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Resto » Hotel Washington Restaurant and Studio Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Hotel Washington Restaurant and Studio Restaurant (Reviews & Ratings)

Hotel Washington Restaurant and Studio

Address: 354 Range Line Rd, Washington, WI 54246

Restaurant Type: Restaurant

Phone: (920) 847-3010


Rating: 4.8


Hotel Washington Restaurant and Studio Directions

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Hotel Washington Restaurant and Studio Directions

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Hotel Washington Restaurant and Studio Reviews

Lauren Hazenson

Absolutely delicious food and peaceful scenery. We had the pork shoulder and crispy chicken, both of which we would highly recommend. Service was kind and attentive. We had a wonderful experience and will be back!

Jennifer Brugh

Amazing, friendly staff, excellent food, and a beautiful patio. The portions are just right. The cornish hen is roasted to perfection. The braised pork belly is amazing.

Lori Griffin

This is a much belated review but didn’t want to let it go as we so LOVED our meal here! We visited the Island in July of 2020 so the Hotel wasn’t open for guests do to Covid restrictions, but chef Matt and his crew created a delicious dinner for my parents 50th anniversary to feed 18 people as a take out meal. He worked with me weeks in advance to go over options and dietary needs. We had a few gluten-free so he had many yummy options. We landed on many of their delicious salads, so fresh and delicious combinations, loved the gluten free beef dish and many pizzas. The homemade ice creams were delicious! What an amazing place to have such fresh local food. Must visit again!!!!

Aaron Kaio

Whoa! Stopped for ice cream only and we were floored. I’ll just say the Flavas: caraway and honeycomb, salted chocolate, roaster cherry sorbet. Nuff said.

Angela Ritchie

We absolutely loved our time spent at the hotel, it really has casual elegant summer camp vibes. We stayed 3 nights, had dinner and maybe a little too much wine at the hotel. Food was top notch, everything is extremely fresh and well seasoned. Loved the cheese plate and house made pickled veg. I could go on and on, staff was extraordinarily kind and helpful… lgbtq+ friendly, we love everything it’s got going on so much we’re getting married here next year!

Andy Novotny

One of the best meals I have ever enjoyed in one of the best places. Hard to believe the level of cooking here. Amazing ambience. Have stayed the night here in the past and loved every minute of it. You can tell everyone has a passion for food and hospitality. A true gem. Well done. Thanks again


Terrific food in a lovely historic setting. They take pride in using many local ingredients. The pork sammie was meltingly tender and the homemade ice cream flavors are inventive – try the Clouds in My Cocoa!

Love Burak

Best customer service ever! Thank you very much for having us. Homemade pastries. Delicious food. The only thing was that there is no AC and we couldn’t sleep at night. Too hot in the summer.

b j

What a wonderful inn, The historical hotel is totally North of the tension line! The owner friendly and very informative. Our room cozy , clean and comfortable for a B&B. Breakfast on the front porch was wonderful . Relaxing and definitely blood pressure lowering. No problems with shared bathrooms 4 in total. We totally are enjoying our stay

Daniel Cardenas

Finishing up our last night here and we have loved it. The staff is fantastic, reliable, and easily available. The room (and entire building) is clean and beautifully decorated. The bed is very comfy. The breakfast was fantastic and we cannot wait for tomorrow’s! We also had dinner here last night. The fettuccine was homemade and fantastic. We would definitely dine and stay here again!

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