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Resto » Hollywood Shawarma Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Hollywood Shawarma Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Hollywood Shawarma

Address: 6319 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Restaurant Type: Shawarma restaurant



Rating: 4.7


Hollywood Shawarma Directions

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What Time Does Hollywood Shawarma Open?

Tuesday,: 1PM to 12AM

Wednesday,: 1PM to 12AM

Thursday,: 1PM to 4AM

Friday,: 1PM to 4AM

Saturday,: 1PM to 4AM

Sunday,: 1PM to 12AM

Monday,: 1PM to 12AM

Hollywood Shawarma Directions

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Hollywood Shawarma Reviews

Devon Callaway

Authentic, fresh, delicious shawarma and more. Located right off of Hollywood Boulevard. They were open late and offered limited outdoor seating next to the kitchen. I ordered the Falafel Pita Wrap which was fresh and tasted great. My friends tried the 12″ Chicken and Beef Combo Plates which they also enjoyed. The chef was quick to serve and quite friendly.

Kyle Cyr

Best shwarma I’ve ever had…seriously!

This little hole-the-wall place is a must. They advertise “best in Hollywood” and I have to agree.

It’s an open kitchen to you get to see then shave the chicken or beef.

I got a 12″ beef and lamb shwarma and it was so flavorful and delicious!

Service was friendly and fast.

There were some high top tables on the side walk to enjoy while people watching on Hollywood Blvd.

Highly recommend it!

ankita bagri

Amazing shawarmas! Came here after a concert at The Fonda Theatre. Both my friend & I got midnight cravings and Hollywood Shawarma did not disappoint.
A bit of wait time but as the sign on the restaurant wall says, Help wanted, they were short staffed. But all well – food was great!
I polished off my chicken shawarma. As you can see from the pic posted, it was half eaten when I took a pic! Loved it!

Natalia’s Secret

Highly recommend it! Great customer service: Great food and extremely affordable. Clean and fast. The food just like back home in Lebanon. The best Shawerma not only in town, but also in the U.S. I highly recommend it. That, in additional to the exceptional customer service they have


# HALAL ALERT # THIS IS THE BEST AND MOST AUTHENTIC SHAWARMA IN NORTH AMERICA!! The chef just arrived from the middle-east and he is extremely friendly and welcoming, A MUST TRY EVEN IF ONLY PASSING THROUGH LA!!

محمد راشد

l probably the best shawarma in los angeles.

I come there quite often i really like their chicken shawarma, the portions are good and the taste is authentic.

Always eat as soon as you get the food, shawarma is best eaten as soon as it’s prepared

Paloma Salomon

Best Chicken Shawarma! I stopped by this place after Universal Studios and It was amazing as it was said in the comments! Very friendly staff especially the chef!!
The Garlic sauce is beyond imagination.
I recommend this place for all Shawarma lovers!

Fakhoury Family

One of the best shawerma places I went to in Cali. It has been years for me since I had a good shawerma and I just lovedddd ittttt! Highly recommended if you miss the taste of the authentic shawerma from the Middle East. Both chicken and beef shawerma! Thank you. I wish I live there 🙁

Sonia Merrbel

Shawarma sandwich is empty we payed 29$ for 2 very small and not clean I give 0 star and so expensive comparing to other hallal shawarma I get sick after eating that disgusting small sandwich

Reply to the owner:

First of all I did not come to your shop at 2:00 pm. The order I did was at around 9-9:30 pm. I never bargain about prices. I am happy to pay the price when the quality is good and the portion is decent however your place lacks both. The photo and video I have are clearly at night night so don’t lie. The food was disgusting, small portions, looks like you are just another greedy owner who doesn’t care about customers and just want quick money, but you know what you will never go anywhere or develop with this mentalities. Next time argue with good manners and good customer service and not lie saying that we came at 2pm the photo is clearly at night. And again we never bargain or negotiate prices.


A truly nostalgic and heartwarming experience.
I’m Palestinian and have lived in the Middle East for nine years, so trust me when I tell you that this shawarma is on par with some of the best shawarma I’ve had in the Middle East.
I ordered the large chicken shawarma wrap. Their bread was light and crispy, their sauce was a perfectly balanced combination of garlic and yoghurt, the chicken was charred to perfection and so tender that my teeth bit right through it with ease, and their garnish was a strategic zing of pickles.
Besides that, the customer service was warm and welcoming, just as wonderful as the food. And their opening times brought joy to my heart, especially since I came at about 2am, after a long night of clubbing.

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