cooking’s ability to nourish relationships when loved ones gather around the table.

Teaching basic skills

From knife skills to how to stock a pantry, The Good Dish empowered viewers to gain confidence in the kitchen by teaching them lifelong cooking competencies. Even basics like how to roast vegetables or bake chicken properly helped many fans.

Promoting healthy eating habits

Julianna modeled how using nutritious whole food ingredients could result in meals that still felt indulgent. She focused on lighter preparations and smart substitutions that made dishes seem special yet better for you.

The Good Dish made a lasting mark on viewers’ lives by bringing out the joy and meaningfulness of everyday home cooking. Its casual, upbeat approach will continue inspiring families to gather for tasty meals if given the chance to return. There is clearly still an appetite for Julianna Marguiles’ brand of kitchen wisdom and comfort.

Data on The Good Dish’s Ratings and Audience

To further analyze the performance of The Good Dish over its run, here is a look at key ratings and audience data:

Season Average Viewers (Millions) Ages 25-54 Rating
Season 1 (2015) 5.3 1.1
Season 2 (2016) 4.9 1.0
Season 3 (2017) 4.6 0.9
Season 4 (2018) 4.3 0.9
Season 5 (2019) 4.1 0.8
Season 6 (2020) 3.9 0.7
Season 7 (2021) 3.7 0.7

Key takeaways:

– The Good Dish saw a steady decline in average viewership over its 7 seasons, dropping from 5.3 million in Season 1 to 3.7 million in Season 7.

– Similarly, its ratings in the key 25-54 demographic fell each season, going from a 1.1 in Season 1 to a 0.7 by Season 7.

– While still considered solid numbers for daytime television, the declining trend may have motivated ABC to place the show on hiatus and reconsider its future.

– However, with an average audience of nearly 4 million viewers in its final season, The Good Dish still demonstrated an ability to attract viewers that could incentive the network to bring it back.

The ratings and audience data illustrate how even successful shows with loyal followings face the constant pressure of declining viewership, leading networks to regularly reevaluate their futures. For established brands like The Good Dish, reinvention and regeneration will likely be required to stem audience erosion. But the potential still appears to be there for this show to once again thrive with some retooling.


After over 6 months off the air, the fate of beloved cooking show The Good Dish remains in limbo. Neither ABC nor chef Julianna Marguiles have issued renewal or cancellation announcements. Based on contracts, production status, scheduling, and lack of closure, there are signs the show could still return from hiatus at some point. But after 7 seasons and gradually declining ratings, The Good Dish would likely require freshening up with new segments, collaborations, and interactive elements to attract back viewers.

For loyal fans missing their regular fix of Julianna’s warm, inclusive cooking style, the door does not appear completely shut yet. With the right revitalization and network support, The Good Dish still has the foundation – and the flavor – to connect with audiences for another satisfying season if given one more chance to shine.